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I interview pop stars, rappers, street punk duos, death metal bands but the people I like speaking to most tend to come from the same club that JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights comes from. The musicians that are the inspirations for the new class of musicians. The bands that wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for an act like Saves The Day, Yellowcard and Hawthorne Heights. With the latter, I was able to grab a few minutes with lead vocalist JT on the first day of their extended tour with From Autumn To Ashes here in Boston!

In our interview, we spoke new music coming out from the band late summer/early fall as well as hopes for more touring coming pretty quickly after that. Catch the guys on tour now with From Autumn To Ashes, Sleepwave and Extinction A.D.! Interviews with FATA and Extinction A.D. will also be up this week so check back with us and keep rocking!

Obviously you guys have been touring a lot recently. I know you were just in Boston for a tenth anniversary show for “The Silence in Black and White” but what are you most looking forward to during this run considering every band on this tour is a touring veteran?

Yeah I’m really looking forward to seeing From Autumn To Ashes. I haven’t seen them in a while obviously like nobody has but I’ve been a fan of the band for years. One of my first bands toured with them in 2000 or 2001. So I’m looking forward to reconnecting with those guys. I’ve known Spencer from Underoath for a long time and he’s obviously in Sleepwave so I’m looking forward to seeing those guys. Extinction A.D. is the band that we don’t know we’re looking forward to meeting them. So there’s a bunch of bands that we have never played shows with so we’re looking forward to it.

Perfect and then I believe, correct me if I’m wrong, that the last record came out in 2013. I know you’ve spent some time in the studio lately but is that something where you’re like working on a record or kind of just playing around?

We’re finishing our third EP and we’ll be finishing that at the end of this tour and in between these two tours because they’re kind of broken up by a week off. So we’re going to be doing that. It will come out towards the end of the summer or very early fall. We’re kind of taking our time with it in between shows.

And despite you doing this band for a very long time, I know you’re with members that kind of haven’t been there since the beginning. So do you think the songwriting process still changes for you or have you kind of gotten into a steady rhythm?

Well I think the songwriting process should change every record for every band. No matter the line up, no matter anything. You should be trying to push yourself in different directions and that’s definitely what we’ve been doing on this. We’ve all been trying to help out as much as we can.

Then maybe was there something new you tried on this last EP or maybe something people won’t expect if they are fans of Hawthorne Heights?

I think that we’ll start working on different things as we get in to the studio. Right now, we’re just working on skeletons. Basic structures of songs. We have about fifteen of those right now that we’ll whittle down to maybe ten. We’re looking forward to actually getting in the studio which will be the first week of August.

Perfect then you’ve always kind of been actively touring. Kind of what is the game plan for like the next maybe year or so? Are you going to be selective touring, going to be focusing on the new music?

I think what we’ll be doing is finishing the record in early August. Getting it out sometime in the early fall, late summer. Touring, more shows and we’re probably due to go overseas here soon. Hopefully Asia, hopefully back to the UK and Europe. Then we’ll work on another full length sometime in the spring!

Then I wanted to ask you, obviously you’ve been steadily touring over the years. You haven’t really stopped besides a few minor bumps. You are a big inspiration to the bands coming out now, maybe advice to bands to keep it going, keep on touring?

I think really bands just have to have fun. I think the idea of sex, drugs and rock and roll ended in like 1993. So I think that as long as you’re out there having fun and taking what you do seriously and treating the fans well, treating everybody in your band well I think that you should have no complaints. I think that as long as you’re having fun, you should do it.

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