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My favorite people to cover on Warped Tour aren’t always the hot shot in demand bands. Instead I choose the people that are playing the Acoustic Basement tour because I’m a sucker for a guitar and a well written song. I also dive into the hip hop realm and a guy I always make a point to sit down with is the incredibly personable MC Lars. In our new one we talked this summer’s experience, his upcoming puppet show and his great fan base! Look for the new album, "Zombie Dinosaur” this fall as well as a new tour and his puppet show. MC Lars is one of the hardest working guys in the game and you should be listening to him stat if you aren’t already!

You are a veteran of Warped Tour. Maybe how is it now? The community has started to grow where you’re not the only hip hop act anymore. You have a lot out here but you all kind of have your own niche. Mod Sun has his own niche, you have your own niche. How has it been so far this summer?

This summer has been great because I kind of know what I’m doing more. It’s interesting seeing how younger people have responded to my literary rap. My Edgar Allen Poe rap. Seeing that that has grown is cool. It’s cool to see that hip hop has always had a strong presence on Warped Tour and I think Kevin makes the hip hop roster very diverse this year. So it’s been good. We haven’t had one bad show which is awesome.

Then obviously like you said, it does have its’ history. Eminem did the tour while getting bottles of piss thrown at him every day, Ice T. It does have its’ history but advice to people just coming out for the first time on this tour that are in that genre?

I think Warped Tour is like a battle of nutrition. Like if you can survive the whole thing, it’s going to help your career. Just don’t let one show affect how you feel your career is going because not every show is the best in the world. Even if you get a bottle of pee thrown at you, at least people care. You’re being evocative, you feel me.

I feel you. Then ”Zombie Dinosaur” is about to come out.

It comes out in October. One single came out, our Game of Thrones song. It’s called “Dragon Blood”.

How has that been going over so far?

It’s good. We’ve been playing it this summer and we have a Dragon Blood shirt that people love and it’s been fun. I mean it’s very topical. I wanted to do something topical but I also found a lot of the young kids are too young to watch Game of Thrones. It’s the parents who like it.

The parents come out!

No, I feel like we have a lot of parents watch our set. I’ve been touring for thirteen years so it’s a lot of parents who are like oh yeah I saw you in college. These are my seven children which is crazy.

That’s nuts!

Yeah it’s nuts!

That must be a good feeling though considering how long you’ve been doing this and how many years of your life you’ve put into this. To have people come out.

I mean, it’s crazy. Like I see a new generation of fans now. Or kids that like have a giant beard and they’re like seven feet tall and they’re like yeah I was listening to you when I was five. It’s like what? What is happening but I don’t feel any different. I still feel as good now and I feel like the show has gotten better. I love performing more and more every year so I’m blessed. Like a lot of bands I used to tour with aren’t bands anymore but being a solo rapper with no label, that’s like a good way to have a long career. I’m lucky.

Then for this album, was there something different you tried or maybe something that may surprise kids or have you kind of fallen into a steady rhythm?

Well, this album is more pop culture and it’s got a theme of just surviving as the underdog. I do this song with Cool Keith, I did a song with Watsky, I have a song with Roger from Less Than Jake so it’s very eclectic but I think it’s my best album. I’m really excited to put it out. We’re doing five videos for it and it was funded by Kickstarter. So I was really thankful that that was able to come together. I’m just stoked it’s finally coming out because people have been waiting like a year and a half for it. So it’s finally dropping, yeah!

And you’ve kind of always been a DIY artist. Staying really in touch with your fans. Having Horris Records. Doing this really a lot on your own and kind of having that fan interaction. How do you think that’s helped you to get to where you are at this point?

Thank you for saying that. That’s sweet that you said that. I always write everyone back. I’m not the biggest artist in the world and I’m still very underground but I think having friendships with each person and remembering each person, that means a lot. I always write everyone back and tweet everyone back. I think having an indie label means I’m doing it all myself. So I know all the people I do business with and everyone at the merch table. It’s not like I outsource to people who are apathetic. I think that’s been really helpful and also being solo is helpful too because people recognize the brand when I’m out there with my Nintendo thing. It’s kind of like keeping it small helps me keep the longevity. Do you know what I’m saying?

I know exactly what you’re saying.

And it’s joyful.

Then what is coming up? You are halfway through the Warped Tour now, pretty much right at that half way mark. Kind of what is coming up from MC Lars? Are you just going to be focusing on getting the record out, are you going to be trying to tour a little bit, what’s going to be going on?

In the fall, I have a headlining tour that I’m doing and the record will be out. I’ve been working on it for a while but I’ve been working on a kids puppet show with rapping robots. So that’s coming out next year. So all this Warped Tour and the album is planned so we can be promoting that. It’s called “Yes, Yes, Y’all” and I’m very excited about it. I’m really glad to see people on Warped Tour I recognize from the past that have always been so supportive and thank you for having time to meet me. That’s joyful.

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