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This next interview is with someone I got a little creepy on, in a good way. I was sent a press release by another publication that he did some live performances for and I searched him out. He is a hidden gem that is just really starting to get going and I’m really happy to have him on Music Remedy. He will only go up I’m sure and I’m really grateful that we were able to catch him early in his career. Hopefully we get to have him in the states soon but for now and in the next few months, you can catch him around Dublin, Manchester and London!

A soft one to start, what was the first CD or cassette you can remember buying as a child? As well, the first show you went to?

The first CD or cassette I remember buying when I was about 11 years old is The Darkness’ album “Permission to Land”. After that I remember Marion Winan’s single “I Don’t Wanna Know” being the following purchase. Quite a difference. The first show I ever witnessed was one of my uncles’ bands. Watching them play and being surrounded by them definitely catalyzed my interest in music as a youngster.

How did you first know you wanted to pursue music as a career?

I knew I wanted to pursue music from an early age but, I played drums and percussion and never viewed it as a strong career path. More as something I loved to do. It wasn’t until four years ago, halfway into my first year at college after picking up guitar in high school. When I first started to write, then I found my desire to write and spread my own music as a career. I always longed to be able to move the people the way I was by a certain melody or lyric, but never took it upon myself to try and truly replicate that until being compelled to by emotion-when I was for the first time I knew then it was something I needed and wanted to pursue.

Do you find that you’ve fallen into a steady rhythm with your songwriting? Is it always a set way, different every time?

Over the past two years I’ve really settled into a rhythm of writing where I have found my particular style. I wouldn’t say it is a set way or different every time as I never really set out to do something specifically with a song. I let it come out naturally and follow the direction which feels right for it in the moment. With being in a rhythm, you find yourself loosely following certain patterns but not purposely. It’s what feels comfortable to you and is the unique attribute to a person’s writing I think.

Do you think an EP/full length could be in the near future? Maybe it’s something that’s already being worked on?

An EP, yes the near future being ten months to a year away. I have been working on it now for a short while, right now I am solely concentrated on recording track by track, each its own project, with the plan to release singles off the EP over the coming year.

What is coming up for you within the next few months? Maybe local shows, even touring possibly around Ireland/ out of Ireland?

You will be able to catch me around parts of Dublin, Manchester and London over the coming months and next year. A tour plan entered the works briefly but until recording is complete and a single released my concentration will be placed solely on it. You can keep updated with my where abouts and new music on FB/Twitter @ First Pope.

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