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Speaking of side projects, Ryan Gose as well as being a member of This Century has had a side project that has released three EP's under the name Stop Dead. His most recent, Dirt & Dust, came out in March and we were able to grab a few minutes with him to talk about this project. Hopefully we get to see this act on tour soon but for now, just be sure to take a listen to his music online!

You balance this project with the steadily touring This Century. How does that actually help you as a musician?
I try to stay immersed in music as much as possible. It's what I do, it's what I enjoy! For me, I have a great time with This Century and then there's another side of me that enjoys stepping away from the drum kit to sing and play the guitar.

You dropped your third EP last week, "Dirt & Dust". Why did you choose that as the album title?
Dirt & Dust is also the title of one of the songs on the EP. I originally had a different name for it but while playing around with ideas for the album art I stumbled on a childhood photo of me in cowboy attire. It just seemed fitting!

Do you see Stop Dead possibly touring in the future?
I would like to. I'm currently on the road with This Century but once home I plan to jump right into rehearsals with Stop Dead. I think it will be interesting to play from a different part of the stage.

What was the first CD/cassette you bought as a kid? The first concert you went to? Do you think those experiences influence you today?
My first cassette ever was Green Day's Dookie. I listened to it constantly! My first concert was Billy Ray Cyrus so I didn't get much influence from that...but he did leave me with an achy breaky heart. That's a terrible joke...Future concerts and albums influenced me greatly!

What's coming up within the next few months for the band?
I plan to play some shows in Arizona and keep writing and recording. So new music will be on the way and hopefully the project will cross state lines soon enough! The current EP Dirt & Dust is out now and I recommend y'all check it out!

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