Real Friends

This next interview we thought was a perfect follow up to an interview with The Story So Far, Chicago pop-punkers Real Friends! Definitely one of the most buzzed about bands on the tour this summer, they were also on their second run of the tour but at a bit of a different position! They guys are on the cusp of releasing their debut full length, "Maybe This Place Is The Same and We're Just Changing" and if their huge crowds and singalongs are any indication of what this band will become, they are about to rock the pop punk world!
With several impressive tours under their belt, I'm sure we'll be seeing this band do huge things over this next year and were super grateful for the opportunity to catch them pre-album release. We were the only ones to get a chance to talk to the band in Mansfield and had a great talk with Dave Knox from the band. Read on for our exclusive!

How has Warped Tour been going so far?
Tour is good. I think we're about halfway done now which is kind of nice but still a bittersweet kind of thing.

Is there a difference from last year as far as your crowds go because maybe of the buzz around you recently?
Yeah. There's actually been a pretty big growth and progression which has been awesome. Warped Tour is a really good gauge because it's kind of the same thing every year but it's been a good gauge to see how far your band has gone because it's been a year since we've been here. The crowds have been in some places even tripled which is really, really cool. Even like we were doing signings every day and to have like two hundred kids even want to meet us is really cool. It's crazy to me because I'm just a dude you know what I mean.

I mean I was looking online and you have almost two hundred thousand likes that's pretty crazy.
Yeah I mean it's wild in the best way possible. A lot of growth over the past year which is awesome.

And you have had a couple of EP's and stuff but your full length album is coming out right, "Maybe This Place Is the Same and We're Just Changing"?
It's a mouthful (laughs).

So how did the songwriting process go for that? Did you all pitch one, one person, how does it work?
I mean it's pretty much everyone. We kind of make a skeleton of a song with me and our two guitar players then we kind of bring it to everyone. Then we spice it up a little bit but it was good. It was stressful but it kind of worked to our advantage. We were doing a lot of writing in between tours and stuff like that and we only had two weeks off. That was for full time writing. It was like get off tour (claps), now to write! Go back on the road, get home, write. So it was kind of crazy but it kind of worked to our advantage. All said and done, it made us work that much harder to be like okay guys we're only home for another week it would be nice to get a song done. It was very good and fluid. We hit a couple bumps and what not but that's life!

And how about the other bands on Warped Tour? Do you have any bands to suggest to kids for them to check out? Like any bands you go out to see?
I would say Saves The Day. They're like one of my favorite bands and they are one of the older bands on the tour. They're awesome and I think it's cool for the younger kids who may not even know who they are to see a band that influences a lot of the bands that are on the tour now. Saves The Day is a huge influence on us. Bayside as well is a really bigger band that's on tour. I always encourage kids to go see the bands that maybe they've never heard of or never really listen to.

For sure! Then what are you guys doing after this tour? Do you have any plans for the year or are you guys just trying to go with the flow right now?
Well when we get off this tour, we're home for almost three months which is awesome. It will be good to just be like a normal person.

It's not that great.

It will be good for like two weeks then I'll be over it. So we're doing this, home for a while then we're going on tour in the fall.
Cool, are you announcing that soon?
We're announcing that after Warped Tour. It will be good!
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The Story So Far

At last year's Warped Tour, we caught up with Kelen Capener of The Story So Far where they were fresh off a massive sold out US tour as well as a brand new album. Come one year later, I checked back in with Kelen during their second summer in a row on Warped Tour. This time around, their steady climb in success took them to the main stage of the twentieth anniversary of the tour!
We talked about the band is taking a much deserved break from the road to work on their new record as well as some quality advice to bands just getting started on the tour this summer! New music wise, they'll be holding you over with a great acoustic EP dropping July 22nd! Read on for our new interview!

Now we're at Warped a year later, the album is has been out for a while. The band has been steadily growing. How has Warped Tour been so far this summer?
This has been the best year of the two years we've done it. Just because we have a lot of a bigger friend network on this tour then last year. We knew a few bands on the tour last year. This year we have a lot of bands who we hang out with and spend a lot of time with. It's better that way.

