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This next interview is a little something out of the box that I find myself normally in music-wise but, they were a bright light in a sea of endless nights of rock & roll. The morning of the show, I found myself wanting to be at any live music extravaganza and so I requested an interview with Jamestown Revival! The band ended up selling out their first headlining show in Boston that night and only hours before they took the stage, I got to sit down with the two members of the band, Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance. They then charmed the pants off me with their live set later that night. Moments like these are the reason I do what I do. Read on for our interview with the duo and get on this train before they blow up in front of our eyes. Believe me, they will!

I know this tour has been going for a little bit, the "Utah" tour. So maybe the three things you really see as necessary to have with you while on tour?
Jonathan: Well, first of all, I'd bring a good knife.
A good knife?
Jonathan: Yeah, a good pocket knife.
Zach: Because really, if we're being honest, it's a bottle opener. It's a box opener and a bottle opener.
Jonathan: Here's the thing about a knife. You never know how much you will use it until you start carrying it more and realize how much you need it.
Zach: No, no, I can shorten that. You never know how much you'll use it till you lose it.
Jonathan: If I don't have my knife on me, I feel like I'm missing a finger.
Zach: I know I feel naked a little bit.
Jonathan: So a good knife.
Zach: Good whiskey.

Always good!
Zach: And earplugs!
Jonathan: Yeah, I like those.
Zach: Do you got any better ones though?
Jonathan: No that was really good! It was pretty good.
Zach: Earplugs are maybe the most important thing. For sleep!

Then how has this run been going so far? Obviously like you said it's a pretty big sell tonight (then sold out). I think almost five hundred?
Jonathan: Yeah! We've had some really cool shows.
Zach: All in all, it's been a really positive run. There's been some great nights.
Jonathan: I am personally blown away and I mean that. I think we went from thirty people to four hundred in San Francisco. The last time we headlined in San Francisco and it's fucking awesome. I mean we've never been here and we're going to have five hundred people here.

You've never played here?
Jonathan: Well, we played here once.
Zach: Oh yeah, we opened for somebody.
Jonathan: In February. That was our first time here.

Was the last tour like a bigger venue?
Zach: It was with The Wild Feathers. It was at Brighton Music Hall.
Still, I mean that's smaller then this venue capacity wise.
Zach: Oh really? I thought it was kind of comparable.

Not too much smaller, but like ninety less people.
Jonathan: I'm blown away.
Zach: I think we've been kind of taken aback. Kind of wide eyed at some of the shit. Just a little moved that people are coming out and singing some of the songs and stuff.
Jonathan: It's pretty awesome. It's exciting. It makes me feel like I'm not a crazy person.

Then like you said last time you played San Fransisco, it was like thirty people now it's four hundred. So clearly the new LP is doing a little bit okay. How do you as the people who wrote it feel it's been going over?
Zach: I think the album itself is finding its way. We are fans of albums. We listen to music and people who created really good albums. We wanted to try and achieve that. So I think people are finding the album. Not just a song and it seems to be that people are singing more then just one song so that's exciting.
Jonathan: Yeah. "California" is obviously blazing the trail.
Zach: It's the gateway drug.
Jonathan: People are definitely reacting to a lot of the songs and appreciating the album as a whole which is cool.
Then maybe considering it's just the two of you, how do you go about the songwriting process for this band? Do you each bring your own songs, is it collaborative?
Jonathan: We write everything together.
Zach: Everything is in a room together. One of us might bring a idea in and we just spend so much time together that we kind of feed off of that. Feed off of the other one's feelings.

With it just being the two of you and still relatively new, how did the duo form? I mean have you known each other for a long time?
Zach: It started honestly as a friendship.
Jonathan: The root of it is really friendship. It's cool to be friends first because there's a real bond and camaraderie and brotherhood there. It's hard to replicate in any way other than just spending fifteen years of your life with somebody.
Zach: Yeah when you've kind of been in the trenches with people, it will bring anybody closer. So that's whats kind of cool. Before music, we had a lot of other weird gnarly shit happen.
Jonathan: From bar fights to Bonnaroo.

That's great! Then for each of you the first CD or cassette you ever remember buying as a kid then the first concert you ever went to that you can remember?
Jonathan: Gosh, Third Eye Blind. First concert I ever went to.
Zach: They were the first concert you went to. Know what the first CD I ever bought was? What's the first cassette you ever bought?
Jonathan: The first CD I ever bought was Tupac.
Zach: Dude! That was my second. My first CD I ever bought was Offspring. I can't remember the name of the record.
Jonathan: I wanted that.
Zach: I wore it out. My parents shamed me. Tupac's "All Eyes On Me" was the second album.
Jonathan: I bought the greatest hits record. I bought it from Sam Goody at the mall and got it taken away by my parents.
Zach: I got it through one of those promos. Like pay a penny and get however many albums. So, my sister and I did it and we split it. Like we each got ten and ten. Beck was one of the records too. It was great.

Then maybe to end it off, you still have a while to go on the tour and the album is so new. Maybe what is coming up for Jamestown Revival? Are you just going to keep on touring, are you going to take a little break?
Zach: Hopefully this record has got a lot more legs so we intend to tour.
Jonathan: We plan on releasing new music at some point. You know we're trying to write. We want to keep things going. We don't want to stagnate so we're either touring or releasing new music or we're writing honestly.
Zach: I think we might take, after this run, a little bit of time and try to create for a minute and then the plan would be in the fall to be out on the road again because I think that's how you really connect with people.

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