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It's been a minute since I last caught up with the talented men in Canadian rock act Down With Webster! We caught up post show with Cam where they had just played their first sold out show in Boston. Considering they've been touring the city ever since 2009, this is a long awaited accomplishment and one the boys conquered with glee. With a number one album in Canada "Party For Your Life", the boys are sure to be at the same level here in the US soon. Read our new interview with Cam and look for the boys to be back soon!

You guys have been touring Boston pretty consistently. I know you were just here with Hoodie Allen.
Yeah we took like a little bit of a break from the US for a little. Probably about two years in between when you saw us last and now. We had to focus on Canada. We were doing so well up there. It was too much money and too many opportunities to pass up on up there. So we were just kind of booked there solid. Just recently though we were like you know what, we need to come back down to the states more. We've neglected it for a long time. It's so close. We live like eight hours away from here. It's crazy.

Then I know onstage you were talking about the fact that it was the first time you had sold out.
First time ever that we've come and headlined in Boston and sold out so that's huge for us. This whole headlining tour thing has been huge because we've been actually putting people in rooms. When you saw us again before, it was opening. We've always been opening.

You were like first out of four the first time.
Exactly! We were way down on the bill and we were opening for ever. At least in the states we've been opening forever. So it's really nice to come and headline and for it to be fucking jammed. It's crazy.

Then you were talking about how you guys recorded the "Party For Your Life" album after the Time to Win volumes. How did you go about the songwriting? Did it change for this record? Is it pretty similar to what you guys have already done?
I think we took it more seriously. We tried to write more "song songs" if that makes sense. Where we'd sit down with like a piano and it's like can these chords work? Can you play this song stripped down and it still sounds good? We kind of approached it from that kind of standpoint which was different for us because we usually just do whatever the fuck we want. It was nice to go and approach it from that kind of a standpoint. For us the album has done great things for us. It went number one on iTunes in Canada for a long time. It's crushing it up there. It's been going very well. I'm very happy with how that turned out and now let's just continue it.

Do you think more US touring will happen?
Yeah, a hundred percent. There's a couple of things in the works right now that I can't speak about because if I do and then they don't happen I'll look like an idiot. There is some big shit that's supposed to happen in the fall.

Perfect then I wanted to ask you, I know you guys started this band a very long time ago now.
Yeah we were tiny little kids.

It's still the same band too with the exception of Cap!
It's still the same band minus Cap yeah but we've had more horn players that have come and left but when you start a band when you're like twelve years old, it's only so serious. You're still going to school and being a kid. We only really started taking it seriously when we hit like twenty and that wasn't that long ago. So when you say like a long time ago, yeah we were a band but we were kids. I guess that the point that you get from all that is that we have known each other. Grown up since we were tiny little kids together. So, that's cool.

Then obviously you've been touring for years in the states besides the break you took.
Yeah we've been coming down to the states since I guess late '09.

So maybe advice to bands. It's so hard to break out from Canada. It's such a big country here. Maybe advice to bands trying to start here?
Honestly it's tough to break anywhere. There's so much music out there. There's so much competition it's tough to break. You just have to do it because you love it and do it because you keep wanting to do it and not because you're like oh I really hope we break. Oh I hope we get rich and famous. Everyone has that in the back of their mind but you got to want to do it because you love playing shows. You love making music and that's what it is.

Then to end it off, what's coming up? I know you said the album did really well in Canada.
We still haven't even dropped it in the states. It's not even available in the states yet.

How far away is it from being available?
Not that far because we're talking to some US partners now. I think we're going to try and re-release it in the states with like four or five new songs on it. So hopefully that happens here late fall/early November-ish. I'm hoping that happens.

Well, I think that's about it.
And we just got signed in Australia!

Oh nice!
Like a month ago.

Do you plan on touring there?
We're going to tour there in October I think.

Nice, that's awesome!
So that's going to be cool!

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