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Two years ago, I first met this next band on their first run of the US. The band isn’t anywhere near new though. Crossfaith first started in 2006 and finally the US got to have a glimpse of the talented band. Since then, they have completed two full summers on the Warped Tour as well as successfully touring the US in club tours. We are always gracious for our time with the band and during Warped this summer, we caught up with (Ken)Kenta, Kazuki and Hiroki!

We spoke about their new record, Xeno, that drops on September 18th. Really everything about the album process was fair game. We also talked about their upcoming touring plans as well as how this summer was going for them on the tour. Read our new one and look for an album review coming within the next week! If their lead single ‘Devil’s Party’ that just dropped last week is any indication of what is to come, this record will be fantastic.

This is your second full summer on Warped Tour, you did it two years ago last. What was different on this run from last time?

Ken: Like different? The stage is different. Like our first time, our first Warped Tour, we were on the Ernie Ball stage. That’s basically the smallest one. We still had a great time on that stage. It was like nobody knew about us. It was kind of challenging. It was our second US tour and this time, we are on the Monster stage. That’s like the heavy stage and there are tons of our friends bands. We are always hanging out with them. Now we are having a great time.

Then you just announced the new record, “Xeno”, coming out on the eighteenth of September here in the states and the fifteen in Japan I believe. How long has that record been in the making for you guys? How long has “Xeno” been in the making?

Kazuki: Almost two months maybe recording.

Ken: Writing was a little more. We always like taking a long time to write. Tracking and pre-production, that was in like two months. It was a great experience for us to walk in with Josh Wilbur. He was such a nice guy. He is talented.

Hiroki: Yeah we tried a different recording process this time. Usually, every band starts tracking from drums but this time we started tracking together. Like we worked together from the start to the end. Ken starts singing his melody, I can start to get out my bass line.

Ken: Yeah we tried so many times.

Kazuki: Yeah so we put so many elements on the same song every day. It was really good.

Then why Xeno for the title of this record? Is there a particular meaning behind using that for the record?

Kiroki: It’s a hard question.

Ken: I got my Xeno and he’s got Xeno and he’s got his own Xeno. Xeno means like the unknown. We are always trying to not be the same. We always like to making distance from the others. We chose it because this album, this story starts from the track on the record, “Xeno”. It’s going to be the second track and the first track is the intro. It’s the beginning of this album.

Perfect! Then you always put so much thought and so much care into your albums. Like the layout of the album and kind of the idea of the album. Was there something really new you tried with this new record? Maybe something you tried in the studio?

Kazuki: So many things.

So many things?

Kazuki: Yeah, like the recording process. That’s the biggest one for me. This time for like artwork and how we’re going to launch the videos. Like we talk about it a lot so that’s a difference for me.

Ken: Definitely like the singing style is very different. I tried so many ways of singing. Probably one of them is like the hip hop. I tried so many different ways of screaming. It was a great experience for me. Josh Wilbur, he worked with a lot of metal bands such as Lamb of God and he told me a lot of stories. He was great, it was a great experience.

Hiroki: So this time, we explored a lot of different things. Like EDM, Drum & Bass. Many types of things.

Then you obviously have been very busy over the past few years. You’ve really made a name for yourselves here as well as obviously at home and in Europe. What is coming up? Are you going to be touring a lot once the record comes out?

Kazuki: Of course.

Of course! Are you going to be coming back here, trying to come back pretty quickly? Kind of what’s in the plans for Crossfaith?

Ken: Right now after this tour, right after we release our new album, we will do our headlining tour in Japan. That’s going to be like 2,500 capacity rooms. It’s going to be the biggest one for our entire career. After that, we will be in the UK touring with Skindred who our best friends in the UK and can’t wait for the tour.

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