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Like I said before, I’m not one for reviews. It’s either when I’m severely impressed like I was for the last album I reviewed or it’s when I see an album arrive in my inbox and I swoon at the name. I never feel the need to instantly click through to listen to a record but for that’s what happened when I saw the third and first Libertines record since 2004. The Libertines in late 2014 made it public that they had signed again and what came from that is ‘Anthems For Doomed Youth’.

The Libertines are always named as an influential band for many new British acts coming over to the states and back in the UK in general. The band broke up though about eleven years ago playing a reunion show or two until this year when they headlined Reading & Leeds as well as announcing several club shows. If ‘Anthems for Doomed Youth’ is any indication of how the band has progressed, they are sure to finally blow up here in America if they make the move to come over. From the first few seconds of the opening track Barbarians, I was sold and found myself starting to shimmy the shoulders in public. The album screams English in the best of ways. The grunge vibe of it meeting simplistic lyrics like ‘I deserve a little drinky now and again to see the light’ makes for a perfect vibe.

While there are strong English grunge vibes on the record, it is well balanced by piano introductions to tracks like You’re My Waterloo which is definitely my favorite track on the record. I’m a lyrical nerd which you can probably see in most of my interviews and this track in particular had me swooning over things like ‘You’re my will to live’ and ‘I’ll know exactly what to do and who to blame’. Another song that really stood out to me was Iceman which kind of seems like a moment of clarity for the band. With a lyric especially that kind of brings on that idea, ‘Don’t spend your days in a haze’. This song as well as several others seem to chronicle the cleaning up of the band’s acts. This may be why the band picked up things again as well considering the lineup that produced this record is the original lineup.

This record is just perfect and strongly suggested when it drops a week from tomorrow, September 11th. Hopefully its’ sure success leads them to come stateside before long.

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