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You obviously just started this tour yesterday, still a little bit to go. What are the three things you must have with you while on the road to survive?

Brady:Oh man, for me I always forget contact solution. Clean clothes and socks! So I’m an awful tour packer. The hour before, I’m like shit and just throw shit in a bag.

Dalton: Yeah, I picked up a three pack of white Hanes tees. Currently repping one right now.

Brady: Yeah you got a little spot on there too.

Dalton: Yeah don’t remind me. I need my Tide to go pen too, that’s my number two and then you know just a great pair of shoes!

Brady: Yeah shoes are cool.

Dalton: I got a couple with me. I got my running shoes, my boots, whatever I’m feeling you know. Going to run around on stage, put the running shoes on. Actually, our crew is the most serious answer. There like the most incredible.

Brady: Incredible! They are fucking killing it.

Dalton:And if you look at them right now, Cody if he was wearing Ryan’s shorts he would be invisible.

Brady: He would be invisible. You would not be able to see him.

Dalton: Cody! Hey could you and Ryan switch pants please? It’s for science.

Brady: You’ll be invisible, dude! He’s not fat enough, he’s not skinny enough.

Dalton:  They’re like an old married couple.

Brady: Pretty much.

Okay then like I said, the tour started last night. It's your sixth headlining tour. You've gone out with other people.

Brady: Wow, I didn’t even know that. You’re telling me things I don’t even know.

Dalton: That’s amazing.

Brady: That’s awesome. Prepared.

Well, Ashley told me. I used to work with her when she was at like Century doing like Suicide Silence and bands like that.

Brady: Those guys are great, we love Catalyst.

Dalton: So yeah this is our sixth headlining tour which you already know which is pretty amazing. We just found that out recently. Yeah but it’s going pretty well. I think this is definitely like the most legitimate headlining tour and it might not be the biggest crowds and we’ve only had two shows. Haven’t even had the second show.

Brady: Haven’t played that yet.

Dalton: So we don’t really know what to expect.

Brady: It’s kind of our coming back a little bit. We took some time off to write a really cool record. We got to put that record out. This is to support it and it’s been awesome because there’s so many people that we used to see all the time still coming out, just a little bit older.

Dalton: Yeah it’s cool because we get to see a lot of our older fans like growing up a little bit and they kind of have watched us grow up as a band as well. I think the shows are really growing. I mean this is the longest set we’ve ever played. It’s just shy of fifty minutes. We’re doing almost two entire EP’s throughout the set and then some covers and stuff in there as well.

Brady: So we’re just happy to be playing all of the new music, some of the old music.

Dalton: It feels great.

Brady: And just kind of coming back and trying to kill it but it has been over a year since we headlined so it’s nice to be the last band on the bill for a while.

Dalton: Especially with a crew man, you don’t have to do anything.

Brady: Yeah man! This crew is the best part about it.

Dalton: They do everything it’s great.

Brady: It’s our biggest crew, it’s nine people total. Five on the crew, four in the band.

You released "The Ecstasy" EP just in March. Maybe why that for the title?

Dalton: Well the song was “Ecstasy” and we were trying to think of names for the EP and we had a couple cool ideas and stuff but overall we just thought Ecstasy was kind of the coolest one.

Brady: There are cool themes that come with it.

Dalton: It’s edgy.

Brady: Yeah, it’s a little edgier.

Dalton:And it kind of paints a picture of a lot of different things.

Brady: I think there’s a lot of like feelings and like a lot of different emotions that are on that record but I think a lot of it is happy. So we were like well that all ties in and it’s edgier.

Dalton: I think it fits and yeah it’s a little edgier. We wanted to kind of grow up a little bit and not be taken as a kid band. So it kind of did a little bit of everything we needed it to do.

Brady: And to check ceilings off of the possible titles.

Dalton: Yeah we almost named it Floors.

And then how did you go about the writing of this EP? Was it one person, was it more collective?

Dalton: No, the writing for this EP was awesome.

Brady: Definitely different then any other record.

Dalton: We spent about two months with one of our buddies in Orlando who owned a studio.

Brady: We drove there.

Dalton: We just wrote like twenty different ideas out and some of them we finished and some of them we hung on too. Some are just half songs we didn’t even put vocals on but we wrote as much as we could in two months and just lived at the studio every single day.

Brady: You know, we’d sleep in the studio. Wake up and just start doing the songs.

Dalton: Like sometimes it would be all of us in the room, sometimes people would be out playing Tony Hawk on the playstation just doing whatever.