Then album-wise, are you guys writing new music right now?
While we're on tour, you can pretty much expect or assume we're not writing music. We just don't do it when we're touring. Sometimes we do, sometimes we're more proactive about it but like we're going to take time off. You'll notice we won't be touring very much because we're going to be working on a new record.

Do you think it will change from the last album or do you think it will be pretty similar to what kids have already heard?
I mean of course it's going to change but I don't know how it's going to be different. When you write some new songs, you're going to probably have some similarities but mostly you're going to have differences in between things.

Then maybe to bands just getting started on this tour, considering you've put in your time and you've had this success, advice to bands just getting started like maybe on their first run of the tour or like bands just getting signed to your label like Forever Came Calling?
Sure! I would be more concerned about doing what you do best musically instead of trying to fit into a mold of what's popular right now. Because if you're trying right now to become a band and sound like bands that are going through the trend circuit right now, you're going to miss the opportunity. If that's what you're best at doing, then play that kind of music because it will receive the better response. Of doing something that you are doing just to fit in into a collection of bands. So draw from influences but write what comes naturally for you and flex that muscle before you try to just be something you're not.
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For Today

Next up is a bit different from the Warped tour coverage I've been posting thus far from last week but equally killing it on the tour! For Today is five albums deep with their latest being "Fight The Silence" and have been playing to huge crowds all summer! At the Mansfield date of the tour, we were able to grab a few minutes with lead vocalist Mattie Montgomery where we talked everything from the latest album to his first tastes of music. Read on for our new one!

How has Warped Tour been so far?
Sucks. Just kidding! No, it's been incredible! Somebody asked me the other day what my favorite tour I've ever done is and I said Warped Tour 2014. It's been a blast!

Your most recent album, "Fight The Silence" just came out earlier this year. How did the writing process go for that? Did everyone get involved, is it one person?
Yeah, we all get involved. We all live in separate parts of the country so we rely heavily on email. So our guitar player, Ryan, he'll record some ideas and then email us those ideas. Our drummer will add drum parts, I'll work on lyrics. We all kind of add our two cents in and then mix it up in a pot then see what comes out at the end.

As far as Warped Tour goes, are there bands that you like are really close with that you go out and make sure you see their shows or you recommend to kids to see?
Yeah I mean The Devil Wears Prada has been so awesome for ten years so we catch them. We've been friends with them forever so we catch them as much as possible. I honestly just saw a band called Echosmith play.

I actually just interviewed them earlier today and caught a couple songs.

Yeah they were great, weren't they? So I'd suggest them. The cool thing about this tour is that For Today would have never wound up on tour with most of these bands if it wasn't for Warped Tour.

Then what's the band's plans for the next few months, for the next year?
Yeah we're working on getting stuff locked in for the fall. I think we're going to do a tour in the fall but I never know until it winds up on the internet.
Then the album's getting received well?
Yeah people seem to really like it.

Then as far as Warped Tour goes, what's been like your favorite thing you've done so far, favorite city?
Boston, MA. I'm just kidding. We haven't even played here yet. I don't know it's really hard to narrow down. Every day is awesome. The rain yesterday was out of control. Two days ago in Toronto was great. We went down to Texas for the first three days which is always one of our favorite places to play. It's hard to choose one. Every day is awesome.

Then as far as like essentials that you need to bring with you when on tour, what would you say are like the top two?
Two essentials! My phone! I need it to Facetime my wife and my baby back home. A big supply of beef jerky. Every time we stop at a gas station I'm picking up a little!

Then this was a bit of a short interview so I'll just ask you one last question. What was the first concert you ever went to and first CD/or cassette you ever remember buying as a kid?
The first CD I ever bought was Big Willie Style by Will Smith and I knew every word to it. I still know every word to "Getting Jiggy With It". It's pretty embarrassing to have in an interview but that's alright. Everybody knew the words to those songs. The actual first concert that I went to was a band called DC Talk. Like a Christian, Hip Hop meets Rock band and it was awesome. I was like eight and a half years old. Went with my mom probably but yeah that was the first concert. Then I was like I want to do this for a living. So here I am, a decade and a half later. I guess really coming up on nineteen years later. Wow I'm old. Nineteen years later and I'm doing that for a living.

