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Last night, I headed out to the first night of the revived AP tour to chat with the bands about their first night and tour expectations as well as new music on the way for most of them but for the headliner it’s a bit of a different story. Over the years, we’ve steadily caught up with the talented men in this band and always jump at the chance to catch up with the boys. Scene veterans Mayday Parade released their fifth full length not even a week ago on October 9th, “Black Lines” and have already received so many positive reactions. The excitement over the record is I’m sure in part due to the new direction of a bit heavier music then fans may be expecting but also the fact that the band went dark on social media while they were working on their new record.

As well as being dark on social media, the band hasn’t been on the road in a year. With a long trek coming up, they killed their first night in Boston last night and can be found continuing this journey in Philadelphia tonight. With great support from Real Friends, This Wild Life and As It Is this tour is a no miss and I’m sure they’ll only continue to have killer shows the rest of the run. In the new year, the band will be out in the UK with The Maine and Jake who plays drums in the band hinted at more US touring in the spring!

So maybe a soft one to start, this is obviously the first night of the AP tour but you are the headliner. You’re on the cover right now. Maybe the three things you must have with you while on tour? What you’ve learned you must have with you?

Me? Oh my god, that’s always a tough question because is it just me or just everybody?

Just you, yeah not for the band as a whole.

I have to have my phone obviously just to talk to my wife. My parents and family and stuff. Also on my phone I’ve been watching Netflix and everything. I lock myself away in my bunk and I’ll just watch tv but any kind of video games. FIFA 15 or FIFA 16 now is my favorite video game so have to have that. And then all my shoes. I bring a ton of shoes. A whole suitcase full. I can’t bring them all because they would be just one solid piece of luggage alone with just shoes in it. Would be just ridiculous but I fit as many as I can.

Then like I said before, the record’s not even a week old. It came out on Friday and I know you guys had a bit of a dark period. Not a dark period where things were bad but you maybe went dark on social media. A lot of people didn’t know about the recording process. So maybe how is it to kind of have this record now be born? Maybe even initial reactions?

It’s nice to finally have it be released. Yeah we did go dark. We wanted it to be a secret and not so people didn’t know what we were doing but here and there we would kind of release a photo. Be a little vague because I don’t feel like everybody needs to know everything that’s going on at all times. At the time, all we wanted to do was focus on the music and the songwriting process but yeah it’s a huge relief to have it out now finally. We can give everyone all the photos and everything, the music all that kind of stuff. It’s nice.

Lovely! Maybe how long has this record been in process for the band? You’ve obviously had a very long history as a band this being your fifth album.

Fifth record yeah. Ten years as a band.

That’s huge!

Pretty crazy.

Yeah then maybe how is that considering you guys have maintained the band, the line up has stayed the same. How is it to be at that ten year mark?

I don’t think any of us ever thought we would make it this far. It’s still the same. We’re all still the same people. None of us have egos. We’re all just friends traveling around and playing music and having a good time doing it.

Then maybe how long has this record kind of been in the making for Mayday?

We actually started making this record right after Monsters in the Closet came out. It wasn’t intentional. It was just kind of like here and there you would write songs and everybody in the band writes. So after a month and a half or so, we all met up in a lake house in Florida and we just started writing. We started not writing but compiling the songs together and making them what they are now.

Then even though the band has been together for so long, I’m sure maybe you’ve fallen into a steady writing process but do you feel like there is something maybe new that you guys tried with this record, you know besides the dark period?

It wasn’t intentional but this record’s a little heavier than most records that we’ve released. We’re a little darker and we’re not the Mayday Parade standard cut and clean thing. Like I said, it wasn’t anything intentional. It just kind of happened that way. Just the stuff that each of us individually were writing and then adding Mike Sapone into the mix helped kind of orchestrate everything and clean it up a little bit. Still keep the dark but just better organized.

And is it something where you each bring your own ideas or is it more of a collective writing process?

We all bring ideas. We’re five members and we all write and we all make the music that we make and we couldn’t do it without each other. 100 percent.

Then like I said, we have interviewed Mayday several times over the years so we’ve asked all the basic questions with other members so maybe for you to do a personal one, the first CD or first cassette you can remember buying as a kid and the first concert you ever went to?

The first cassette I ever bought was a little single from Bobby Brown. Wait it wasn’t even that one. Was it Snoop Dogg, what was that song called? Oh my god. I can’t remember. Let’s just say the first CD I ever bought was Bobby Brown I can’t tell you the name of the CD but it had that song ‘Ain’t Nobody Humping Around’ and I loved it. The second CD I bought was In Vogue and the third CD I ever bought was White Zombie. So I went from like hip hop or r&b to like rock!

I like it! And do you remember your first concert or like first show experience?

I know it sounds stupid but I think it was like a Motion City Soundtrack and All American Rejects tour. I didn’t really go to shows much because where I lived, there wasn’t like a place where bands came through.


But then I started getting into the Tallahassee music scene. Those two bands came through and I remember just being like woah this is really cool.

Perfect! Then you are obviously on the first day of the AP tour, you haven’t even played your first show yet which is crazy but you clearly have a bit of a long trek ahead of you. Kind of what’s coming up after this tour for you considering the record is so new?

Holidays! We’re going to take the holidays off then we have a tour planned to go over to the UK and Europe and do our thing over there. We’re also hitting up Spain which we’ve never actually done before which will be kind of cool. Then we have some plans that I can’t really talk about in the Spring but it’s going to be something in the US and it will be a lot of fun.

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