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It’s been a minute since we last caught up with this band and they’ve completely transformed in front of our eyes. They just finished touring as main support for Northlane in North America after headlining their own states run with an Australian run coming up with Northlane later this year. Before they embark to the land down other though, the band hopes to release their recently finished new album! In this new interview, I was able to grab some time with lead vocalist Chris Roetter post-packed performance. The kids ate the band up and it was clear their fans had a strong presence in this crowd.

In our new interview, I was able to have a great sit down with Chris where we talked about their upcoming touring with Northlane to everything you need to know about their record. One of my favorite things about interviewing metalcore artists is that why’ll they be a dominating personality on stage, they are some of the greatest people to talk to about their craft and are incredibly personable. Read our new interview below, it’s eye opening and definitely be ready for their new record that is sure to come within the next few months!

So maybe a soft one to start because I know you guys just came off your own headlining run and you’re on this one as main support, maybe the three things you must have with you while on tour?

For the band and myself, I think it’d would be two entirely different things.

For yourself.

Headphones are my number one. Man, it’s kind of tricky. Headphones, sweatpants and baby wipes would probably be my three. You got to be comfortable, you got to be able to listen to some music at night after the show. When you want to wind down and obviously baby wipes because it gets pretty long in between days of finding a place to clean up and stuff. So yeah I think that would be my three.

Perfect than you just came off your own headlining run with The Plot In You then you’re with these guys for pretty much the for seeable future. Are you doing all of it?

Almost world tour. That’s what we’ve been joking about with them. We’re not doing the European run. We have a few plans of our own over the course of the next couple months that require us to be here in the states. So yeah we’re doing Australia in November. About three weeks. I think it covers most of the country and then we did Western Canada, the states and doing some Eastern Canada as well. So it’s covering some grounds.

You guys have been doing this for a while. Maybe considering that there hasn’t been a full length record recently, I think it’s been a year or two, is there a possible new record coming?

Yeah, 2013 was the last album. For us, it wasn’t ideal. There were some changes behind the scenes that kind of required us to make the music take a backseat and kind of focus on just the general direction of the band and who was actually in the band. I think most people who know the band know that we’ve gone through a couple member changes over the course of the last couple years. For us, we really just wanted to make sure that we were developing in a way that was appriopate for the band and the timeframe. We’ve always thought it important not to oversaturate the kids with our music. I feel like if you release too much, they don’t get enough time to really dive into the content and listen to what’s happening. So that was kind of our plan. We put out a couple songs at the beginning of the year to try and tide people over then the album is finished. We worked on the album at about the same time. We’re hoping that it comes out early fall. I guess it’s fall now so mid-fall/late fall.

So it’s pretty close to coming out though?

Yeah, for us, it’s just finishing details. That kind of thing. The music has been done for a good bit. We’re just trying to lock up an appriopate time line to release pre-orders and stuff like that. So there’s some tentative dates but nothing set in stone yet. Like no press releases or anything have come out yet. So yeah it’s been busy but like you said, overdue for an album I guess. It’s been quite a bit.

Maybe not overdue. Like you said, you guys have had a few member changes.

I feel like it’s just one of those things where we see our peers and they’re releasing music pretty consistently. Which is fine. To each their own type of thing, but for us I’ve noticed that we didn’t space out album one or two much and there wasn’t enough time I feel like for people to really let the content sit. So now that the albums have been out for a couple years, those songs are ones that people are revisiting. Saying oh I actually really liked this or I didn’t like the album at first but now I like it. I had a chance to sit on it and for us, that’s what we wanted to see. We wanted our fans to be able to grow with it. Sometimes, it’s easier said than done. It’s hard to devote time to doing an album then months after revealing everything. So this is just what worked for us. We wanted to make sure we were doing it right. I think this is our opportunity to do so.

Then I wanted to ask. While you may have made some changes, you’ve been doing this band for the whole time and from doing this for a few years, I’ve seen you go from one out of five to main support and headlining. You’ve kept at this. Maybe advice to bands to keep at it? Like Moths To Flames has been touring for years.

