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I’m a week out post my Warped Tour date and the spamming is about to begin. I did thirty six interviews but to kick it off, I’m picking a personal favorite from that day. I was able to grab a few minutes with lead vocalist Trevor Wentworth of Our Last Night. The guys are New England music scene veterans who just put out their new album “Younger Dreams”. The day we spoke to Trevor, they had just come off both a main stage set as well as a two hour signing line after. The guys have been grinding for eleven years now and with the band being on their first full length Warped Tour, they have a US headliner planned for the fall as well as going directly overseas for some touring before that. Read on for our new interview and catch the guys on Warped Tour till August 8th!

Maybe a soft one to start considering you have a lot going on with the album just coming out.

Yeah it came out June 16th.

How was today in particular and how has the tour been going so far?

Today was incredible. Like I said, we played main stage and it was more then we even expected to have happen. We haven’t played Boston or even this area since our ten year anniversary show last summer so it’s been like a full year. We were supposed to come a couple months ago but it got snowed out.

With the snow-pocalypse.

Yeah! So I feel like all the kids were super stoked to finally see us again so it was awesome. Definitely the biggest crowd we’ve had so far but all of Warped Tour has been crazy. It’s our first full Warped Tour so we’re finally getting used to what you do every day but yeah, it’s crazy. It’s awesome.

Then like you said, “Younger Dreams” came out right before you started Warped Tour.

Yeah two or three days before Warped Tour started.

So how do you feel it’s been going over? Like online reaction, with the fans?

I mean obviously like now kids are finally learning all the words to all the new songs. We play three new songs live. We have music videos out for all of them so I feel like with time, they finally are starting to get to know the words. Now it’s coming to a point where I can hold the mike out and the kids will sing along without me having to sing. So it was awesome! It feels like everyone is into it. So I’m stoked. It’s done really well which is always nice.

Always nice! Then maybe how long ago did you start working on the new record, “Younger Dreams”.

It’s funny, we have a song called “Road to the Throne” that we wrote music to like almost three years ago. We only had like the first forty five seconds of it written and then we went back to our old songs. We liked that one so much that we were like we just have to finish writing it and put it on the new CD but like the full writing process started in like October. Then we recorded January, February, March then we went overseas and we didn’t even finish it before we left. So me and Matt were recording vocals in green rooms in like Germany. Matt was on the bus mixing and on his headphones so it was kind of ghetto but it turned out exactly how we wanted it to. So we’re stoked. Yeah, it’s awesome.

Then maybe you’ve had this band for so long. Maybe as the lead singer, do you think the writing changed for this record or maybe something new you tried with this album?

Yeah, so we’re not on a record label anymore which is very awesome. So we used to just go in with like a producer we’ve never met before then he would kind of like not tell us what to do but it wasn’t as natural as it is now. Just because we’re doing exactly what we want to do. We wake up, we have an idea, we go for it. Our day doesn’t end at a set time because usually when you go to record with someone, it’s like a strict twelve pm to ten at night. Once ten at night hits, the dude just wants to go home and hang with his family. We just recorded it at our house so if it was two in the morning and we had an idea, we just sat around for five hours and did it all night. So we just had more freedom to do whatever we wanted. It was just awesome. Just more relaxed. We’re definitely going to keep doing it. We have friends come and help write with us but definitely recording it ourselves is definitely the way to go. At least for us. We’re lucky enough to have my brother who has been recording bands for like eight years. So he had some practice for us. So that’s definitely great but it’s definitely more relaxed this time around.

I wanted to ask you, I know just from living in the Boston area for about five or six years now, you guys started this band when you were so young.

Yeah we started in 2004. I was ten at our first show.

You were ten? I didn’t know you were that young.

Yeah, I played our first show when I was ten. I’m twenty two now. It was pretty crazy. I’ve been in the band longer in my life then I haven’t been in the band. Thinking about it that way is pretty fucking crazy. Yeah I don’t know how my parents were feeling about that but they were always supportive. I think them being here today and watching us play in front of like three thousand kids on the main stage made them feel good about it. Yeah, definitely!

Then I wanted to ask you, Boston bands do try to break out but there aren’t a lot that get to make that jump. International touring, getting record label attention. Like Four Year Strong, A Loss For Words, Pvris is really starting to pick up.

Yeah they’re doing amazing on Warped Tour right now. We’ve been friends with them for a long time.

I’m sure!

We used to play with Lynn’s old band in Manchester, New Hampshire back in the day. So I’m stoked to see that band grow very fast.

Maybe advice to bands to keep going? You have obviously put a lot of time into this band, like you said you started playing in it when you were ten and now being twenty two. Maybe advice to bands to kind of make that jump, to kind of break out of the Boston music scene?

Yeah I think it’s all about being patient and not like expecting a lot right away because if you do that, it’s just not good you know what I mean. Expecting to get signed right away, expecting to do this. It’s all about the hard work that you put in to it. I think nowadays, it’s all about what you do online like Youtube stuff. That’s why we do so many covers and stuff because it helps spread our original music around. Like more than you could ever ask for. YouTube is like the new radio pretty much. So I think posting as many new music videos where the band is actually in it because kids like seeing a face to a band. The face of the music. Not like little lyric videos. That stuff gets old. You watch it once and you’re like that’s cool. The song is great but you don’t really have anything to watch. So I feel like just releasing a lot of content and staying real close with your fans, that’s helped us a lot. We’re really active on Twitter. We answer everybody. At Warped Tour, we don’t cap our signings at all. We just did a two hour signing. Literally. It was very long but it was awesome. We all like meeting all of our fans and we giveaway free posters with everything so I think it’s just being really close with your fans. That’s just very important. You gain more fans by doing that because they go talk with their friends and are like yeah Our Last Night was super cool. Not a bunch of rock stars thinking they’re too cool for everyone. I mean everyone is the same. So I think that’s very important.

Perfect, then maybe to end it off, obviously you just put out that record. So I’m sure you have a lot going on. Maybe what’s coming up after Warped Tour for Our Last Night?

After Warped Tour, we’re going back overseas then we’re doing a US headliner in November/December. We’re playing Boston at Brighton Music Hall. I think it’s like two days before Thanksgiving or it’s around Thanksgiving. Either day before or day after. So definitely check that out!


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