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The other night, I headed out to "The Outsiders Tour" and met up with the headliner for an interview a few minutes before his set, The Ready Set! We've talked to him over the years but this time around was his first headliner in a few years now. Considering he's out with the recently reformed Metro Station, it's an exciting time for this tour. With Jordan constantly producing new music, he told me that he is working on new material and to expect a possible new full length this spring. If it goes the way he wants it to that is. For now though, read on for our latest and catch him on the Outsiders tour!

I've been talking to you for a while but you haven't done a headlining run in awhile. How has this tour been going considering it's Metro's first tour back as well?
It's been amazing! All the shows have been sick and especially really proud of the turnouts. It's been pretty good so far.

Then "The Bad and the Better" has been out for a few months now. How do you think it's been going over?
It's been good. This is the first time we played a lot of the songs off of it. So it's awesome to see everyone already know all of it. To see them react to the songs first hand, it's been awesome. It's been great.

Then are there certain songs off the album that you think kids are really connecting to?
Yeah! I was trying to figure out which songs people were liking the most from the new album. So I've been trying them out. I think one of the cool things that I realized is this song "More Than This". It's not one we intended to make as a single but kids have been singing it. So hopefully kids like it.

Then this tour is a pretty unique line up. Because of that, are you seeing a more varied audience maybe in comparison to the past?
A little bit, yeah. Yeah. I see a lot of people come back. There have been a ton of people here that I haven't seen before though.

You're always working. You're pretty much always releasing EP's, new singles, albums.
Are you working on stuff right now?
Yeah actually! After this tour, I have a lot of stuff that I'll be working on. I want to put a new album out, if I have it my way, it's going to be less then a year between the last album and this one. I want to keep putting things out. I don't really believe in the whole classic record release cycle. I think it's really outdated.

And in the past you've had the major label experience, you're now on still a relatively major minor label. How has it changed for you?
It really hasn't been that different. We still had a big radio push. It's really, really similar. It's not as powerful but there isn't millions of dollars behind it. It's been great though.

Then you do still have a while to go on this tour but what is coming up for you maybe in 2015? I know you said you're working on new songs. Are you going to be focusing on getting that album out, are you going to be touring?
There will be some touring. I'm hoping to have the album out in the Spring at some point but I'm not really sure right now. I kind of want to do maybe some support touring. Maybe a few new music videos. Just stuff like that.

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