Yeah I mean even for us, this isn’t our first band. Like most of us have been in other bands before. We were persistent about it obviously because we started another band but for us, it was just all we knew. I guess it just relates to if you’re persistent enough, it can work. It’s not going to be overnight but it doesn’t have to be because most times, when things come very quickly, they fade out just as fast. For us, I feel like we’ve taken it slow and steady. It’s given us a chance to really involve ourselves with our community. Today for example, there have been kids that I’ve seen who I’ve seen that have come out to I think like twelve or thirteen shows of ours in the area. It’s pretty cool for us to see. So I guess a bit of advice is just to stay persistent. It’s hard. I’m sure there are a lot of times when you can get down on yourself. We even go through it. There are times when you’re like seven weeks in on tour, you’re like all I want to do is get home. It’s hard but there’s something about getting the opportunity to play shows and meeting people and hearing their stories that keep us doing it. So I think if there’s something there that keeps drawing us back, I think that there will be many other people who can feel that same connection. Music is pretty beautiful and a powerful thing. Like there’s truly nothing like it and if it’s what you want to do, persistence is most important.

Then maybe considering you know the record is finished, maybe do you as the singer think that the songwriting has changed with the new members or do you think it’s pretty similar?

I mean it’s definitely changed but I think the root of why people like the band is definitely still there. I think one of the most important things about writing and aging as a band is showing growth and progression and a bit of variety in a sense. So we kind of took the album one and two and did like a trial and error. We took what songs worked and tried to implement those ideas into songs on the new album. I think for people who have liked the band in the past, it will give them an opportunity to see the band in a new light. The focal points on the new album are a little bit different then the past. I think most times the songwriting gives me freedom to do a lot more with the vocals. This time around, there was a lot more focal point on the guitar work and the musicianship behind the lyrics and the vocal patterns and everything. I think for us, it was important to do that because we’d never really had a chance to show what we’re all capable of. For me, it was a challenge because the music it wasn’t just a base foundation. It was there and there were intricate parts that I had to write around. I think overall, it shows growth. Like I said, I think that’s the most important thing. I’m hoping that our fans who have been with us five or six years, who started out at sixteen and who now are twenty, twenty one, will see the band in kind of a new light. Show them that even though there are members that are going to come and go. We lost Zach who was an original member last year. I could see why people can see that hindering the band. For us, it wasn’t the case. It kind of gave us a new opportunity to write in a new way and really dive into the roots of the band and why we started the band. Stuff like that. I think that’s mostly it. We wanted to grow with our fans. As well, you still want to appeal to the younger generation because they have a pretty big voice and also new opinions. Just one of those things I guess.

Then to end it off, like we keep on saying, the record is finished and kind of just figuring out when it’s going to release. This is the end of the US part of this tour but you’re about to go back into Canada and you’re doing Australia which is obviously with August Burns Red too. That’s crazy to me. That that kind of band is main support.

I know! To us, it’s kind of weird too but I guess it works out. In Australia, Northlane is like a different entity. It’s like it’s this whole giant thing.

In Hearts Wake as well right? We Came As Romans opened for them in Australia.

Yeah In Hearts Wake too. Everybody there that’s here on this tour, they’re like Aussie gods right now which is cool for us. I guess we couldn’t have really asked for a better opportunity. It’s cool that Northlane sees something in our band that they’re willing to take us on this tour and Australia. Plus ABR, they’re like one of the most iconic bands I feel like for metalcore and just metal in general for people of my age and people who grew up in the metal scene. It’s something else.

So are you just going to be like doing that touring?

Yeah a little bit. There’s time between so that we can properly put energy into the album. I feel like the last album, we were on Warped and we didn’t get to focus on the album coming out. This time, we’re home so we can all focus and put our ideas in and make sure they get to see the light of day. So this is giving us the chance to do so. So yeah we’re off after this. We got about a week left to get home right at the beginning of September. Then probably do some release shows before or after Australia. Depending on when the album decides to come out.

The album is alive.

When the album speaks and wants to come.

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