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Warped Tour is a crazy environment and honestly the busiest day of my year. The bands wake up at the crack of dawn and don’t go to sleep till past midnight every night. I’m in the press area for around six years and never stop interviewing great bands. Even though I’m there for six hours or so I still don’t catch up with everyone since it’s such a crazy vibe. That’s why I’m glad we’re in the season now where a lot of these bands return to these cities like The Karma Killers and we are able to have a proper more relaxed chat with the bands. Last week I caught up with lead singer of The Karma Killers, Micky, post-performance and chatted about everything from their Warped experience to their songwriting process to what is coming up for the band. Catch them back in our beautiful city of Boston when they open up for The Struts at the Sinclair this Sunday night! A little bit of a quick turnaround but I’m sure their already die-hard fans will be sure to be there!
You did just do the majority of Warped Tour before this run and you’re on your own tour now. Maybe the three things you realized you must have with you while on tour to survive?

The things that I must have on tour? A lot of clothes, toothbrush and hairspray for sure.

Maybe how has this tour been going? You kind of jumped right into this tour. Maybe a month inbetween.

Yeah we had about a month off right after Warped Tour to go home and kind of just like write. We went into the studio for a little bit to demo. Yeah, about a month off to do that then we jumped back into doing this. We want to keep active, want to keep playing out. Kind of like rekindle our relationship with some of the kids we met on Warped.

Definitely! And has there been like a pretty big high or maybe even a low with the EP being so new? It only came out in June.

Yeah it’s still kind of a slow organic progression. We kind of booked this tour ourselves. We just moved on with a new booking agency right after Warped Tour. So it kind of left us in the position of you can stay home or you can go back out. To go back out, it might be a little rough because we have to do it ourselves because we just moved on to a new agency. So we were like yeah, let’s just go out and keep playing. It’s like I said, kind of rebuilding that relationship with our fans. It’s had its highs and its lows but it’s been fantastic. Like I said before, I think today in Boston has been the best show. It was really cool. To be able to step back from our song Domino and kids were just singing it. It was really rad.

That must be great considering it hasn’t been out that long.

Yeah and this is our second time in Boston. Like proper because you know on Warped Tour, you play in like the parking lot of an arena. So you’re not really in Boston. So it was cool, it was really cool.

Then I wanted to ask you, I know you kind of talked about how maybe you were home for a little bit. Maybe writing a little bit but you did put out the EP in June. Maybe how long was that EP kind of in the process for the band? Is it something where it was like all fresh songs or were some of the songs already ones you had kind of in your catalogue?

Yeah they’ve been there for quite a while. In interviews, I feel like I’ve said it’s taken the band two years to write the EP. Clearly, it hasn’t because there are five songs. We write five songs a week. We just wrote over a hundred songs and I think we just kind of wittled it down and we were like these are the ones that kind of represent us the best. That kind of shared the best message and kind of introduced us the best with the identity we’re trying to achieve.

And do you think it’s going to be a little while till a proper full length? Do you think you may go like the EP route? Kind of keep material fresh?

You know, it kind of all depends on the demand. We’re always writing. When we get a chance when we’re home in New York, we’re in the studio demo-ing. When we feel like it’s right, we’ll probably put out a full length. EP is cool too but I feel like that’s just too much of a tease. We just want to give the whole package. Give it all at once. I know we originally were going to do just a full length. Not even an EP at first but we wanted to give a little taste and kind of a variety of what The Karma Killers are all about. So yeah, it will probably be a full length and I don’t know when that’s expected to come out but we’re going to keep touring on this and try to build an EP.


And you’re going out another run right after this with The Struts?


Yeah in about a week, we start in Atlanta with them which we’re really stoked about. Really excited. I think it’s going to be a great bill. It’s going to be fun.


It’s going to be huge exposure for you because they haven’t really properly toured here yet. It was supposed to be here and got moved. It sold out in like a day here.


Yeah to the Sinclair! Is that place cool? I’ve never been.


Oh I love The Sinclair. It’s about the size of the downstairs room at the Middle East but it’s a lot more open. It’s really great staff. A lot of the guys that work there are all in bands, like when they’re off tour they work there. One of the sound guys is in a really famous rap/r&b project they tour the UK. It’s run by a lot of guys that really know what it’s like. Are really good at sound, that kind of thing.




You’ll have a great experience.


Yeah yeah I’m looking forward to it.


Then I wanted to ask you, you kind of talked about how you had over a hundred songs written that you kind of went through. Maybe how do you guys go about the writing then? Is it one person, more collective, kind of bring all your ideas to the table?


I’m the primary songwriter for the band. I always bring the flesh and bones, the skeleton kind of to the band or to our producers and kind of hash it out there. I think once the ideas are demo’d I kind of let the band come in and they lay like their two cents on the song and we kind of go from there. It’s a pretty simple process. There’s no crazy mechanism of writing a Karma Killers song.


Then like I said, you do have a lot coming up. It’s kind of announced. You have the EP but like you said,  you’re about to go out with The Struts right after you finish up this run tomorrow in Danbury, Connecticut then you kind of go right back out. So we know a little bit of what’s coming up so maybe to end it off the first CD or first cassette you can remember buying as a kid and the first concert you can remember going to?


My first show was like a local show in Central New Jersey and I was like eight but that wasn’t like a real concert. I think I saw this band from Jersey called Thursday. I was a big fan when I was a little kid. I was so young my dad had to take me. It was like a post-hardcore show. That was really awesome.


I interviewed Thursday, I know what they’re about.


Oh you interviewed Thursday?


It was like their last tour.


I think I saw them on that tour. At Starland Ballroom. So yeah that was my first concert. My first CD I think it was the self-titled Third Eye Blind album. The first one. My brother, he’s older than me, he was into it and I heard it and I was just kind of attracted to it. It’s still to this day one of the best records like ever made, written. Stephan  Jenkins is fucking ridiculous. It’s crazy.

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