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Next up is a bit different from the Warped tour coverage I've been posting thus far from last week but equally killing it on the tour! For Today is five albums deep with their latest being "Fight The Silence" and have been playing to huge crowds all summer! At the Mansfield date of the tour, we were able to grab a few minutes with lead vocalist Mattie Montgomery where we talked everything from the latest album to his first tastes of music. Read on for our new one!

How has Warped Tour been so far?
Sucks. Just kidding! No, it's been incredible! Somebody asked me the other day what my favorite tour I've ever done is and I said Warped Tour 2014. It's been a blast!

Your most recent album, "Fight The Silence" just came out earlier this year. How did the writing process go for that? Did everyone get involved, is it one person?
Yeah, we all get involved. We all live in separate parts of the country so we rely heavily on email. So our guitar player, Ryan, he'll record some ideas and then email us those ideas. Our drummer will add drum parts, I'll work on lyrics. We all kind of add our two cents in and then mix it up in a pot then see what comes out at the end.

As far as Warped Tour goes, are there bands that you like are really close with that you go out and make sure you see their shows or you recommend to kids to see?
Yeah I mean The Devil Wears Prada has been so awesome for ten years so we catch them. We've been friends with them forever so we catch them as much as possible. I honestly just saw a band called Echosmith play.

I actually just interviewed them earlier today and caught a couple songs.

Yeah they were great, weren't they? So I'd suggest them. The cool thing about this tour is that For Today would have never wound up on tour with most of these bands if it wasn't for Warped Tour.

Then what's the band's plans for the next few months, for the next year?
Yeah we're working on getting stuff locked in for the fall. I think we're going to do a tour in the fall but I never know until it winds up on the internet.
Then the album's getting received well?
Yeah people seem to really like it.

Then as far as Warped Tour goes, what's been like your favorite thing you've done so far, favorite city?
Boston, MA. I'm just kidding. We haven't even played here yet. I don't know it's really hard to narrow down. Every day is awesome. The rain yesterday was out of control. Two days ago in Toronto was great. We went down to Texas for the first three days which is always one of our favorite places to play. It's hard to choose one. Every day is awesome.

Then as far as like essentials that you need to bring with you when on tour, what would you say are like the top two?
Two essentials! My phone! I need it to Facetime my wife and my baby back home. A big supply of beef jerky. Every time we stop at a gas station I'm picking up a little!

Then this was a bit of a short interview so I'll just ask you one last question. What was the first concert you ever went to and first CD/or cassette you ever remember buying as a kid?
The first CD I ever bought was Big Willie Style by Will Smith and I knew every word to it. I still know every word to "Getting Jiggy With It". It's pretty embarrassing to have in an interview but that's alright. Everybody knew the words to those songs. The actual first concert that I went to was a band called DC Talk. Like a Christian, Hip Hop meets Rock band and it was awesome. I was like eight and a half years old. Went with my mom probably but yeah that was the first concert. Then I was like I want to do this for a living. So here I am, a decade and a half later. I guess really coming up on nineteen years later. Wow I'm old. Nineteen years later and I'm doing that for a living.

Cool! How long have you guys like been all together officially?
Seven years. Long time!
Great, well thank you so much!

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