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Happy record release day to this next band, Atlas Genius! Their sophomore effort ‘Inanimate Objects’ dropped today and a few weeks ago, I spoke with lead vocalist Keith Jeffery. We spoke absolutely everything you need to know about their new record. Wanting to keep a lid on details about the record, I wanted to drop the interview the day the record came out. Fans have had a good glimpse of the record with ‘Molecules’, ‘Friends with Enemies’ and ‘Stockholm’ but as you’ll read in our interview they set a parameter for what else was to come on the record. Pick up the new album today and read below my new interview with Keith! As well, look for tour dates to come! While the band took a bit of a break from the road, there is plenty to come with the new album now out!

Obviously you have a lot going on with the record coming out this month, August 28th but maybe a soft one to start, you have been playing a few shows, the three things you must have with you while on tour to survive?

The three things I must have with me, great question! I always have to have my labtop on the road. I always got to have that with me. What else do I got? Good question. Let me have a look through my bag, we’re actually about to leave for one of those one off shows so I’m packing. Okay, a good book. I always like to have a book on the go. I wish mine were more exciting than that. Oh yeah do you know what I always need to have? I need to always have a protein bar. Like a Cliff bar or a Kind bar in my backpack because you don’t know what they’ll have at the airport because we’re all vegan. We normally can’t get anything like that so we always have a steady supply of Cliff bars or do you know those Kind bars?

I live off Kind bars. I love Kind bars.

Yeah either of those are like our staple. They get us through airports when all you have is like Burger King and stuff like that.

Then I said just before, you announced the sophomore record “Inanimate Objects”. Maybe considering the last one came out a few years ago now, how long has this record been in the making for Atlas Genius? Like when did you start the process?

One of the tunes that we have previously released was kind of written at the end of the last tour. That was kind of the first song done for the album. Everything else was written starting at the beginning of last year. We took a year off of touring to write the songs. We were finishing the songs right up to the finish line actually. I guess that doesn’t really answer your question. It was several months of writing and recording.

And it was pretty similar to the first record or like that long of a process?

Totally different. Completely different. Just geographically when we did the first album, we did it in our little studio that we built in Australia. Then for the second album, after spending so much time on the road and especially spending so much time in America. We grew a lot of friendships out here, we decided to move here. The other different from the first album was really the opportunity to have longer to write. Like four to six months. We had a lot more time to expand on everything. With too much time you can kind of, what’s the word? You can kind of meander a little bit but to have a year is pretty luxurious.

Then obviously for this one like you said, you had a lot more time so you can kind of try new things but do you think the songwriting itself has changed? Like one person bringing an idea, or really collaborating? I know it’s been the same two of you since the beginning. Do you think it still changes?

Yeah we’ve been collaborating a lot. We did that a lot on this album. For the first album it was really just in Australia. For this second one, we had a lot of options to possibly cowrite and it was great to actually explore that. I still wrote a large amount by myself, but it was nice to have the luxury of writing with other people. The majority of the songs were songs that had a little bit of efforts with other people.

Then I wanted to ask you, I know two tracks off come out so far from “Inanimate Objects”. ‘Molecules’ than obviously most recently yesterday ‘Friends With Enemies’.

Actually three!


Yeah there’s three now. ‘Molecules’, ‘Stockholm’ and ‘Friends with Enemies’ came out yesterday.

Sorry I missed that! So maybe for the newest one, ‘Friends with Enemies’. Can you maybe tell me a little bit of the story behind how that song came to be or what that song means to you? That kind of thing!

It’s I guess intimate and dark. It’s one of the darkest songs we’ve ever written for sure and it was me actually one night. I was kind of experimenting with flow. The majority of that song happened in sort of that night/early next morning. The core parts of that song happened while I was sitting in bed with a labtop. That’s part of the beauty of what our generation can do. Out of the blue, that song was me kind of dealing with the shit of a relationship and it was one of those things that just kept nagging me. The song was an outlet to me. It allowed me to process that.

Perfect and those three songs, that’s a good part of an album. Do you think they are a good indication of what is to still come on the record or do you think there will still be some surprises? Like something people wouldn’t expect from Atlas Genius?

There’s definitely a few surprises coming up on the album. I think the reason we chose to put out the three songs that are out now are a good representation of the album. I think they set the parameters. Like ‘Stockholm’ is really quite modular. Where ‘Molecules’ is sort of like a cumbersome love song, ‘Stockholm’ is a lot more rock. A lot more guitar on that track. Then ‘Friends With Enemies’ is very sort of stark and quite dark. I think they give a good representation but I think we’ve got a bunch of really different stuff. We really went for it on this album. Like for the first album, we just had a super tight vibe set. This album is really quite dynamic I think compared.

It sounds like it’s going to be great. Then I wanted to ask you, like you said, you’ve been playing these one offs. I was at the Boston one with you and New Politics and I know you played in Detroit as well. Like you said, you have another show tomorrow but once the record comes out, kind of what’s the plan? Are you going to try and get on the road pretty quickly? Is it something you already have planned? Kind of what’s in the plans.

Yeah we’ve been having a bunch of one off shows really over the next month or so. I think it looks like it’s going to be pretty busy touring wise for us the rest of this year and through the next year. It’s been a while since we’ve toured and there’s nothing like playing new songs to a crowd. Just changes the whole dynamic to be back on the road. There should be some touring announcements coming up.

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