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This next band Never Shout Never has been one that we’ve been following over the years seeing them through several record releases yet this was still I think the interview that is my favorite. Literally five minutes after the band left the stage, I was able to grab a few minutes with lead vocalist Christofer Drew! While my game plan going into it was to talk Recycled Youth, we quickly switched the topic to their previously undiscussed upcoming full length “Black Cat”!

With the record dropping post this summer’s Vans Warped Tour journey, I was eager to talk to Chris about his hopes for this record. Never Shout Never has always been one that is full of genuine love for making the music they desire to make, not really haven’t anyone else part of calling the shots. This time around, they were a little more open to working with their major label family for the past several years, Warner Brothers, and with a main stage home this summer they are sure to only get bigger than they’ve ever been.

You’ve been on quite a bit of a road hiatus but this tour ends tonight. How do you think it’s been going over?

Well, I mean I think we definitely accomplished what we were going for. You know we just released like a fan album of some old songs and we just kind of wanted to do a tour to really re-engage our hard core fan base. Just kind of the people that will pre-order tickets. A lot of the shows sold out pretty quick because we’ve been doing smaller-ish clubs you know. The whole tour was sold out so I think we accomplished what we wanted to do. Just re-engaged our fan base because we’ve been in the studio for like the last two years. It’s definitely been a while since you’ve kind of heard our name or heard anything new from us so this was just kind of a way to take a baby step back into the touring life and re-engage.

Is this something that you’ve been planning for awhile? Like doing these imaginations of these songs or is this something that you’ve had kicking around for a while? How did this idea come about to do this record or this volume?

Yeah I don’t really know how many we’re going to do. I was thinking three but now I’m thinking maybe more like five.

Oh nice.

Yeah. I mean we just played these songs live all the time and they just always keep evolving and there’s always new things that I love doing. I just really love these songs and I was just so young when I recorded them that I wasn’t fully developed as a musician or an artist. I just loved those songs and they are so nostalgic for me. Just being able to re-do them and have a second chance to do them, it just really brings a lot of fulfillment to me as an artist and it’s really nice.

And I know you’ve been spending a lot of time in the recording studio but do you have like some original material in the works?

Yeah, that’s the thing. I mean we only spent like a month on the Recycled Youth thing but we spent six months recording a brand new record called “Black Cat” which is all new material. I think it’s probably our best yet. It’s definitely more like a contemporary sound. More pop which is kind of scary for us because we always kind of try to stray away from that but we just hit this point where we were like we want to make something-. We want to at least make like a real attempt to connect with a mainstream audience again because we haven’t ever really tried. I just think that it would be fun to play on some bigger stages and actually have Warner be excited about our shit because we’ve always kind of been anti-corporation, anti-mainstream. Now we’re kind of at this point where we want to check it out.

You want to try it out, see what it’s all about. Then I know you’ve been with the same guys in Never Shout Never for a while now, you do have one new member I think this is kind of his debut tour but do you think the songwriting process is still changing or do you think you’ve kind of fallen into this steady rhythm of this band?

I mean the thing is that for the “Black Cat” abum, I was way more open to co-writing with the other guys in the band. We worked with this amazing producer Dennis Herring who produced the album and I had never been open to that before. I used to always be like this is my shit. I don’t want anybody touching it. You can’t tell me what to do kind of attitude. So I’ve just been a lot more open to writing with people. Bringing other peoples’ ideas into the process. I think it’s definitely changed a lot like that but really I just have fun writing. I’ve got at least thirty songs right now that are just laying around that aren’t even on “Black Cat” so we’re just kind of rolling with the punches year by year. We’re just going to keep putting out new music. We’ve got enough songs for at least three albums already.

Wow, I mean you’ve always steadily released new music. I know you don’t wait very long at all in between albums but I think that’s something you’ve always done or wanted to do but “Black Cat”, do you have like a release plan for it? Like do you have the date planned or do you think that’s still a little while away?

Well, we just now turned in the masters which is like the completely finished record. This week, I’m going into work on the album art with the art department at Warner and going to get some real bad ass shit going. We’ve been taking our sweet ass time on this because we’ve never done that before. We’re actually going to make an attempt to push a song to the radio and make a long kind of layout of the album. So I would say it would probably come out early fall is kind of my guess. We’re taking as much preparation time as possible. We just want it to be a really solid release.

Well maybe then to end it off, from speaking to the band in the past, you have been with Warner for a while and you’ve been doing this for a while. Maybe how is it now to kind of do that radio push? Is this something that you’ve always wanted to do? Is this something you’ve kind of explored just recently?

Yeah, I’ve always been opposed to it because I didn’t feel like I was making anything that I wanted the world to hear yet. I was just kind of figuring my shit out. Like a lot of the time, I was figuring out what I wanted to do and what I wanted to sound like and what I wanted to portray. I think that we finally found it. We’re adults now. I feel very comfortable with our music so it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

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