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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, which is totally possible, you’ve heard of Copenhagen imports New Politics! The band has been steadily climbing in popularity with a big jump after their time spent on the Monumenttour with their head of their record label, Pete Wentz and the fellow boys in legends Fall Out Boy. They’ve made their own name with hits like Harlem and Yeah, Yeah, Yeah under their belts just to name two. They are on the cusp of releasing their third full length record, “Vikings”, coming out August 14th. They’ve been incredibly busy and only have more to come!

Boston fans were lucky to get a glimpse of the new material when the boys played Earthfest in Boston two days ago. Before they took the stage, I was able to grab a few minutes with the guys where we talked new record, their brand new track “50 Feet Tall” and their experience working with Pete Wentz as their record label head. The band took the stage a few hours later to a packed audience singing back every word to them! The band can next be found on tour co-headlining with Andrew McMahon and in Boston on November 20th at House of Blues! For now though, you can pre-order their new record with some sweet bundles and start memorizing the words. This band has been grinding and it’s been paying off for them!


You just dropped your new song yesterday, “50 Feet Tall”. Maybe can you tell me a little of the story behind that song?

David: 50 Feet Tall? It’s a funny reenactment of a relationship and how you should look at your woman. It’s empowerment and it’s feminism but it’s still fun. It’s juvenile and it’s personable between you and a partner in a relationship. All fun and games until someone gets hurt and always remember that your girl is fifty feet tall.

That was great, thanks. And do you think that’s a good indication of what’s to come on “Vikings”?

Sѳren: Absolutely. No, actually we’re really proud of this album.

David: I think our fans are excited as well. They seem to like everything we’re dropping.

Seem to be fans of it?

David: Except our pants.

Louis: Well, glad you got that one in there.

Glad I got that there, yeah. Perfect! Then it is your third full length? It’s obviously a little less then a month away. Maybe how long has this record been in the making? I know Harlem came out in 2013.

Sѳren: Well, it’s been in the making since really Harlem. We started writing while we were already touring with Harlem but we wrote a lot of the stuff on the Monumentour. So it hasn’t been in the making that long which is really cool because that means we had a good time writing these songs and it was really fun.

David: We managed to stay so busy. It’s the first time we’ve ever done an album that was, there was stress of course there’s always stress, but it was very relaxed. It sort of brought us back to when we first started in Copenhagen actually. It was a bit of that feeling. It just came easily. We didn’t think too much. The album’s also been done for a while now. So basically we’re already bored of our new album.

So now you want to start the new one!

David: So yeah we’re going to be working on, no (laughs). We’re excited now to see what they become because songs always end up taking their own life and build their own thing with our fans and when we play them live. So that’s like the next thing we’re really excited about.

Then I know you’re with Pete Wentz’s label which is through Warner Brothers. You’ve obviously toured with Pete, he’s clearly a music veteran he knows what he’s doing. How has that been to have him as an influence on you versus someone that doesn’t play music and doesn’t understand?

Sѳren:  So amazing.

David: Yeah it’s really cool.

Sѳren: It’s really cool. He actually let us do things that we wanted to do and he was genuine. He liked the band and he just wanted us to have a good time writing the album. He loved the album when we were dong writing it so that’s really cool. This guy Louis he’s just sitting there over there just smiling.

Louis: I’m just taking it all in man.

David: Since we’ve moved here, Fall Out Boy is one of the bands that really inspired us in other ways then just music. He’s always been supportive of us. He likes what we do. He just wants us to be us which is why it works out so well. Why we love it.

Then I know you talked about how you wrote a lot on the Monumenttour. Maybe started the process on the Harlem tour but how did you go about the writing? Do you feel it still changes or do you think you’ve gotten into a pretty steady rhythm with the writing?

Sѳren: I think this time, we definitely wrote an album. We didn’t think about writing singles, we didn’t think that we were going to finish it as fast as we did. It just happened. We wrote the songs and that is a really cool feeling. That you’re not trying to change something, you’re not trying to change the sound. It’s a mix of the first and the second albums. It’s something else too. We weren’t afraid of doing weird stuff on the album and getting weird instruments. Sampling them and doing all these cool things so it was just really fun. We got to work also with a really cool producer that produced Harlem on the last album. We did a lot of stuff with him and it was really nice. It’s been a really good vibe with the people we work with. So I don’t think it has changed that much but it probably has.

Well then to end it off, I know from like looking at your website and stuff, you have a bit of a busy summer. I think your next big thing is the APMA’s with Vinyl Theatre.

David: Yeah Cleveland, the pre-party.

Then you do have the tour with Andrew McMahon in the fall but what is going to be coming up. Once the record comes out, are you just going to be trying to be touring non stop, kind of what’s going to be going on for New Politics?

David: There’s so many different possibilities so I think we’re going to keep our balls in the air.

Louis: That’s not a saying.

David: It isn’t?

Louis: No you completely made that up.

David: Our options in the air? Yes. Options open! Keep our options open. Keep our balls open. Take what suits best for us. Then we’ll see what happens and that also gives us the opportunity to pick and choose.




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