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Possibly the last interview to go live this year for Music Remedy, it's been a fantastic year. So let's go out on a fantastic note! Poughkeepsie kids We Are The In Crowd just wrapped their holiday acoustic tour and we were lucky enough to catch up with one of the lead vocalists Taylor Jardine (who shares the lead vocalist role with Jordan Eckes) minutes before the show. We picked Taylor's brain about new music to come from the band and talked their crazy touring schedule these past few years. Read on for our new one!

So we have interviewed before but it has been a while. I think it was before 'Weird Kids' came out. I know this is the first day of this acoustic tour. Maybe how did you come up with the idea to do this short little run?
We've wanted to do it for a while. It's just really hard to get a small tour together. Especially around the holidays. Like a lot of things are booked. Just getting the promotion out there before every other holiday show comes out. We've tried to do it in the past and were just really late on it so this year, I remember in like August we were like okay we have to do it this year. It's been a long time coming I think. It's exciting, it's nice because we're just doing real small rooms. It gives us a chance to just feel like who our crowd is again. It feels good. Hopefully! I mean I don't know. It could totally suck! Maybe it will, I don't know.

I know last February The Maine and The Summer Set did something really similar and it worked really well. It's more of your die hard fans that get to go. Last time you headlined it was like a much bigger room. Then I know "Weird Kids" has been out since February. Are you even thinking about writing? Are you writing?
Yeah I mean I think it's also a brand new idea for us. We were thinking about it sort of just after the New Found Glory tour. We were like well what do we do now? We either continue to tour on this record that is almost a year old or we start writing again. I think that's the idea right now. It's all coming into play like as we speak so we'll see what happens. But yeah we're definitely making new music.

Then I know it was a bit of time in between the full length albums. Is that something that you kind of want to put out a full length pretty quickly after 'Weird Kids'?
Yeah because I think the last time, I think we waited too long. I mean thankfully we were able to tour on it for a while and I think that had to do with just switching it up. Going from like domestic tours to the international touring. We kind of spread it out that way. At this point I feel like we've even over saturated like the UK market. We need to take this time and break and get something new out. I think it will be really good.

Then you've been a band for obviously several years now and have retained the original line up. So maybe do you feel the writing process has changed a lot over the years?
Gosh I wanted to talk about that. I was like I wonder if she's going to ask that.

Yeah I mean I've been doing a lot of bands for a long time now like you guys and I think our first interview was a while ago. I just did We Came As Romans on Saturday and it's always been like Joshua Moore who's a big writer in that band. The Maine a lot , The Summer Set a lot and a lot of those bands have retained their original line ups.
Our writing process has changed though. I mean we've had the same people in the band but I mean we've also grown up together. We've learned how to write a record together. I mean I don't think you just start a band and everyone knows what to do when they're shoved into a studio together. You think you do. Everyone thinks they know what they're doing, trust me but you don't. Then you figure it out and I think we've learned a lot from each other. I think just being in our early twenties and just being in those progressive years of your life, you learn a lot of things. Expressing yourself is definitely one of those things. I've definitely gotten better about opening up. I think also just the writing process in general who does what and who plays what role. Even in the band. Like who does what in the band and who does everything I think is falling into place a lot better. Everyone accepts their roles and it's awesome.

So it's a pretty collaborative process from what you're saying?
Very collaborative yeah. It depends on the song. It always depends. Like if the story or the setting of the song mostly pertains to me, lyrically everyone will look at me first. If we're writing about something that Mike went through, it will kind of be a bit to him. It works itself out. We definitely know where to back off. I'm not going to try and write drums. Ever. Like really? I don't know what I'm doing!

Is that something you've tried?
Nothing in general that I've tried but I would kind of butt in. Like what does it matter? I should just let them deal with that .That's what they should be doing. That's what Rob should be doing. So yeah, we all kind of figure it out. It's cool.

Then obviously you guys have a really big history of touring a lot (Tay starts laughing) but coming to the end of this year. A little bit. You tour just a little bit.
God I know (laughs). Our moms miss us.
So what's going to be coming up considering the year is coming to a close? A lot of bands aren't touring in December. Kind of doing those last tours of 2014.
Well this is it for us for the US. I mean this acoustic thing is our last shows for the year and then we're heading over to the UK for the Kerrang tour in February. Then after that, we're just going to really focus on writing and figuring out who we're going to do the record with. It's awesome. A lot of things are churning so we'll see.
But you think it will be a full length?
Oh, absolutely!

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