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The 1975
The 1975
After two non-stop years of touring, British sensations The 1975 took a well-deserved break from the road. As most musicians will tell you, it wasn’t a true break though as the band took that time to work on their sophomore effort I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it that will be releasing February 26th of next year. With the singles starting to roll out like lead off track Love Me, the band decided to play the last small room tour you will be able to see them on. Small rooms being a casual 2,500 at the House of Blues in Boston! A size that many bands would love the chance to play. With their next date in MA being at the Tsongas arena in Lowell in May, we definitely wanted to check out their show in Boston last week!

Starting out the set with the current single Love Me, the band  played a large part of their set before even saying a few words to the audience which Matt Healy mentioned, saying ‘Sorry that first bit of the show, we’re really serious we don’t talk to anyone’. Personally, I love when bands stick to the music and don’t need to base their sets of off witty banter (sometimes they do this beautifully though like The Struts show we covered but they do only have eight songs). These shows have been mentioned as a road test for the new material that is to come on the next full length record but the guys did perform really all of the material they have released with a fair blend of the new. My favorite one to look out for in the new is ‘She’s American’, an incredibly bouncy track that will get anyone moving.

The vibe of the band is really strong on this show and was my favorite performance from the band yet. They clearly have their rhythm down but the break from the road definitely did them good. They were more relaxed on stage. The one thing that I didn’t really like is that they were slow lulls in the set and then instantly upbeat. I think if the set was mixed up a lot more, it would have been a more high energy set. At points, it felt very sleepy and could show in the crowd. This audience was filled with diehard fans though and it didn’t affect them very much. They perked up right away when a fan favorite’s opening notes were heard.

A favorite moment for me was when front man Healy said ‘Ladies and Gentlemen I love you. This song’s about me’ and jumped into ‘Falling For You’ which got the biggest crowd reaction yet in the set. Ending the regular set on Robbers and Girls, the guys walked off stage to return for their encore to the chant of ‘Sex! Sex! Sex!’ instead of the normal one more song. After playing their hit Medicine, they went into Chocolate and Sex with Matty yelling ‘Until then we’ve got two more songs I bet you can’t fucking guess what they are’ which made the crowd go while. With this tour being the band’s last tour in smaller clubs, I’m glad we were able to catch them play to a sold out crowd and only hope to see this band explode as they rightfully deserve and already have begun to.

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