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Thank you for taking the time today.

Oh yeah, of course.

Perfect, so maybe a soft one to start. Obviously you’ve been touring a lot lately and playing some shows with Joe Pug and that kind of thing. Maybe the three things you’ve realized you must have with you while on tour to survive?

Three things I must have with me on tour?


Besides like the obvious things like guitar and clothes.


Well I always bring my fishing rod just in case and, let’s see. What do you call those clean wipe things, you know what I’m talking about like for your face.

Baby wipes?

Yeah, some of those and maybe Lucinda Williams’ “Car Wheels on A Gravel Road”.

That’s a perfect one. Then like I said, you’ve been touring a lot and playing shows. I know you’re about to come out to the Northeast. Maybe considering the album came out in March, how has tour been going?

It’s been great. The record came out in March and the press is really good. It’s nice to see that kind of trickle down to people coming out to the shows because they heard of me on NPR or something like that. That had never ever happened to me before so it’s nice to see the audience outcome. Yeah, it’s been good. I mean I’m still very much in the starting stages of my career but I feel like it’s growing toward the right place.

And then how long has the new record kind of been in the making, this release? Like how long were you working on it?

Well, I recorded six songs in the end of 2013. That was all the money I had. Like to make six songs. So we shopped those six around then we got money from other places to make the next six which we did at the beginning of 2014. So I guess it was a few months but it really was onl, if you just calculate studio time, ten days worth of working. Then It got mixed and mastered from about the beginning of 2014 to the end of 2014 then we put it out this past March.

Perfect then how did you go about the songwriting process? Is it still different every time? Have you fallen into a steady rhythm when it comes to your music?

It’s always different. Lately I’ve been writing just a lot by myself when I have time. I’ve been gone so much. I collect a lot of ideas on the road but I never really try to flesh them out. I’ve been home for a couple weeks now and I’ve been writing a lot more but I don’t know. It always changes. People always ask me if I write a melody or tis the words that come first. It’s totally always different for me.

Perfect and then when did you kind of realize that this is kind of what you wanted to pursue, like music as a career?

Well, it’s kind of always been what I wanted to do since like high school but I guess I realized that I could do it about three years ago when I got a publishing deal. So that could replace what I was doing for day jobs and I could just write for me or for other people. Or go on tour. That that would be able to pay my bills.

Perfect then I wanted to ask you if you remember the first CD or first cassette you can remember buying as a kid then the first concert you can remember going to?

(Laughs) The first CD that I bought for myself was a band called Toadies. They were from Dallas or the North Texas area where I’m from. The first concert I went to was probably some like punk show in Dallas when I was in like middle school or early high school probably. Some band that I don’t even remember.

And then I know you’re coming to the northeast, you’re playing Boston and that kind of thing in about two weeks time. Besides that, what is coming up for you this summer, maybe the fall?

I’m just doing a lot of kind of random touring. Lots of local, regional festivals and doing five days in sections, that kind of thing. Then in the fall, me and two guys that play with me we’re going back to the UK for a little while. Hopefully, more spots opening for some bigger bands. We’ll be up there with Kasey Musgraves in the northeast in July I think it is which should be good. Hopefully some more stuff like that comes about and then the fall will be pretty busy with the UK and Americana Fest in Nashville. I’m sure it will all fill up.



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