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Frank Turner has always had a really strong presence and stage performance which is always seemingly double in Boston what it may be in other cities. Frank’s performance as well as the Sleeping Souls are always top notch but the crowd goes insane and absolutely on fire every time he comes to Boston.

This show was no different. With a two night stand on this tour in Boston as he has done before in our lovely city, there was a strong focus on his latest record that just dropped in August of this year, Positive Songs for Negative People. Within his two hour set, he did play plenty though off of all of his old releases. The crowd was wrapped around his finger at the first notes of the first song of the set, “Get Better” and smoothly went into “If Ever I Stray” as well as saying to the crowd ‘I want to see everybody’s hands!’ in one of the musical interludes that the Sleeping Souls perform with absolute genius with Frank.

As he continued into his set, the crowd was completely raptured by him as they tend to be at Boston shows. Frank Turner’s live performance is irresistible and from seeing him talk about this city only makes the feeling seem mutual. Even when he introduced the band and himself, he said ‘Good evening, Boston! My name is Frank Turner, these are the Sleeping Souls we come from England but this is pretty much the hometown show here’. He stuffs in so many songs into his set, really something for everybody and all the hits in between. When he performed “Out of Breath”, he said ‘This town knows how to dance I want to see a lot of dancing’.

There were a few people in attendance that were standing around me during the show that were talking about how they only knew maybe two or three songs but ended up dancing to every track despite that. The audience was like a sea of people screaming every word back at Frank, even to all the new songs off the latest record.

Really, the set was perfection and it is clear why this band constantly adds extra nights in multiple cities and always do secret/last minute shows. In Boston, even including playing a popular bar owned by Dropkick’s lead singer Ken Casey with an hour notice. Frank and the Sleeping Souls are Boston’s musical number one hang and I think that is something that won’t be changing for a very long time!

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