Brady: It was cool. It was a lot of ideas coming together. I think it was a really different writing process for us but it felt really great. Then from there, it worked out perfectly because we were like we got these songs. You know we like a handful of these that we think have potential. We were about to head home from Orlando and we were like, let’s decide what producers we want to use. It just so happened that the timing was perfect that we were like okay we have like two and a half weeks or something which was right at the start date of when we needed to leave and Atlanta was on the way up home so we were like let’s do it. Let’s fucking book it.

Dalton: We stayed another month in the south when we got to Atlanta.

Brady: Got it all wrapped up. Came together really quickly.

Dalton: Yeah and we got to do a lot of co-writing. For different tracks and stuff. Like “Heart Attack”.

Brady: Yeah, “Heart Attack” was written with Jason Lancaster of Mayday Parade and Go Radio.

Dalton: Which was amazing for us. He was definitely the most phenomenal writer I’ve ever had the experience to work with.

Jason's great.

Dalton: Yeah and he’s just so quick. He comes up with ideas.

Brady: You know in the writing process, you come up with ideas and you pick some, you like some, you toss others out. Everything he would do, we’d be like yo put that in there.

Dalton: It would be like that’s amazing. Yeah he was unreal and we’re all really big Go Radio/Mayday Parade fans.

Brady: You can close your eyes and hear him sing and be like oh my god.

Dalton: No he was singing some of the ideas for like melodies and stuff on “Heart Attack” and I was like man I don’t know if I could even sing after you. Like he was just so good.

Brady: He was incredible.

Great! Then you've put out the EP's but are you even considering a full length record?

Dalton: We always consider it. It’s something where we don’t want to jump the gun.

Brady: That’s a big thing.

Dalton: Your first full length is like your first real statement and like EP’s are what people are following. Like the core fans.

Brady: I think they kind of morph you and they start building that foundation that let you play around a little bit but I think that we’re waiting for that. I mean we’ve tossed ideas around for it and loose time lines but I think we’re waiting for that moment where we’re like yep, this is when it needs to happen.

Dalton: Definitely. I think our next step is going to be another EP in my mind but I don’t know where we’re all at on that but I can definitely see another EP. Hopefully before this fall, it happens.

Brady: That would be awesome.

Dalton: We’d love to just get some more music out there. Just keep it going.

Brady: At least a single.

Dalton: Just like keep it going on our Soundcloud and stuff. We’re just trying to experiment and just get everything we can out there. Just kind of see what people are grabbing at these days because we like so many different types of music that we don’t really want to force ourselves into one genre. We’re pretty young and early in our band stage so I feel like we have a lot of room to grow.

Brady: There’s a lot of places to go.

Perfect then for each of you, the first CD or first cassette you ever remember buying as a kid and the first concert you can remember going to?

Dalton: Good thing I know Clayton’s answer. I don’t even know mine but for Clayton’s answer, the first CD he ever bought was Yellowcard’s “Ocean Avenue”.

Brady: Yeah “Ocean Avenue” was the first CD he ever bought.

You guys make me feel so old.

Dalton: I know, right?

Everyone lately has been like NIrvana's "Nevermind", Green Day's "Dookie" and you guys are like Yellowcard. You guys are making me feel super old, thanks guys!

Brady: You’re welcome! Sorry about it.

Dalton: That’s what we’re here for!

Brady: I think the first record I ever bought with my own money was “All Killer No Filler” by Sum 41.

Dalton: Nice!

Brady: Bought that in a mall in Florida when I was like twelve and my first concert was the Pop Disaster tour with Blink and Green Day and Jimmy Eat World.

Dalton: Both of yours are so cool. My first concert was, yeah, Nysnc. Then my second concert was Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan. So I don’t know which one is cooler. Nsync was actually pretty sweet. I would go to that again if I could.

And then considering you djust start this tour, but are you just going to like focus on writing more, are you going to try and go out again pretty quickly? Kind of what's in the plans.

Dalton: After this tour? Well, we’re always kind of writing a little bit but when we’re home, we’re writing a lot more. A lot more full ideas. On the road, you kind of have to balance time with lack of studio equipment. You just have voice memo’s or ideas on the guitar and stuff but when we’re home, we’re always full force trying to write at least a couple days a week. So we’re trying to get new music out.

Brady: We’re playing some options right now for this summer just for tours and that kind of stuff.

Dalton: Yeah I’d like to do a little bit for sure.

Brady: Just because we’re getting back into it. We haven’t toured in quite a while. So I think getting this taste back into it, we’re like fuck we want more.

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