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Take a look at me walking down the street, in press mode at a show. I don’t exactly scream the typical fan you may see at this next gentleman’s typical show but Mod Sun is one of the rare ones that makes me pull myself out of my natural element. Over the years, I’ve been able to keep up with quite possibly one of the most humble men out there. He just dropped his first “proper” full length album, ‘Look Up’ in March despite releasing countless mixtapes, EP’s everything you can imagine besides the classic defined full length record. I’ve seen him play Boston countless times, play several Warped Tours and put in more time than most artists I work with.

This time around, we talked about his upcoming Warped Tour (where you can currently find him now), his debut record and how his album release tour was going. From interviewing him as he was opening for Cisco Adler to selling out his own show at Middle East , coheadlining with T. Mills to now a much bigger club, Mod Sun has always kept it real and hasn’t changed who he is. The world is just starting to notice what a gem he has. Read on for our new one!

How has this first real solo headlining tour been going for you?

It’s been going so great. I just had a sold out show in New York City and I called my mom onstage. I’m a testament to all the people that have played shows to five people before and those who have stuck with it. This is the start, it’s going to go somewhere. Like I’m a testament to those people and now it’s starting to catch on and it’s not catching on in like a wack way like Modsun’s  blowing up. It’s catching on because people actually feel the vibe. They want to be happy. The world’s ready to be happy. So a lot of things have changed since the last time I talked to you but I haven’t . I haven’t (laughs).

Like you’ve been saying, the album comes out officially a week from today. How does that feel considering how long you’ve been working at this?

I’ve gotten asked this question a few times today because I was doing a few other things and the great thing is that I’m not even nervous.

You’re not nervous?

My debut album’s coming out and I’m not nervous. Want to know why? Because it is like the sound I’ve heard in my head since I started this. It’s what I wasn’t able to do eight years ago, nine years ago when I started this because I didn’t know what I was doing. Now I know what I’m doing and I created this sound I heard in my head. The orchestra that I heard in my head. That I created and put it down and now every time I listen to it, it means more to me and I’ve done everything I could do to it. There’s nothing more. A lot of artists will drop albums and be like well I wish there were things that I could have done if I had more time and I had like all the time that I wanted because it’s my thing. I didn’t rush it and I did everything I could possibly do to it. So it’s so exciting because it’s not about first week or how it’s interpreted within the first couple months even. It’s like I made an album that’s going to live forever.

And for this record, were they all new songs written specifically for this album?

Yeah! The only song that’s on it that was released prior to all these new songs was ‘My Hippy’ and ‘My Hippy’, I got a verse from one of my really good friends. His name is Dizzy Wright. He’s like an equal of mine when it comes to preaching the right thing. I feel like in a hip hop sense and he does it totally different from me. Besides that, every single song is brand new and we made all the music. No one else produced anything. There weren’t any producers sending us fucking beats. It was all us.

Maybe how was that considering you were able to have full control and not have someone like over your shoulder?

That’s how it should be. It’s funny that you even get to ask the question how was it like to not have someone over your shoulder because it’s not supposed to be like that. It’s not supposed to be like someone over your shoulder. Someone saying change this, change that. That’s not what it’s about and if you’re smart, you’ll spend time with your songs and you’ll know good enough to say change this, change that. It’s not about that and wherever that got misconstrued that it’s about having someone tell you this and that and for you to listen to other people, that’s now how it’s supposed to be. I didn’t listen to anyone else. I made sure when it comes down to that final process of my album, I made sure that the words I was saying, the importance of them matched the importance of the music. That the music and the words complimented each other, not vice/versa. Not the music is amazing, the words are amazing but they’re fighting each other. So that’s the biggest difference but you’re not supposed to have someone in your ear, no.

Then maybe considering you’ve done so much on your own and kind of letting kids have your music for free and all that. You’ve done so much touring, you’ve been on Warped tour several times. I know you’re back on it this summer. What is coming up? Are you just going to be touring? Obviously that’s a huge big tour that you’re doing.

Yes I’m on tour but that’s what every artist can do. Every artist can support the album by touring. What I’m going to do with my album, I’m going to take it to places that people haven’t taken their albums internationally. Things like that. I have a message that goes with my music and many countries out there need the message that I’m saying. Songs like “Free Love” that means something here means something totally different to another country. Free love means something totally different then it does here because other countries go through so many different things. So I’m going to take it there. Second thing with the smile movement is alternative charts. Which is me challenging all these other rappers to say no one tells you what genre your music is. You decide that. Lil Wayne can drop another album tomorrow in the country genre. He can do that. He can do whatever he wants. Any artist can. No one tells you what genre your music is in. My music should not sit in just rap but my music should sit next to rap but that’s not it. So I’m challenging a lot of things. I attached an audiobook to the record because I’m saying with that expand your boundaries of what artistry is to you. In a day or age where kids can choose to buy your CD or download it for free, they should have that option. Why not give them something that makes them want to hold in their hands that album. That makes them feel special because I know when I bought CD’s when I was younger, I like held them down and if that jewel case on that CD that I bought got a crack I freaked out. Because I held those things down and people think that era is dead and those people are the ones that are living in the past. So I’m challenging artistry of the audiobook on my album. No one’s ever done that. Bring it all together. It’s beautiful. Being an artist is so fucking free right now.


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