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Something I was really excited about when covering this summer’s Warped Tour was the large amount of British acts on the lineup! Over the past few years, there’s been one or two acts but this summer boasts around nine or ten spread out over many genres. To kick off our Brit coverage which includes Alvarez Kings and As It Is, I chose to go with Mallory Knox!

Warped Tour is the Mallory Knox’s second full run of the US with their first being a huge opening stage with Pierce The Veil, Sleeping with Sirens and Pvris! The band slayed each night and definitely piqued my interest in speaking to the band during their time on Warped. I was able to catch a few minutes with lead singer Mikey Chapman where he spoke to me about their time in the US, plans for a possible third record and how they go about their writing process within the band. Read below for our new interview and catch the band on the rest of the Warped Tour!

Read our interview with Mallory Knox

This is only your second full US tour.

That’s right!

You’ve been Mallory Knox for quite a long time though. You were on a huge tour to start off with here with Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens.

It was mad! It was an incredibly large tour to be on for sure.

To then go on another large tour and you’re back with Pierce The Veil. How has this tour been going so far for you?

It’s amazing. It’s a very different animal then the tour we were on before. Even just weather wise. It’s been a complete polar opposite but the bands are great, the fans are great. We’re working as hard as we can to hustle and make as many new fans as possible. So yeah, so far, so good.

Then ‘Asymmetry’ is still relatively new. How do you think it’s going over with being on these tours?

Yeah Asymmetry has been out in the UK for nearly a year now but over in the states, it’s relatively new. I mean it’s still tender steps here at the moment with the new songs but people seem to be really vibeing with them and we’re getting no end of compliments after the show. So we’re really happy with how it’s going.

Then considering like how you said it’s been out for a while in the UK, are you working on something new right now? Are you kind of holding off?

Well, to be honest we are fully focused on Warped Tour on the moment then we have a headline run after this back home but once those two things are done, we’re really going to start pushing towards writing album number three. I mean there’s nothing in the plot line as of yet but we’re excited to get that ball rolling.

And how does Mallory Knox normally go about the writing process? Do you feel it still changes considering the band has been a band for a while now.

Yeah I mean I think the dynamic is always pretty much the same. Our writing process is that we always write what we like to hear. There is never a time where we’d write a song we didn’t like that we’d have to do it because other people like it. It’s all about us in a selfish kind of way. Luckily just for us, people seem to really enjoy the stuff we seem to really enjoy. But yeah, writing style, writing wise Sam is always conceptualizing and coming up with ideas. Little bits and bobs for songs. As a collective, we usually put those pieces together and turn it into a Mallory song.

I wanted to ask you. As of late, there’s been a huge rush of British bands coming over. This tour in particular, there’s you, Moose Blood, As It Is, Alvarez Kings. It just keeps on going and going. Maybe how is it to kind of have part of home with you on this run?

It’s fantastic. Coming to a whole new country, particularly one as incredibly unique as America. You know because sometimes you can feel ostracized a little bit, like out of wack we always say. Having the boys here from back home is nice. It means you can sit down and have a quick conversation without someone always asking what you’re saying and what you mean. The American folks are lovely. It would be just as great without the boys from back home but it is nice to see them out here. It’s nice to see other British bands succeeding over here too.

Exactly. Then to maybe end it off, the first CD or first cassette you can remember getting as a kid and the first concert you can remember going to?

Oh okay. So the first CD of note I ever got was from my auntie. She bought me ‘Hybrid Theory’ by Linkin Park. She bought me a CD player on the same day like a Walkman and I wore the batteries out within the first day. I just listened to the album in my room on repeat. I think I even fell asleep to it. I just kind of eat, sleep and drank that record for sure. My first concert was Linkin Park. I was a massive Linkin Park fan when I was a kid. Really kind of inspired me to do what I do today. Yeah my dad took me and a friend and my brother to Birmingham to watch them. It was one of the greatest nights of my life I’d say.

Perfect then to end it off, you kind of talked about your plans. You have the UK tour when you go home after this tour but what is coming up for Mallory Knox? Do you hope to come back to the US pretty quickly or are you going to wait a little bit considering you have been over here steadily these past few months?

It’s a difficult one because we have just so many places to get to. There’s so many even places we haven’t even been yet that we need to start looking into but we absolutely adore America. We love the potential of what we can have here and the fans we’ve made here already. It just really makes us want to come back so we’re going to do everything in our power to be back out here as soon as possible. So people should just keep tabs on us. On our twitter, on our Facebook and hopefully we’ll have something organized really soon.

Do not forget to pay a visit to their official website.

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