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We’ve officially entered Rocktober and the first interview up for me this fall are the talented boys in Reckless Serenade. They just released their new EP “Out Here” on the 18th and are in the midst of their solo tour (bringing them to Alabama tomorrow)! As well as currently being on a solo run, they have back to back tours lined up with I Set My Friends On Fire and Bunny and the Bear. The EP brings back total early All Time Low and Mayday Parade vibes and I’m hooked on. We recently got the opportunity to talk everything new record and fall with Mark from the band, find it below!

You just released the new EP last Friday, you guys are on a solo tour right now but the band’s pretty much on tour for all of November. Maybe what are the three things you must have with you while on the road to survive?

Three things we must have on the road? I’d say one is definitely Mountain Dew Baha Blast. Two is our grill. We have a portable grill that we bring on tour everywhere we go. And three is just a bunch of car chargers that we always lose and have to buy new ones.

I have like eighty million I feel you. Then like I said, the EP only came out Friday. I’m sure it’s been in the making for a while. Maybe kind of when did you start the initial writing process for “Out Here”. Were they songs specifically written for this EP, were some of them older songs? Kind of how long has this EP been in the making for Reckless Serenade?

Well, technically, it originally started in April. We recorded a single that’s called ‘Pretty Monster’. We originally just recorded it as a single and we didn’t know if we were going to do a full length or an EP or who we were going to do it with. We did ‘Pretty Monster’ with this guy Brian Moncarz from Canada. He was awesome to work with and then we went into record, I guess we decided we were going to do an EP like three or four weeks before we went in because we had gotten an email that the producer Rob Freeman just had a band cancel on him. So he was basically like you guys can come in in like a couple months or you can come in like four weeks from now. I was like, fuck it! We can write some songs in four weeks. We already have like a couple written. So basically we were at my house every day just like shopping different ideas and trying to get everything ready. It was kind of stressful but it was fun to do.

Perfect and then you talked about how he told you it was like you can come in four weeks or a few months but you did have some older songs. Do you feel the songwriting process still changes between the band? Is it more one person brings their own ideas or is it more collective? How did you go about the writing for this EP?

Usually an idea will start with me and Cory and we’ll sort of get the bare bones of it figured out. Then we’ll show it to the rest of the band and everyone will sort of throw in their parts from there. Suggest different ideas but yeah usually it starts with me and Corey with a basic idea. Then we bring it to the rest of the band.

Perfect and with the EP coming out, do you think maybe within the next year, you may do like another small one or maybe even a full length? Or do you think you’re going to kind of see how this goes and kind of wait it out?

We definitely want to record as much as possible. This is the most touring we’ve ever done. Like immediately after releasing something. So I think for right now, our priority is just touring on this but I think if someone told us we need to have a full length ready to go and record by the winter or spring, I think we’d be able to do that. It’s just a matter of how much we’re going to tour on this current EP.

And are there maybe goals within like the next year for you, like maybe Warped Tour for a few weeks or maybe some headlining, like a small headlining run?

Yeah definitely like our main goal that we sort of set during the summer was to get on Warped Tour for 2016. So basically we’re touring most of November then we have like a small tour in December with the tour we’re about to do this week. So our main goal is just to tour as much as possible. Just build up a bit more of a fan base and try to get the attention of the people who do Warped Tour. Maybe even some like small labels to get them to pay attention to us. Like by touring as much as we can.

Perfect, then a soft one for you! The first CD or first cassette you can ever remember buying as a kid then the first concert you can remember going to?

The first concert I ever remember going to?

Then the first CD or first cassette you remember buying?

Oh man! Well the first concert I remember going to was NSYNC back when they were like huge. I saw them at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan and then first CD or cassette. I think the first cassette I remember seeing and playing was Eminem. The Slim Shady LP which is like two totally random things that don’t go together.

Then it’s kind of been announced what’s coming up. Like you said, it’s the most touring that you’ve done kind of directly after a release. You have a solo tour with the band, two tours one with The Bunny and the Bear and the other with I Set My Friends On Fire and everything. So your year is kind of booked up for the rest of 2015. Are you just going to be trying to tour even more? Is that like the plan? What can kids be looking for?

I think everything is still up in the air right now. We want to see how these tours go in the next couple months and sort of take it from there. We’re always looking for more tour opportunities so if something came along like immediately in January where we could support another band or just do like a headlining run. We want to play as many shows as possible but I think right now we want to sort of finish out the year strong with as many shows as we can get then sort of see where we’re at after that.

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