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We’re getting a heavy vibe that this next band we spoke with is about to blow up. Currently at work on LP #2, the band just came off a tour with Good Old War and they just released their new EP. With a big highlight being their new single “I Want You”.

I caught up with Drake from the band on a rough morning on the road. We were both riding on fumes but we still were able to speak the new single as well as what they are currently working on. How they feel their direction is changing as well as the writing has been going for the new LP. Read on for our new one with Drake and find the band on the road this fall. They’ve just announced some new tour dates including being back in Boston where this little lady lives on November 4th!

So maybe a soft one to start. I know you’re out with Good Old War right now. How has that been going so far?

Oh it’s been great. Last night was really, really fun. We did our first show in Indianapolis. It’s been fun.

Then maybe the three things you must have with you while on tour to survive?

Let me think about that. My pillow and my blanket.

Pretty crucial!

And my phone! Those are the three things I have to have.

Then you have the EP out. How do you think that’s been going over so far with the fans?

So far, I think everybody is digging on it. The single ‘I Want You’ seems to be decent. I don’t know, we played it last night for the first time and people really responded well. So I think it’s going pretty good.

Then maybe can you tell me the story kind of behind the writing of that single and how it kind of fits into the album.

Yeah every song is different and that song in particular, ‘I Want You’, is actually a very old song. I wrote it about six years ago, five or six years ago. We just kind of brought it back and reworked it a little bit. I wish there was a better story for it. I mean there’s a story for the original but that happens all the time. It’s about my first girlfriend ever. Actually not my first but first real girlfriend.

Then you said all the songs are kind of different and written different. Is it a lot of like each of you bringing ideas to the other person? Is it more collective? Is it still changing from like the first record?

Yeah I think every song is different. Some songs, like that song, all the parts were written because that’s an old song. So we kind of redid all the parts that I had already made. Some I did all on my own and then there’s songs where Michael and I will write together. It just varies per song. We don’t have like this standard way of writing.

Perfect, then was there something new like sonically that you tried with this record or maybe something fans wouldn’t exactly expect from Flagship if they’ve already listened to the band before?

Well, yeah. We never really want to put the same album out twice but actually, this EP was meant to be for a different project. ‘I Want You’ was separate from it. If you listen to it, you’ll be able to tell that it’s a lot different but we just ended up saying we hadn’t put out music in a little bit. We didn’t want to wait for the second LP to put out new music so instead of making that what we were going to make it, we just decided to use it for Flagship and put ‘I Want You’ on there.

And do you think the second LP is still a while away or is that something you think may come out before the end of 2015?

Yeah we’ve started writing. We have most of the song ideas. We’re looking to record it in September. Then it will probably come out next year around this time I guess. Fall.

Then to end it off, what is coming up after you finish this short run with Good Old War who obviously took a break from the road too. I’m sure it’s been interesting shows. What is coming up for Flagship? Are you just going to be like doing this run and then focusing on getting that record done? Kind of what’s in the plans?

Yeah right after this tour, we’re going to go home. We’re going to get into the studio. We have all these ideas that we wrote out in LA. The producer we’re going to be working with is Joey Waronker. So three or four weeks ago, we went to LA and wrote a bunch of songs with him. So we have to take those ideas when we get home and kind of work to flesh them out a little more. Then we are going to demo them and send them back and forth. Kind of figure out what the record is going to be. Then finally take it to LA and actually produce it there.

Well thank you so much Drake for taking the time, I really appreciate it!

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