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This next interview we thought was a perfect follow up to an interview with The Story So Far, Chicago pop-punkers Real Friends! Definitely one of the most buzzed about bands on the tour this summer, they were also on their second run of the tour but at a bit of a different position! They guys are on the cusp of releasing their debut full length, "Maybe This Place Is The Same and We're Just Changing" and if their huge crowds and singalongs are any indication of what this band will become, they are about to rock the pop punk world!
With several impressive tours under their belt, I'm sure we'll be seeing this band do huge things over this next year and were super grateful for the opportunity to catch them pre-album release. We were the only ones to get a chance to talk to the band in Mansfield and had a great talk with Dave Knox from the band. Read on for our exclusive!

How has Warped Tour been going so far?
Tour is good. I think we're about halfway done now which is kind of nice but still a bittersweet kind of thing.

Is there a difference from last year as far as your crowds go because maybe of the buzz around you recently?
Yeah. There's actually been a pretty big growth and progression which has been awesome. Warped Tour is a really good gauge because it's kind of the same thing every year but it's been a good gauge to see how far your band has gone because it's been a year since we've been here. The crowds have been in some places even tripled which is really, really cool. Even like we were doing signings every day and to have like two hundred kids even want to meet us is really cool. It's crazy to me because I'm just a dude you know what I mean.

I mean I was looking online and you have almost two hundred thousand likes that's pretty crazy.
Yeah I mean it's wild in the best way possible. A lot of growth over the past year which is awesome.

And you have had a couple of EP's and stuff but your full length album is coming out right, "Maybe This Place Is the Same and We're Just Changing"?
It's a mouthful (laughs).

So how did the songwriting process go for that? Did you all pitch one, one person, how does it work?
I mean it's pretty much everyone. We kind of make a skeleton of a song with me and our two guitar players then we kind of bring it to everyone. Then we spice it up a little bit but it was good. It was stressful but it kind of worked to our advantage. We were doing a lot of writing in between tours and stuff like that and we only had two weeks off. That was for full time writing. It was like get off tour (claps), now to write! Go back on the road, get home, write. So it was kind of crazy but it kind of worked to our advantage. All said and done, it made us work that much harder to be like okay guys we're only home for another week it would be nice to get a song done. It was very good and fluid. We hit a couple bumps and what not but that's life!

And how about the other bands on Warped Tour? Do you have any bands to suggest to kids for them to check out? Like any bands you go out to see?
I would say Saves The Day. They're like one of my favorite bands and they are one of the older bands on the tour. They're awesome and I think it's cool for the younger kids who may not even know who they are to see a band that influences a lot of the bands that are on the tour now. Saves The Day is a huge influence on us. Bayside as well is a really bigger band that's on tour. I always encourage kids to go see the bands that maybe they've never heard of or never really listen to.

For sure! Then what are you guys doing after this tour? Do you have any plans for the year or are you guys just trying to go with the flow right now?
Well when we get off this tour, we're home for almost three months which is awesome. It will be good to just be like a normal person.

It's not that great.

It will be good for like two weeks then I'll be over it. So we're doing this, home for a while then we're going on tour in the fall.
Cool, are you announcing that soon?
We're announcing that after Warped Tour. It will be good!

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