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With Warped Tour 2014 just a few days in, I decided to post next my interview with Warped Vets Blessthefall! Last time we talked to the group was on Warped 2013 about a month before their third full length with vocalist Beau Bokan dropped, "Hollow Bodies". This time around we caught up with Beau on the band's headlining "Hollow Bodies" tour run. We talked everything from how they feel the album is going over and feelings that a band deals with when trying something new to their plans for this summer! For the first time the boys are doing the festival circuit. This includes Download as well as many side shows with Warped vets as well in Of Mice and Men, Letlive. and Silverstein! Read on for our new interview and check up with us for more great coverage soon!

I know this is your biggest headlining run I think you guys have done so far in your career. Maybe how do you feel it's been going over so far with such a strong bill with you like Silverstein who have been around for so many years as well. How do you think it's been going over so far?
Awesome! It's been incredible. We get blown away every night we go out there. Like you said, it's our biggest headliner tour thus far and every band is awesome. Every band has fans. Sometimes, when you go on tour the people you bring out, like smaller bands, you're like they aren't pulling their weight but this tour makes for good competition. Like last night, every band killed it. Silverstein had just an amazing response. Same with Amity. Secrets and stuff like that. So when we go on stage, we're like we got to do our thing! We got to be like the headliners so it's healthy competition but it was awesome. It was awesome to see that response. Us and Silverstein have a lot of the same fans in common which is really cool too. They've been around for a minute.
Well so have you guys, Blessthefall has been a band for awhile.
Exactly! It's a very diverse crowd, you know. You got older guys in the back drinking beers, singing along and then you get young girls up front that just want to be up front. It's cool. It's been pretty cool.
Then last we talked, it was on Warped Tour and right before "Hollow Bodies" came out. I think you had like a month to go. Hit #15 on Billboard on top 200. How do you think it's been going over kind of as the singer of the band and being one of the main writers? The single had like over a million views or something like that. How is it to you then considering it's not the first or second album, it's the fourth?
Yeah, fourth album technically. Same thing! It's just blowing my mind every time we come out and play a new song. When we do, the response is just insane. Even compared to the old songs. Sometimes some bands play those old tracks and the crowd just rips then you're like oh man they still want that old song but playing new stuff like when we play "Hollow Bodies" which is the last single we put out with the video and everything else, the crowd just erupts. I can't even really think about it. It's the third album with me in the band. To see us kind of finally capturing the sound that I think we kind of always wanted. Especially going with Joey and him really bringing the best out of us, you can hear it. You can feel it in this record. It's so hard. It's almost like a re-birth again. It's like man, we're still doing it. It's awesome. So, I think it's something to build on as well. The band's been around for so long and there are so many different other bands that are coming around. They blow up and stuff like that real quick. I think that we're still climbing this hill. I think we can still go further. We've opened up some new doors with the record. Discovered a new sound and kids love it so it's always good when you have a new sound and kids love it. When you make a new sound and kids hate it, screw it! You go to go back and write a record where we just write what we used to do. We have something new going on and it's really cool.
Perfect then like I said we have interviewed the band steadily over the years with different members so to wrap it up, what is coming up after this tour?
We're taking a month off then going to Europe. It's our first time that we're doing festival runs out there. So we're doing Download.
That's amazing.
Which I hear is kind of a big deal. So that will be awesome. That's going to be really cool. We're doing side shows with Of Mice and Men, letlive. and Silverstein. It's going to be fun. I'm excited to see what those festivals have to offer. I've heard amazing things from some of them and I've heard you get those rough ones but you take the good with the bad. Should be an interesting little run out there! Like three weeks out there. Festivals and between the festivals, those little side shows.

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