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Last time we spoke to As It Is, they were in the thick of the punk rock summer camp that is Warped Tour. They are one of the UK bands that is really making a true effort of breaking into the US by touring here consistently and their hard work is definitely paying off. We spoke to them less than an hour before they took the stage on the first night of the AP Tour and their live set slayed. The kids were singing all the words and were a clear indication of the success this band has achieved which the band knows could honestly be taken away if they don’t write a great second record. In my chat with Patty and Patrick from the band, they let me into a bit of their anxiousness and hopes for their second record following their incredibly successful debut record, Never Happy,  Ever After!

It hasn’t been too long since we talked to you last, it was during your time on Warped Tour you were about halfway through. Maybe how did the end of Warped Tour go and maybe expectations for AP Tour? Considering how big of a tour package it is, everyone on this tour is very big on their own genres including yourself. You guys have had a really big break out year in the states.

Patty: Yeah, okay! Well, to press on like the end of Warped Tour, I think by the end of Warped Tour it was very difficult to remember a time when we weren’t on Warped Tour. It was just like all we knew was Warped Tour. We were born on Warped Tour. So I think the strangest thing is kind of readjusting to real life was walking out my front door and not seeing a hundred people I recognized all at once. To turn my corner and not see Mike Kennedy was really weird.

Patrick: Also very sad.

Patty: Yeah, I think that was the biggest thing. We made so many amazing friendships on Warped Tour and made so many amazing memories on Warped Tour. I think we just improved as a band, not even our technical abilities but the dynamic and how we operated as people in a band. We improved massively. We understood each other much better. We kind of knew our breaking points, our strengths and weaknesses. I think that was the biggest thing we gained from Warped Tour. Any kind of promotion, anything besides that, just becoming closer friends and better business partners.

Patrick: Then I think leading into this tour, leading on from what you said about friendships, This Wild Life were on tour with us. We became very good friends with them so it’s nice to see them again on this time around.

Patty: I think using Warped Tour as like a barometer of showing how successful this tour is going to be is very difficult because Warped Tour because Warped Tour is a very, very odd place. We were playing to quite a few people in certain places that I didn’t even realize we had a following in. So I’m just excited to play this tour. First day, I’m a little bit nervous but I’m very excited. So I’m looking forward to it really.

And you guys have pretty much been constantly in the states this last year. This is the third tour in the US for you this year, correct me if I’m wrong and this record is still obviously very new. Maybe though considering how fast things went with this Fearless signing and the record being put out so quick, are you even considering writing right now? Are you writing, do you think it’s still going to be a while?

Patrick: We’re trying to. We have been trying to since the beginning of Warped Tour and it’s happening but it’s happening slowly.

Patty: Yes and our goal was to try to start writing the next record on Warped Tour but Warped Tour proved too demanding within a time and mental sense but no, we’re talking about it a lot. Where we want to take it, who we want to work with. If we do want to change our style but there’s not very much written yet but it is very much on our minds. We’re very, very excited to build the foundation of the next record and I think being on tour excites me most about writing the next record. It really emphasizes, it makes it very clear in my mind, that if we don’t write a good enough second record this all gets taken away from us. So I’m very eager and a little bit apprehensive and anxious to write the next record. Being on tour makes me want to write more than anything else in my life.

Patrick: It’s in motion!

Patty: Hopefully out here, we make some serious initial steps towards shaping the next record for sure.

And do you think that’s something that will maybe come out in the first half of 2016, do you think it will be closer to the end?

Patrick: I think it’s very unlikely at the beginning of the year. Very unlikely.

You still have to do this little thing called record.

Patrick: Yeah that really small part of being in a band. Recording.

Perfect, then like I said you’re about to start this very lengthy tour, are you just going to be like focusing on making the record after? Or do you think you’re going to be touring again pretty quickly? Kind of what is in the plans for As It Is?

Patrick: Well, we go pretty much straight into another tour. Our final tour of the year is with Lower Than Atlantis and Moose Blood in the UK. Then we have a bit of time off which is to aid this writing process. I’m going to stop there because I don’t know what I’m allowed to say and what I’m not allowed.

Patty: I don’t think anything else.

I don’t think you’re allowed to say I have a feeling.

Patrick: So I’m going to stop there.

Patty: January is going to be a really important month for us in that we’re not doing anything at all. It’s going to be the first month in a long time, at least a year,that we won’t have done anything besides get our headspaces ready to write another album. We don’t want to write an album about the tribulations of being on tour. That’s not what we’re interested in. We want to write a very personal confessional record. Something a little more profound then my back hurts from sleeping on the floor.

Patrick: Well it does, our backs do hurt from sleeping on the floors because we’re doing a lot of that but I don’t know if other people want to share that with us really. So yeah we just want to take a bit of time away and think about emotionally and mentally what we want to focus our efforts on. As opposed to yes the easier option of what’s affecting us now. We want to sort of explore it like Patty was saying. Explore it deeper and see what we can get from that basically.


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