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My next interview is with local Boston boy, Nick Santino! A name you know from his previous project where he sang lead vocals, A Rocket To The Moon, has just finished his second successful headlining run. His record "Big Skies" dropped in May and was on the road with friends in This Century, Technicolors, Austin Gibbs as well as on several dates each Brian Marquis and William Beckett! With the run ending on the 22nd, he told me that he was planning to release some new tracks he's been working on as well as the fact that he'll be heading out for a handful of dates with friends in We Are The In Crowd!

The first show actually happens in Boston so be sure to catch him on a rare hometown gig, at Mid East Club on December 16th!

So this is your first tour headlining since your solo album came out. I know you headlined before.
Nick: Yeah!

Maybe how has it been going so far?
Nick: Yeah, it's been going great. I mean I'm in the van with most of like my best friends just playing music!

Cool! Then "Big Skies" came out in May. How long have you been working on these songs? Maybe had some of them been done for a while, like after the band broke up. Are they songs that you had already written in the past that you just didn't use for your old band.

Nick: Yeah a few of them were ones that I had for a while. For a couple years, actually. Like "Back To Where I'm From" and "Can't Say I Miss You" were old ones but everything else, I wrote while I was preparing for the record. When I knew I was going to go record the record. So I started writing some new stuff. So they kind of varied from a couple years before the record started being recorded to, you know, the night before recording the songs. Kind of all over the map.

Then I know you were a main writer in your previous project and you started as a solo act. Has the writing process changed now, now that you're back to being a solo act? Or is it pretty similar to what you had already been doing?

Nick: No yeah, I'm used to writing with like a band. So now writing by myself again, it's like an interesting thing but I like it because I can be a bit more honest and real. With the content and like stuff that I'm writing about. Which I like because I can improve as a songwriter. When I'm kind of challenging myself to write better.

Then I know the album is still really new and you're still really new in touring this new act, Nick Santino & The Northern Wind. Is a new EP or new full length even being worked on right now or do you think that's still a while away?
Nick: I actually worked on like six new songs. I think either this month or next month, I'm going to put out like a little EP. They are a couple acoustic based kind of tunes but yeah I'm always writing. I'm always recording stuff so a new album would be like new content but not a full new record. It will be a while to the next one comes out but there will be a couple new songs here and there which is cool.

And is it pretty similar to what kids have already heard or do you think it's going to be a little different?
Nick: I think it will be a little bit different but I think they'll like it. I feel like I've noticed in the past that kids really like when I play acoustic kind of stuff by my self. So this EP is a lot of that. Acoustic solo stuff. So I think they'll dig it.

Perfect and then I know it's only getting started with these shows but what is coming up after this run?
Nick: After this run I'm going home for a couple weeks. I do five shows on the East Coast with my friends in a band called We Are The In Crowd. They're doing like an acoustic holiday run. Actually I'll be there in Boston. We're starting there on December 16th I think at the Middle East? Then I'm home for the holidays and then next year just focusing on touring. Getting a full backing band together and playing these songs off "Big Skies" the way that they sound on the recording.

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