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These last few days, so many new fall tours have been announced! One in particular that peaked this writer’s interest is featuring this next band we were lucky enough to grab a few minutes with this summer, COIN. They announced today that they’ll be touring the states on a co-headlining run with Colony House! Both of these bands have spent the better part of 2016 constantly on the road always in the opening capacity so it’s going to be great to see them in a headlining position!

We were able to speak to Chase before the craziness of this summer truly hit. Their debut full length came out right at the beginning of the summer and their lead single ‘Run’ has been breaking big for the band. In our new interview, we speak pretty much exclusively their record. From the writing of the record to how the band goes about it. To how ‘Run’ truly formed to what’s coming up for the band. Read on for our introduction to the band and be sure to catch them in Boston on October 1st! The band is playing one of my favorite venues in this city, Great Scott. It’s an intimate spot and will create a perfect vibe for these two bands and their fans. Catch them now before they quickly move their way to the top of the charts!

Perfect, so obviously you have a really busy summer coming up right now. Maybe the three things you must have with you while on tour to survive?

Okay I have this jean jacket that I always have to have with me. Let’s see. Oh this is a good question. I should start looking my backpack right now. No, yeah my backpack that’s kind of a dumb answer. Okay I’ll say my computer actually. The jean jacket, my computer and oh these white converse shoes. I do feel bad I should have said toothbrush actually. That’s a really obvious one. Yeah these white converse shoes. I even bring two pairs since that’s how much I need them.

I love it and then the album only came out a month ago now. I think a month tomorrow actually.

A month tomorrow!

A month tomorrow, scary thing. Even though it’s still so early, how do you think it’s been going over. Playing these shows with Betty Who obviously, you have a big summer ahead of you. Kind of with all the touring. Neon Trees, that kind of thing but how do you think it’s going over so far?

I think it’s good. I was talking about this the other night. It didn’t even seem real til the night it came out. We were all like oh no one’s going to like this. I’ve grown to love it in a different way. I was very sick of it when it came out because I’ve listened to it so many times but it’s really growing on me. I’m just really proud of it. I think that people are really liking it. They’re latching on to it. It’s like accessible but the first time you listen to it, unfortunately it’s not like oh this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard in that one instant. But we kind of wrote a record in a way that it like definitely grows with time. After you listen to it a couple of times, you understand it and I’m really, really happy with it. So I think the response has been really great. Our old fans to our new fans that we’re making, they’re tweeting us like every day telling us how much they like the record. People seem to really, really enjoy it. We’ve been getting some comparisons to records I really like. I’m really happy that we did something special for the first album.

Then maybe how long was this first album in the making for the band? Was it something where these were all new songs that were written specifically for this record or were they songs that kind of dated back a while? How did you go about the writing or how long was the album in the making?

How long was the album in the making?

Yeah like when did you start the process of knowing you were going to make this record?

Oh okay. Well the band formed to kind of make a full length album. I guess that was kind of the goal. We never had enough time or money. So Zach and I finished school last May I guess. We started writing for this album specifically and like were re-working old songs and coming up with new ideas last January. Every day Joe and I would meet up. Joe is the guitarist. We’d meet up every day after school. Every night we would just meet up and we started to get a sound together. We were at something where we would like okay this is cohesive. Then we started re-working old ideas. We were working at making it all fit cohesively with the other songs. I’d say probably by January, we started to make the record. Started recording the record in August. So we were like finishing lyrics in the studio. So January to August, we were really working out those ten songs and there were some other songs that didn’t make the album.

Then from listening to what you said, it kind of answers my next question. It does seem like it was a pretty collective process but were there songs that maybe a person would work on by himself and kind of bring to the table or were they all songs that you kind of wrote together?

Ooh, that’s a good question. Joe specifically sent me the voice memo for ‘Run’. He sent me like ‘Woaoaoh’. He sent me that and then he sent me like ‘dadahadah’. Like without any lyrics and I just like got it. I think that was in like May of last year. I was in Florida which is super random on like a family vacation and that was the last song we wrote for the album. I got the memos and I was like this sounds like something. So we just started to work on it and it was the last song that we turned in. We were like they’re going to hate it and stuff and they were like this is the song we’ve been waiting for. We were like oh, oh, okay. So that song specifically was definitely Joe’s brain then we cooperated but most of the songs came from voice memos on my phone and then I would send them back and forth with the guys. Joe and I would like cultivate them into a structure then we’d bring it to the band. It really is a collaborative process. It usually starts with an idea from like me or from Joe.

Perfect, and then I know like you just said ‘Run’ was kind of the last song you put on this record but it was also kind of the lead single for this record. Maybe can you tell us a little about the story behind the song, like what is ‘Run’ about to you?

On different days, it means different things. It’s come to be the diamond in the rough. We did so many demo’s that were sent to the label. So many things where we were like yeah that’s a good summer song but like, that song specifically is like a metaphor for where we were in life. I had just graduated from college. Just trying to figure out if this actually is a career or if we’re like just delusional for thinking that we can pursue art and music as a career. So that song is like just about us really just grappling. Taking whatever we can get. Obviously it’s a pretty deep metaphor but it’s just like us taking what we can get and starting over as adults. It’s such a funny thing to be called an adult actually. We all travel in a van together. That’s not very adult like. It’s just really us starting on our own. Not taking our parents money anymore and getting what we think is actually ours. So that’s what that song means to us at the moment. I think it may mean different things to other people but that’s what that song means to COIN.

Then I know you’re doing the tour with Betty Who. You have the tour coming up with Neon Trees. You’re playing shows on the Walk The Moon tour. Maybe basically you obviously have a really busy summer. Maybe what are you most looking forward to this summer?

Good question! I’m really excited about Lollapalooza because we’ve never played like a proper festival before. Yeah that will be really cool. I’m really excited to play with Walk The Moon because those guys have been like mentors to us. They’ve been super kind to us. When we were like barely a band. The first time I was ever in a bar, well my first concert ever, was Walk The Moon in Cincinnati a few years ago. So that’s kind of sentimental to me a little bit. So it’s definitely full circle to be on tour with guys that played such an integral role in us even starting this band. So I’m definitely looking forward to those shows. It’s a really big full circle for me.

Then you talked about how that was your first real concert. Maybe the first CD or first cassette for you that remember buying? Also, the first concert you can remember going to?

The first concert I went to was probably Coldplay, well the first big show I ever went to but the first like bar show was Walk The Moon. That’s what I call my first concert really. I guess Coldplay was the first show I ever went to but the first one that was like fifteen dollars was Walk The Moon. The first CD I ever bought I think actually was POD. Are you talking about the first CD I bought with my own money? I think the first one I bought with my own was Drake. I think, I think! I could be wrong. I was definitely as a child being like mom can I please buy this POD cd? I love this song, ‘Satelitte’! That was me at like ten.

Then to end it off, like I’ve been saying, you have a lot announced right now for this summer. Your first big festival, a ton of shows. Are you just going to keep this going, keep on touring in the fall maybe. Maybe even headline a few shows, headline a tour? Kind of what’s in the plans for COIN?

Yeah I think we’re going to have August off and most of September off. So I’m going to start writing the next record I think. Maybe I shouldn’t disclose that but I think I’m going to start writing the next record but we are going to start headlining in September. Yeah September and October we’re doing a co-headlining run with this other band.

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