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Big Wild
Big Wild

Something new we’ve been doing at Music Remedy is featuring artists that are the ones that we’re really personally buzzing on. Maybe also something that you wouldn’t expect of us? One guy that stood out to us was electronic producer Big Wild. He’s got a few weeks on the road just coming off with Griz and now with Odesza and will still pretty new is sure to be lighting up the radio very soon. Big Wild took a minute from the road to answer a few questions for us. Check it out below!

What are the three touring essentials you must have with you while on the road to survive?

Hot coffee, flip flops, good headphones

You’ve been on tour with Griz and will be with  Odesza. How have these sets been going?

They've been going great! It's cool to see the different crowds that come in for both acts and for me to perform my music for them. There is such a diverse range of music lovers out there, it's a beautiful thing!

Your new original “Aftergold” has found a lot of success. Can you tell me a little of the story behind this track, how it was formed?

I wanted to make an overwhelmingly triumphant song that also had the ability to conjure up strong, positive imagery. It's ambiguous what exactly that imagery is, and I wanted it to be totally up to the listener. I had the initial idea for the song and when Odesza presented the idea to me about a Foreign Family release, I was more than happy to do it. We flipped through a couple different tracks of mine and finally settled on what is now Aftergold.

When did you first know you wanted to pursue music as a career? Was there a defining moment for you?

Within a year of producing I decided I wanted to do this for a living. I started producing when I was 13. There was no specific defining moment, just a gradual motivation and inspiration that made want to keep improving. I never had a drive like that for anything else so I realized this is something I should pursue as a career.

What was the first CD/Cassette you bought as a kid? What was the first concert you went to?

The first CD was either Pure Funk or this surf rock compilation album. I was into a lot of random music, but I can say that both of those cd's affected the way I make music today a lot! Seemingly small influences like that when you're young make an exponential impact when you're older. The first concert I went to was this Latin Metal band called Ill Nino at the Palladium in Worcester. I wasn't into metal music at all, but my good friend got free tickets and I wanted to see what was good with concerts. To put it lightly, it was a legendary experience.

What should we be looking for from you with in the next few months? 

Lots of original music, some big remixes, collaborations (vocalists and producers), and my tour with Odesza. I have some big plans for 2016 ;)

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