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At last year's Warped Tour, we caught up with Kelen Capener of The Story So Far where they were fresh off a massive sold out US tour as well as a brand new album. Come one year later, I checked back in with Kelen during their second summer in a row on Warped Tour. This time around, their steady climb in success took them to the main stage of the twentieth anniversary of the tour!
We talked about the band is taking a much deserved break from the road to work on their new record as well as some quality advice to bands just getting started on the tour this summer! New music wise, they'll be holding you over with a great acoustic EP dropping July 22nd! Read on for our new interview!

Now we're at Warped a year later, the album is has been out for a while. The band has been steadily growing. How has Warped Tour been so far this summer?
This has been the best year of the two years we've done it. Just because we have a lot of a bigger friend network on this tour then last year. We knew a few bands on the tour last year. This year we have a lot of bands who we hang out with and spend a lot of time with. It's better that way.

Then album-wise, are you guys writing new music right now?
While we're on tour, you can pretty much expect or assume we're not writing music. We just don't do it when we're touring. Sometimes we do, sometimes we're more proactive about it but like we're going to take time off. You'll notice we won't be touring very much because we're going to be working on a new record.

Do you think it will change from the last album or do you think it will be pretty similar to what kids have already heard?
I mean of course it's going to change but I don't know how it's going to be different. When you write some new songs, you're going to probably have some similarities but mostly you're going to have differences in between things.

Then maybe to bands just getting started on this tour, considering you've put in your time and you've had this success, advice to bands just getting started like maybe on their first run of the tour or like bands just getting signed to your label like Forever Came Calling?
Sure! I would be more concerned about doing what you do best musically instead of trying to fit into a mold of what's popular right now. Because if you're trying right now to become a band and sound like bands that are going through the trend circuit right now, you're going to miss the opportunity. If that's what you're best at doing, then play that kind of music because it will receive the better response. Of doing something that you are doing just to fit in into a collection of bands. So draw from influences but write what comes naturally for you and flex that muscle before you try to just be something you're not.

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