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Last we talked to Karmin, the duo was signed to Epic, opening for Justin Bieber and had two huge back to back hits with Brokenhearted and Hello. Flash forward a few years later, they have left their major label and are on the cusp of dropping their brand new record, “Leo Rising”. Inspired by an astrological reading they had last year, Karmin wrote a song representing each zodiac sign and certain characteristics that go with it. So far all we’ve seen of the record are three singles but after my new interview with the couple, my eyes were opened to the whole record process. It’s significance to Karmin, the story behind the two videos released so far and the reason for the album title!

Catch up on Karmin with us and be ready for the new record soon as well as a accompanying film!

 So maybe a soft one to start, obviously you guys have a lot going on with the new record coming out but maybe how has your tour been with Lindsay Stirling so far?

Amy: Yeah it’s been great. I think we’re like halfway through or something like that. She’s a delight and super talented and it’s a bunch of actually talented people there. Actually, Karmin is traveling just Nick and Amy and then our guitar player so we’re doing sort of an acoustic version of ourselves which is really refreshing.

That’s awesome and then you obviously released some tracks earlier this year but your single, “Didn’t Know You”, you just released it. How did you go about the writing for the new song?

Amy: The writing?

Nick: So actually every song, we had a crazy experience this past year with an astrologer.   The information kind of blew our minds. All this stuff happened that according to our charts would happen. So we were like oh shit, maybe that’s something else going on. So actually each song is based off a characteristic of each of the zodiac songs.

Oh wow.

Nick: So yeah “Didn’t Know You” is the Gemini song because Gemini is kind of like the twins but it almost seemed like split personalities. So that’s why we called it “Didn’t Know You”.

Wow, that’s really interesting. So you based your whole new record off of that?

Nick: Exactly. Each song.

Amy: Yeah, basically there’s twelve songs which are all based off a zodiac sign. We thought that was so cool for the fans because then they could feel like we had a song for each of them but more importantly, it shows in our like research of the zodiac which is ancient by the way don’t know if you’re into that, that each person is actually affected by all twelve signs in different ways. Like you might have Cancer in your house of family, you might have Gemini in your house of money or your career might be something totally different. So it’s kind of fun and inspiring vibe to get the album done.

Amazing and then you’ve put out two very unique videos for this record. Maybe that is because of being based off the signs but how did those ideas kind of form, like the plans?

Nick: The ones for “Sugar” and “On the Road”?

Yeah, the ones for “Sugar” and “On The Road”.

Nick: Yeah so far “Sugar”, we actually kind of wanted to tease the whole album concept and our film. So we actually are going to be putting out a film with the album. The film is going to be scored by the album in order that they appear. So when we were creating the album, we were creating kind of a story arch. It was also kind of loosely based on what we went through the last couple of years. So, one of the characters in the film, the man in the blue suit, kind of played corporate. So we wanted to have him in all the videos. He is a very well groomed man. That’s the character that we wanted do the intro for the “On The Road” video, he’s part of the “Sugar” video. So yeah that’s kind of the concept for “Sugar”. Just very vibey. Then for “On The Road”, we just kind of wanted like a one take video.

Amy: Then we wanted to get kind of artsy. We teamed up with this company called Creative Recreation who donated like a thousand shoes. We used the samples of the shoes so they were like the shoes that only had one foot of each pair. We used that to create kind of a mosaic. We made that ourselves, by hand in our backyard. So that was really a treat because we had it as also worked as sort of a tribute to the Boston Marathon bombing anniversary which was a little close to home for us having been born in Boston and having met in Boston.

Nick: Having our friends actually run the marathon.

amy: Yeah, so that turned out to be a perfect collision of things because we also donated the mosaic to the Midnight Mission which is in LA where we live now and the wall of shoes ended up at the Children’s Hospital in New York City. So it’s really been a unique video.

Yeah, that’s amazing. And then I know you talked about how you kind of had this astrological reading last year and each song is representative of a different sign but how long has the album been in the making? Was it inspired by that or had you already been working on like a new record?

Amy: We had already discovered the sound. I think the most unique thing about this record is that it’s the first time Nick and I have made new music alone. We had the amazing honor and pleasure of working with incredible producers in the past like really big producers. Oftentimes, the songs would end up sounding like singles or it would have more of like the producer’s sound to it. This album is fully us. Fully Karmin. So we sort of found the sound and then the inspiration from the zodiac sort of started writing itself because we realized the songs intrinsically were in line with some of the archetypes.

Perfect, and then maybe why “Leo Rising” in particular for the title of the record?

Amy: Well, like we said, you have different signs affecting you. Like Nick and I were born two days apart from each other in the same year and I always wondered why we were not anything alike. Turns out my rising sign, your destiny sign, what you’re supposed to become in this life, can be calculated by entering like the exact minute of your birth and mine is Leo rising. So I read what that meant and I was like wow, this actually applies to me so much more accurately then what I am which is Taurus for example. Leo rising is somebody who takes a spotlight, the center of attention. Someone that has a huge imagination and almost has like a childlike love for life. So that’s sort of why I wanted to title the album that. I think I read somewhere that Beyonce is also a Leo rising. I’ve been finding out all these other Leo rising’s.

No, that’s really cool. That’s awesome. A good connection. Then, I don’t think you’ve announced the release date or anything like that for the record yet, correct me if I’m wrong, but maybe what is coming up after this run with Lindsay Stirling?

Nick: You’re right, there is no release date quite yet because like we said, we want to do the video for it. So we want to make sure we have all our stuff done. So we’re aiming for the fall. So it’s all about the singles. We actually have an app that just came out which you can get our music for free on. So we’re going to be putting everything up there first before it goes public. All that good stuff. Totally free. Just type in Karmin and it should show up.

Visit their official website.

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