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‘Badlands’. The debut record we’ve been patiently waiting for is finally being dropped by Halsey this Friday and we at Music Remedy adore it. While some songs are familiar to us as well as Halsey fans like New Americana and Castle, the album is a conceptual album as well as being in chronological order of how the songs were written with the exception of Ghost. The album is straight goodness throughout the whole record and is very cohesive.

My favorite tracks on the record are Drive, Roman Holiday, Colors, Haunting and Control. All for very different reasons. With Drive, I like how it does seem to be a turning point for the album. Something I love about Halsey is her lyrics and the effects and kind of spoken word vibe she has in her tracks. Which always leads up to some great belting. Roman Holiday I see as the most radio-friendly. The track that could be her radio break but this girl already had her break. She already completely sold out her album release tour and is playing at minimum to two thousand kids a night. As well as adding extra nights in many of the cities. Colors stands out as one of my favorites because of the lyrics. I found myself constantly when listening to the record like writing down lyrics that I loved. For Colors, I found myself already singing the chorus the second time it came in the song. Her songs are just straight up catchy always.

With Haunting, I really loved this track since it was the first time I really noticed some strong belting from her and I loved it. This record is just dynamite through and through. Overall, this record is just A+. If I was one to give stars or numbers, it would be a ten but reviews for me are more of a step by step process through the record looking at the high points and if there are any, the low points. There isn’t any of the latter in this particular record.

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