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This next interview was conducted somewhere most probably wouldn’t expect. It went down in the hot, hot sun at the Vans Warped Tour in Mansfield with a band that normally wouldn’t be expected to be found there, Born Cages. The boys made a great following for themselves at Warped Tour this summer despite a pretty different audience than they may been used to.

With this debut record just coming out in early June, I talked new record with the boys where I learned about the title from Vlad to how long the record has been in the making. They talked new bands you should be giving a try as well as what they hope to be doing later this year/early next year. These plans include announced touring with Family Force 5 as well as Lighthouse and The Whalers. Read on for our new one and pick up the record if you like what you hear!

Considering you guys are something a little bit different on this year’s Warped Tour, how has it been going so far? Considering the record is so new and it’s your first full Warped Tour.

Vlad: Yeah it’s been going great. We haven’t played in front of these people yet so we’ve been making a lot of new fans. The past few shows have been really great actually. The East coast here. It’s been cool.

Dave: It’s been great.

Matt: Agreed. All around.

Then your debut record came out on June 2nd so it’s still obviously very, very new but you guys have been a band for a little while now. How long has this record been in the making considering it is your debut full length?

Vlad: Long time.

Long time?

Vlad: Before the band. Five years, six years. It’s been nuts, seriously.

Dave: Vlad’s been having these things going on in his head for a while. He was like ‘Hey man, do you want to drum for my head things?

Vlad: Wanna drum for my head things.

Then maybe considering you know that album was such a labor of love and kind of working on these songs for five or six years, are you going to kind of ride it out, see how it goes before you record new material?

Vlad: No, we’re already starting to jump into it, yeah. It’s going to be different in that it’s not going to be written for five or six years but I think I like that. I like knowing that we’ll record and write some music and it’s not going to come out in six years. Maybe a little bit earlier. Maybe five.

Dave: We want to start something. We want to start with a bang. We want to take the time on it but then after that if it picks up, we want to get to work.

Vlad: And we’ve grown into ourselves a little more. It was a lot of experiments for this first album. There was a lot of songs that didn’t make it on. There were a lot of weird, different directions until something clicked. So now we have more of a cohesive thought, direction.

Then I wanted to ask, why ‘I’m Glad I’m Not Me’. Was that kind of always the title that you guys had in mind or was it something that kind of popped in your head?

Vlad: Yeah I watched this Bob Dylan documentary a while ago called ‘Don’t Look Back’ which is also the name of one of our songs. I think that is a coincidence though. Yeah there was like this great scene where he was reading the newspaper and it was just like the british tabloids where they made stuff up obviously. He was like oh I’m glad I’m not me. That’s it. I thought that was clever. It does relate to the songs in a subtle way.

Then like I said, you are something very unique on this year’s Warped Tour but are there maybe one or two bands that either you met on this tour or bands that you’ve really seen do good things that people should also be looking for on this run?

Dave: Sure, that band you were just talking to Night Fevers, I mean Night Riots.

Vlad: Jeez, yeah I’m going to talk from now on. Night Riots are great people. Great friends now, actually. We love watching their set. We hope to tour together soon. Yeah, what else?

Matt: There’s always a great band called Pvris. Knuckle Puck. We’ve been a fan of Knuckle Puck.

Vlad: There’s a bunch of really cool people and cool bands but for the most part, there’s definitely a lot of things that aren’t what we are. Like the screamier, the more emo stuff. A lot of screams in this band.

Then maybe considering the album is so new and you have been on tour. This is one of your first few national tours. Kind of what’s coming up for Born Cages considering the album is so new?

Vlad: Yeah, well we’re trying to do another one. This fall. We’re going to be out on the road. We’ll probably be at SXSW again next year. Hopefully we’ll be on the festival circuit with the bands that are a little more musically appropriate  like the Coachellas, Bonaroos, Governor’s Ball. Stuff like that. So I imagine us doing some of that stuff early next year.

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