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It’s not often that I post something like this but when you find someone as talented as Rayland Baxter, you just can’t not write about it. This is what a music writer does too. Rayland released his debut record, ‘Imaginary Man’, on the 14th of August and already, I have his tracks on repeat. Particular favorites on the record include Oh, My Captain and Yellow Eyes but every song on this record is candy to this writer’s ears. He reads like Augustana and Boston heroes The Ballroom Thieves. While this wasn’t his first release, it was his first major one and is quickly opening the door to domination for Rayland.

With a tour with Grace Potter under his belt, Rayland’s announced some US touring as well as a few international dates. While the record has just been born, it’s sure to be a grower and something you won’t regret giving a chance. Rayland’s lyrics and melodies are the perfect relaxation music and makes for a genius live show. I hope you fall for Rayland Baxter’s music like I did. Like I said again, I’m not one that normally puts an artist on blast in this way but when you come across someone as special as this artist, a writer just can’t help herself.

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