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Next up are Lily and Madeline! They make up a dreamy duo that just dropped their latest full length "Fumes" and we were able to catch up with them for a few minutes while they were on their US Run. With Europe plans before the end of the year, the girls are sure to be around for a good while. Look for new touring plans soon!

What are the three essentials you must have while on tour to survive?

Madeleine: Recently I bought a pair of Nike running shoes that are made of this knitted material so they fold up and can fit in my suitcase. They're amazing!!! It's so nice to be able to run while on tour. Also I have a Bubba brand thermos that's great for tea and really handy for travel.
Lily: Coffee every morning and headphones for long drives.

You are on tour through December 3rd. What are you most looking forward to during this run?

M: So far we've had a lot of fun in the US but I'm most excited to return to Europe. We've never been to Amsterdam so I'm looking forward to visiting.
L: We've had so much fun already and we're only a few days in! I'm looking forward to meeting new people, it's my favorite part of tour.

Your second album '€œFumes'€ just came out. How do you feel it's been going over so far despite being so new?

M: I feel really good about it. We've gotten some great reviews and lots of radio play and we've even picked up some new listeners. I'm excited to see where this album will take us.
L: People seem to be excited about our growth as artists and that feels really good.

How did you go about the songwriting process for this album? How did it differ from the first album?

M: The writing process actually wasn't that different, but when we got in the studio and began arranging the songs we experimented a lot more and tried new things.

What was the first CD you remember buying as a child?

M: I remember buying Aly and AJ's Into the Rush and bringing our boom box outside to listen to it while we jumped on the trampoline in the summer.
L: We bought a Bach classic cello solo CD that summer too I think. It was during the time gauchos were in and we felt so cool listening to Bach in our baggy pants. It's hilarious to think about now!

What was the first concert you went to and do you think either of those musical experiences have an influence on you today?

M: The first concert I went to was Ben Folds with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in 2011 I think. It was an amazing show! I was so inspired by his performance. I never imagined that a few years later Lily and I would perform with the ISO on the same stage.
L: Madge and I went to that concert together and it was the first show I'd been too also. It was amazing.

What can we expect from you in 2015?

M: Probably some more touring and maybe another album.... We'll see.
L: I'm very excited for 2015. Expect awesome stuff ;)

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