Cool! How long have you guys like been all together officially?
Seven years. Long time!
Great, well thank you so much!
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To end off the first major day of Warped Tour coverage for Music Remedy, we're going in another extreme direction by presenting our interview with rapper Watsky. Watsky as well as being a rapper is a well known poet and was even part of Def Poetry Jam on HBO. He opened the doors to a day of coverage that included electronic pop act Captain Capa to rapper K. Flay to deejay Crizzly. He has great tours coming up and is playing Outside Lands festival in August with his new new full length coming out August 12th! Read on for our new interview!

Maybe the three things you feel you must have while on Warped Tour?
Underwear, shirts, deodorant!

Then I know this tour is a little bit different where you have a whole stage where it's just a mix of rappers, electronic and dance acts. How do you think that's helped your stage (Beatport) as a group? You're all together, not spread out.
I'm really, really glad to be on the Beatport stage. I think that what's cool about it is that, first of all, I've made friends with all the other acts on it. So we have a good camaraderie. Everyone gets along. Not just as people but artists ourselves. We all hang out and get to know each other. So that's cool because we actually have like a group of friends now. Also just the fact that we're on a small stage means that people who come see us actually have to want to be there. Because if you're on a main stage or on the amphitheater, you're going to be playing to a lot of people who don't actually like your music. We're playing to people who are really enthusiastic about what we do and I would rather be doing that then being in the amphitheater where there's a second stage set up next to it. You see a bunch of bored people who are just waiting for the next band setting up across from you. So we have big booming sound. A great sound system and crew. We have eclectic acts so people who go to the Beatport stage are looking to broaden their horizons and what they're interested in musically.

Then you've been doing this for a while. I know you've played Boston before on tours but how did you first get started? Like when did you know this is what you wanted to do?
My first professional credit was on this old tv show called Def Poetry Jam on HBO so I did spoken word poetry before I was a rapper. I did poetry slams and competitions and open mics when I was growing up in San Francisco as a teenager. I was just doing that and steadily getting better and then I got that credit on that tv show and that allowed me to kind of start doing college gigging. So for five years, I did what's called a NACA circuit which are conferences that allow you to just pinball around the country playing to different colleges and small shows for people who don't really have name recognition but can put on good hour long shows. I spent a long time just kind of riding it out playing hundreds of college gigs til I was finally able to get the traction to start to play headlining shows for my fans. For the past two and a half years, I've kind of gained a following through the internet which has allowed us to do the live touring thing.

And how is it going over? Have the shows been really good?
It's been killer crowds. Like every where we go, we've been drawing really well. I didn't know if my fans would show up to Warped Tour or if the Warped Tour fans would like my stuff. Any doubts that I've had were proven wrong with in the first two shows. Like in every single place. Like in Scranton? I didn't know I had any fans in Scranton. It's like hundreds of people every time. They know the words and then some people will come up afterwards and say that they had never heard of us until Warped Tour. That's what we wanted. We wanted to play to a mix of people that had been initiated already and then to get us the chance to win over some new people.

Then what is coming up? You're about halfway through the Warped Tour now, maybe music, new tours?
Yeah I have an album coming out August 12th called "All You Can Do" and two days before that, I'm playing a big festival in San Francisco called Outsidelands which will be huge. It's in my hometown. it's a really great festival so that will set up the album release. Then we're going to go into rehearsals for tour. So September, we're in Europe. October, November we're circling the country again for our own dates and then December we'll be in Australia. Then 2015 we're going to figure it out from there but we got a lot planned out so we're hoping for the best!
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Mayday Parade

Yesterday, I headed out for the sixth year straight to interview some of the top bands in the game as well as the newbies to the Vans Warped Tour in Mansfield! I interviewed forty something fans be it main stage favorites like The Story So Far and The Summer Set to DJ Crizzly and rappers like Watsky and K. Flay to newbies like Dangerkids and Courage, My Love! First up though are familiar faces to Music Remedy in Mayday Parade. We've done countless interviews with front man Derek Sanders and considering we were the only one he did yesterday, we thought it was only run to kick off our coverage with this interview!

