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Oberhofer is a band that everyone in this industry just fawns over. They are one of the hardest working bands out there and one that always makes for a great live show. Lead singer Brad Ober hofer both flows over with energy during live performances that always include at least one run through the audience and the venue. As well as being a ball of energy, off stage he is one of the most intelligent minds you would want to talk to about his craft.

With their new record Chronovision coming out Friday, the band is sure to be back on the road very soon. It has been a minute since the band released a new record and definitely road-tested some of the material in their set last night. Find my new one with Brad here and thanks for being steady readers!

So maybe a soft one to start, I know it’s been a while for you guys since you’ve been on the road. How has it been going so far, this headlining run?

Good, this is about four weeks now we’ve been on the road. No it’s an entire month. This show now marks four and a half weeks.

So maybe how has this tour been going, considering Chronovision is about to come out.

It’s been pretty good honestly. Yeah we’ve just put out a couple of songs. It’s been a lot of fun. That’s all I can say really.

Perfect then I know from talking to you in the past, you kind of started this as a solo project. You’ve been making music for a long time. Maybe how long ago did you kind of start the writing process for Chronovision?

I’d say the oldest song on the record is about three years old. It stems back that far. As far as like a writing process is concerned, there’s not really a date where we ever sit down really and just begin. So the oldest songs are three years old and there are maybe two that are about that old. I sort of write in clusters where I have some sort of sound or like vibe that I’m into at that moment in time. Then I write a couple that go along in pairs. I think that when you listen to the record, you might even be able to hear which songs were written at like the same time but yeah, anywhere between three years ago and up to ten months ago.

And do you feel it still changes even though you’ve been writing for so long? Do you think there are new things that you tried or do you think you’ve fallen into a steady rhythm?

I’m always in like different mindsets you know as far as writing music goes. Even like subconsciously, it’s not like I’m going for a sound or something. Just what comes out ends up fitting in its’ own little groove.

Have you been road-testing some of the songs already on this tour?

Yeah we’ve been playing a lot of new songs. Not very many old ones actually.

Oh really, just kind of focusing on the new?

Yeah trying to get that nailed down.

Then I wanted to ask you, like I said you’ve been touring this project for a while now. Maybe what is coming up considering it has been a minute since you’ve been on the road? Is it something where you’re going to be touring a lot this year or do you think you’re going to kind of be selectively touring?

We’re going to be making sure we tour everywhere of course but on the last record, we did like four or five runs of the US. I don’t foresee myself playing every town four or five times. I imagine we’ll do every major city one or two times on the record. I want to tour more in Europe and Japan and Australia and hit more of the entire world on this album. If I get the opportunity.

Perfect then I never really asked in the past, but you’ve been doing this for a long time and you’re still pretty young. When was the moment when you realized you wanted to be a musician, was there a moment?

I don’t know when I realized it. Probably like age twelve. I wanted to be like a famous rapper. I knew that that’s what I wanted to do. So I think that once you have that feeling and that’s what you want to be and you know that’s what you want. It feels like the only option for you. When you’re twelve years old and it stays that way. Then you’re like oh that’s what that feeling is. That’s why I always wanted to do this because that’s the only thing I can do is just play music and be an entertainer in some capacity.

Maybe to end it off, maybe advice to musicians to keep on doing this considering how the music industry is going? A lot of bands are touring way more, maybe an over-saturation of some sorts. People are touring more than they ever did before.

You were saying like advice to keep at it? I would say like keep at what feels good to you mostly because you know sometimes it’s not right for people to tour. Don’t do anything that makes you feel crazy. Do everything that feels cathartic and feels right to you. If it feels right to keep doing it and keep going and you believe in it, then keep doing it.

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