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Perfect timing for this next interview to go up! Two years in a row now at Warped Tour, we’ve spoken to Lynn Gunn of Lowell locals Pvris. During the time in between our interviews, they’ve had an insane year. The band is poised to be massive. With insane vocals from Lynn and a great group of musicians, there’s nothing stopping this insanely talented group. They just won the APMA’s Breakout Band award as well as winning Best International Newcomers award at the Kerrang Awards. They are about to finish out their second summer on Warped Tour and just announced they’ll be going out with Bring Me The Horizon this fall!

When talking to any other band on Warped Tour about other bands they think kids should be checking out, Pvris is always on their lips and I got the same response from the founder of AP, Mike Shea! So proud to say this talented trio is from the MA scene and we at Music Remedy are looking forward to another great year from the band!

This is your hometown show of the tour but you’ve had a crazy year. You’ve been going overseas, you won at the Kerrang! Awards. What’s been like the biggest stand out moment for you this past year?

I think the biggest highlight of the year was probably putting the record out because I mean without the record being out, nothing else that’s followed it would be happening. So I think it’s the biggest thing for us at least. That was a very big moment for us.

And how long was “White Noise” kind of in the making?

We had it ready for at least six months. We recorded it and it was just kind of waiting to get released. So it felt good to finally get it out but it took us about two or three months to record and write and get it all squared away.

And considering maybe how long the process was, are you even considering writing new music, are you writing new music now?

Oh yeah! We’re always writing new music. Got some right now but I can’t say anything.

Perfect then I wanted to talk to you. I interviewed Mike Shea really recently and he said you were like one of his stand out bands of this year. You guys and Set It Off. Kind of the two bands he thinks are really going to blow up. Bands that are completely out of your genre also saying you’re the one to watch for. Maybe how is that considering you’re still very new to the touring life.

Very crazy, very cool and I’m super grateful for that. Yeah all the support is super awesome.

Then we did interview you last year so I’m not going to ask you the same questions so my last question for you is what is coming up? Obviously this has been an insane year for you since your last Warped Tour experience.

We’ve got Reading and Leeds in August which is over in the UK which is a crazy big festival over there. We’ve got Australia with Circa Survive in September. Everything after that, I can’t say but we have a really cool US tour we’re doing. Can’t say who it’s with or when but that’s going to be awesome. Then we have a lot more writing and recording and scheming and working planned so it’s going to be a very, very, very busy year but it will be fun.

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