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Despite interviewing the new pop stars to singer-songwriter solo acts, I tend to always go back to my favorite music scene. Metal. The men and women behind metal acts tend to put in endless touring, constantly are recording new music and tend to always be a terrific interview! A band that has always been a favorite to talk to because of all these qualities I just mentioned are the boys in Asking Alexandria!
Most recently about two weeks ago, I was able to grab a few minutes with founding member Ben Bruce. Ben started the band several years ago and with the current lineup that they've maintained since then, they have completely taken over the US metal scene. He told me that the band plans to hit the studio next month so I'm sure we'll start seeing new music from the band soon. Read on for our new one!

I know you're almost done with your current headlining run. How has it been going so far?
It's really good. We're just all tired. We've been out on the road for a long time. We did all of Europe and Russia and Ukraine and stuff. We were there for like two months. We got off the plane, had three days off then started this tour which is a month. So we're just tired. The shows have been really good.

Perfect then I know you just put out "Live From Brixton and Beyond". Maybe how long has that idea been kind of brewing and being worked on?I know it's a full dvd and just not that one set.

Oh Jesus! I'm pretty sure we recorded the DVD like January of 2013. So, a long, long time. I don't know what took so long to get it released but it did take us quite long. It was definitely worth the wait I think. It's a good indication as to what we're like as a live band. It's a big show. There's actually two concert DVD's on it. All our music videos. A lot of behind the scenes shit, interviews and stuff like that. It's pretty cool. It took a lot of work putting it altogether. Actually finally getting it released but I think it's been worth it.

Definitely and I know the last full length it came out in August so it's been a little over a year. Where are you currently in the process of recording? Are you writing right now?Are you recording for a new record?
We've actually written about fifteen to sixteen demos for the next album. The plan was to go into the studio in February with a guy who does like Foo Fighters records and stuff. We're close to being ready to enter the studio now to do the next record.

Perfect and then the band has remained the same line up. I know you kind of relaunched the band several years ago but for this line up, the one that's been coming and touring the US. Do you feel the songwriting process is still changing? Has it changed?
Um, no it's pretty set in stone. Unless someone dies unexpectedly which could very well happen. Hopefully it doesn't but I think we're set in stone.

Perfect and then just because lately I've been interviewing a lot of bands who have retained their original lineups. Maybe advice on bands how to do that? How to like stick it out and remain the same line up, make it work?
Oh god I don't even know what the secret is but I know that it's like the hardest thing in the world. Especially when there are a large number in the band like there's five in the band. You're all creative people. To get five people all on the same page and we're trying to write music. It gets really, really difficult at times. You butt heads. I don't know. I don't know what the secret is . Obviously I've been in many bands before and it's never worked out for the reason of members you know just not getting along and stuff like that. Especially when you're touring a lot, as much as we do. You're just tired and grumpy all the time. It's a wonder one of us hasn't killed each other off.

Then it is pretty short but like you said you've been touring non stop. What is going to be coming up in 2015? Are you just going to be focusing on getting a new record done? Are you going to be even touring more?What's going to be going on for Asking Alexandria?
We're actually taking the first five or six months off. Just to concentrate on this new record. Then come June I believe, we start touring full speed ahead again. We'll probably be out on the road for a year, two years on the new record.

Well I think that's it. I mean we have interviewed you guys in the past and I appreciate you taking the time!
Of course, thank you very much. Take care!

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