So you guys are on the main stage this summer, as well main stage has a lot of Fearless Records representation. How has it been going so far?
It's been incredible. Warped Tour is the kind of thing where I feel like it kind of gets better each time you do it. At least for us, that's been the case. As you get more comfortable with it, you know what to expect. It can be intimidating at first but now it's just fun. First time on the main stage is huge. It really means a lot. It's a special thing for us. The crowds have been amazing and there's just nothing to complain about. It's all good!

Then since we last talked, "Monsters In The Closet" did come out. It's the highest on Billboard charts that you've hit?
Yeah, well it had the biggest first week numbers and sales. It's done really well. Yeah it's great. It's amazing to be able to still keep on just going with it. It's been a long time so it feels good to still move forward and keep on doing this thing.

Then if you could tell us a little bit behind the story for your current single, "Hold Onto Me". Maybe the writing of that song?
Yeah to me that's kind of a special song because I feel like it's one that in the past we would have thought was a cool idea but wouldn't have pursued making it a song for Mayday Parade because it didn't really sound like Mayday Parade. We've been trying to take any ideas that are cool and instead of saying this doesn't sound like Mayday Parade, let's make a great song. So that's one that at first people were a little iffy on because it was kind of different. A little more outside the box then other songs. It was actually one of the first ones that Brooks wrote that went from the idea into the full song that made it onto an album. So it's been good things all around.

Then I know you guys steadily release new albums. You don't normally go more then two years without an album. Are you even thinking about writing the next one yet?
Yeah absolutely! I mean that's how it always kind of goes. Put out an album and then we tour for a few years on it. We will put up a lot of ideas and the rest of the guys I'm sure have a bunch of ideas but I have about over ten or twelve ideas for new songs. I'm really, really excited about it and I can't wait to start getting together. We'll finish that touring this year and early 2015we'll start getting together to bring all the ideas together and write the album and go record it.

Then the band is very much a veteran of the Warped Tour. Maybe advice to bands just getting started, like on their first run?
I'd say to begin with, for everybody on Warped Tour, you got to drink lots of water. That's the main thing. If you're just coming to attend or you're part of it. You're out in the sun all day. As long as you drink plenty of water you'll be fine but you got to make sure you do that. Then for new bands not to be intimidated or too afraid to do the wrong thing because at first we were like super intimidated. It's like a whole new world and we didn't know what to expect but mostly everybody is like super friendly and outgoing. A lot of camaraderie. Everybody is in this together. So just enjoy it and have fun and try to make the most of it. There's a lot of opportunity to get people interested in your band and your music or whatever it is that you do. So try to take advantage of that and promote as much as you can. Just enjoy it!
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Jamestown Revival

This next interview is a little something out of the box that I find myself normally in music-wise but, they were a bright light in a sea of endless nights of rock & roll. The morning of the show, I found myself wanting to be at any live music extravaganza and so I requested an interview with Jamestown Revival! The band ended up selling out their first headlining show in Boston that night and only hours before they took the stage, I got to sit down with the two members of the band, Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance. They then charmed the pants off me with their live set later that night. Moments like these are the reason I do what I do. Read on for our interview with the duo and get on this train before they blow up in front of our eyes. Believe me, they will!

I know this tour has been going for a little bit, the "Utah" tour. So maybe the three things you really see as necessary to have with you while on tour?
Jonathan: Well, first of all, I'd bring a good knife.
A good knife?
Jonathan: Yeah, a good pocket knife.
Zach: Because really, if we're being honest, it's a bottle opener. It's a box opener and a bottle opener.
Jonathan: Here's the thing about a knife. You never know how much you will use it until you start carrying it more and realize how much you need it.
Zach: No, no, I can shorten that. You never know how much you'll use it till you lose it.
Jonathan: If I don't have my knife on me, I feel like I'm missing a finger.
Zach: I know I feel naked a little bit.
Jonathan: So a good knife.
Zach: Good whiskey.

Always good!
Zach: And earplugs!
Jonathan: Yeah, I like those.
Zach: Do you got any better ones though?
Jonathan: No that was really good! It was pretty good.
Zach: Earplugs are maybe the most important thing. For sleep!

