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The Young Wild
The Young Wild
This next interview was a long time coming but it’s a total treasure with The Young Wild, a band that you should definitely be keeping on your radars! The band just finished a hugely successful US run opening for ZZ Ward and as lead vocalist Bryan B. William told me in this new interview, the album is soon to come in 2016. Read our interview here and make sure to keep your eyes on this incredibly talented band! 

You’ve been constantly on the road this month and the single is coming out. Maybe the three things you must have with you while on the road to survive?

Well, our phones. It’s a boring answer but it’s very important. Otherwise, we can’t yelp where good coffee is or we don’t know where we’re going so our phones are very important. I’d say like socks, like clean socks. People underestimate that. That’s really important. So phone, socks and like a toolbox. That’s just something crucial if you have to fix something like your trailer or gear. So kind of like a little Handyman slash Handywoman tool set.

Perfect, then maybe how have these dates been going for you considering the single is still very, very new? Maybe how have they been going this past month or so? Like how have the sets been going over?

Yeah! The song is pretty new in terms of the release date. Also for us, we started the tour in Dallas which previous to this tour, that was the farthest we had ever really traveled as a band on tour. So every town since then is a new experience. There are people seeing us for the first time rightfully so are there primarily to see ZZ Ward so we kind of have an opportunity to make our first impression with everyone. We’re also trying out a lot of new material so just in the sense of the song only being out for a couple of weeks, the band has only been together for a little over a year. Every town we go to and every audience we play for, is a whole new experience, a first new impression that we get to make. So yeah it feels like we’re cutting our teeth out here but we’ve had a lot of new experiences. We’re learning a lot from it.\

Like you said, the band formed just over a year ago, still very new. Maybe touring wise in particular, but is an EP or an album on the horizon or do you think it’s still going to be awhile? Kind of like focus on this single, what’s the plan?

Yeah I mean in terms of what we’re putting out, I’m not sure if that will be the last song we put out this year. We did spend a little over two months in the studio leading up to the tour starting so we are working on the first full length LP and the timing of the tour and working on the record really came together perfectly because we were able to take a lot of the new songs with us out on the road. I was thinking about it earlier. That first show we played, I’d say about eighty percent of the material that we performed, it was the first time we got to play it in front of a live audience. So the tour is really giving us an opportunity to test out all the new songs. See how they translate to being performed in front of a live audience. So yeah the tentative plan is to finish the tour. We get to end in San Diego in mid-October which is great. Then try to finish up the record and we’re kind of looking ahead to early next year to hopefully put out the first full length for The Young Wild.

Perfect and maybe can you just tell a little bit about the writing process. Is it like one person brings their own ideas or is it a more collective effort? Kind of how is it done for The Young Wild.

Yeah I mean what we’re planning to put on the record is sort of a lot of songs that I’ve written over the last year and a half. What I bring usually to the table is sort of the root form of the song. The lyrics and the structure. Melodies and progressions. When I’ve built a song to the point where it’s worth sharing, usually that’s when a conversation of everyone has a group starts and it becomes something where is it a Young Wild thing or not. Or how we could make it more of a Young Wild thing. We’re still a relatively new group and even in our way of like our process, we’re still developing so right now it’s kind of just being open as possible. We have different ways of approaching songs and different sort of flavors and things that we can add to them. There’s no real pre-conceived notions about our sound because we’ve only put out one song officially and everything else is kind of in development. Which is a really fun stage to be in as a band. Trying to really soak it in. Just like in the shows, we go out and we’re playing to a bunch of new people who don’t really have any expectations of us so we get to try and define that and really put on the best show possible. It’s the same with the songs. Trying to be open and when I feel like I’ve gotten to a certain point in just the initial writing stage, I try to really make it something that the band can identify with and it will work in front of an audience. It will have certain elements that all of us can really stand behind. Whether it be drum parts or synthesizers or programming or the lyric content which is like something that people definitely focus on more than anything else. Words, melodies, kind of the message. So yeah, that’s just kind of a peak into it. Brandon who is our drummer, we’re producing the record together and working with the label as well but we’re like really working on songs together and really trying to make it an experience, at least for me. I still like to listen to entire records when I have time. From the first track to the last. I’m trying to think of it as an experience. Not thirty seconds of this one. You shouldn’t go into an album feeling like you’re watching a fifteen second Instagram video bit. If you can, it’s pretty fun to try and listen to the whole thing and really wrap your mind around what the artist intended to communicate. That whole experience. So that’s something that Brandon and I are really getting to try for the first time and its super fun to do that.

That’s amazing and maybe a soft one to kind of end it off, with everything you guys have been doing. The first CD or first cassette you can remember ever buying as a kid and the first concert you can remember going to?

Yeah the first concert I think I went to was Michael Jackson when I was like seven or eight. That was the History tour. I have pretty vivid memories of that being my first show because it was such a spectacle. So that bill to this day is always the first thing I can remember seeing concert-wise. But like maybe the cooler like rock and roll answer would be like No Doubt. When I was a teenager and I was more interested in music and how people played it and like made it happen in front of an audience. Like that’s when I found I was really paying attention to how they made the show work. So yeah the No Doubt concert. Gwen Stefani. She rocked my world.

I think the first CD was Third Eye Blind like their self-titled record. That was the first one I think I bought with my own actual currency.

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