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The debut record for X Ambassadors finally comes out tomorrow as “VHS”. It’s been long anticipated but after listening to the record, it is definitely worth the wait. It is like the band on double time, speed, whatever you want to call it but it’s still X Ambassadors with a lot of hop in their step. They open the record with “Y2K Time Capsule” which is a recording of Casey and Sam’s father asking them where they wanted to be in fifteen years. It’s pretty incredible that their response was “Way away from here”. The first full track on the record is their current number one hit RENEGADES. It had really great group vocals and definitely a different feel but in a great way. Next up was one of two tracks on the record that will be familiar to X Ambassadors fans with UNSTEADY.

After this track, we then dig into a completely different sound with HANG ON and GORGEOUS. It was a lot deeper into the R&B groove, it kind of reminded me of Boston favorites Bad Rabbits. Something I really enjoyed in this record is the anecdotes/interludes in the album that after reading about the record, lead singer Sam says he wanted to do as an homage to the mixtape vibe. They create this personal window into the journey that the band has experienced and now with this new record, all their hard work is truly paying off. The next three tracks are my favorite part of the record with FEAR, NERVOUS and LOW LIFE. Two of which were done with executive producers Imagine Dragons. There was a really soulful vibe to this section of the record that I loved. Overall, the record was fantastic and well worth the wait. X Ambassadors, double the speed.

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