Then how has this run been going so far? Obviously like you said it's a pretty big sell tonight (then sold out). I think almost five hundred?
Jonathan: Yeah! We've had some really cool shows.
Zach: All in all, it's been a really positive run. There's been some great nights.
Jonathan: I am personally blown away and I mean that. I think we went from thirty people to four hundred in San Francisco. The last time we headlined in San Francisco and it's fucking awesome. I mean we've never been here and we're going to have five hundred people here.

You've never played here?
Jonathan: Well, we played here once.
Zach: Oh yeah, we opened for somebody.
Jonathan: In February. That was our first time here.

Was the last tour like a bigger venue?
Zach: It was with The Wild Feathers. It was at Brighton Music Hall.
Still, I mean that's smaller then this venue capacity wise.
Zach: Oh really? I thought it was kind of comparable.

Not too much smaller, but like ninety less people.
Jonathan: I'm blown away.
Zach: I think we've been kind of taken aback. Kind of wide eyed at some of the shit. Just a little moved that people are coming out and singing some of the songs and stuff.
Jonathan: It's pretty awesome. It's exciting. It makes me feel like I'm not a crazy person.

Then like you said last time you played San Fransisco, it was like thirty people now it's four hundred. So clearly the new LP is doing a little bit okay. How do you as the people who wrote it feel it's been going over?
Zach: I think the album itself is finding its way. We are fans of albums. We listen to music and people who created really good albums. We wanted to try and achieve that. So I think people are finding the album. Not just a song and it seems to be that people are singing more then just one song so that's exciting.
Jonathan: Yeah. "California" is obviously blazing the trail.
Zach: It's the gateway drug.
Jonathan: People are definitely reacting to a lot of the songs and appreciating the album as a whole which is cool.
Then maybe considering it's just the two of you, how do you go about the songwriting process for this band? Do you each bring your own songs, is it collaborative?
Jonathan: We write everything together.
Zach: Everything is in a room together. One of us might bring a idea in and we just spend so much time together that we kind of feed off of that. Feed off of the other one's feelings.

With it just being the two of you and still relatively new, how did the duo form? I mean have you known each other for a long time?
Zach: It started honestly as a friendship.
Jonathan: The root of it is really friendship. It's cool to be friends first because there's a real bond and camaraderie and brotherhood there. It's hard to replicate in any way other than just spending fifteen years of your life with somebody.
Zach: Yeah when you've kind of been in the trenches with people, it will bring anybody closer. So that's whats kind of cool. Before music, we had a lot of other weird gnarly shit happen.
Jonathan: From bar fights to Bonnaroo.

That's great! Then for each of you the first CD or cassette you ever remember buying as a kid then the first concert you ever went to that you can remember?
Jonathan: Gosh, Third Eye Blind. First concert I ever went to.
Zach: They were the first concert you went to. Know what the first CD I ever bought was? What's the first cassette you ever bought?
Jonathan: The first CD I ever bought was Tupac.
Zach: Dude! That was my second. My first CD I ever bought was Offspring. I can't remember the name of the record.
Jonathan: I wanted that.
Zach: I wore it out. My parents shamed me. Tupac's "All Eyes On Me" was the second album.
Jonathan: I bought the greatest hits record. I bought it from Sam Goody at the mall and got it taken away by my parents.
Zach: I got it through one of those promos. Like pay a penny and get however many albums. So, my sister and I did it and we split it. Like we each got ten and ten. Beck was one of the records too. It was great.

Then maybe to end it off, you still have a while to go on the tour and the album is so new. Maybe what is coming up for Jamestown Revival? Are you just going to keep on touring, are you going to take a little break?
Zach: Hopefully this record has got a lot more legs so we intend to tour.
Jonathan: We plan on releasing new music at some point. You know we're trying to write. We want to keep things going. We don't want to stagnate so we're either touring or releasing new music or we're writing honestly.
Zach: I think we might take, after this run, a little bit of time and try to create for a minute and then the plan would be in the fall to be out on the road again because I think that's how you really connect with people.
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