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One of the greatest things about being a "veteran" journalist is seeing bands you interview opening in tiny rooms then grow over the years to the point of selling out their own headlining tours. Being on the radio, playing ten thousand capacity venues, signing to major labels and much more. One of these bands that I've seen grow so much is Brooklyn based X Ambassadors!
These four have been touring together for several years and with two EP's under their belt on Interscope as well great collaborations coming out including their new one with "Jungle" with Jamie N Commons. Which is even being featured as the track for the new trailer of "Orange Is The New Black" as well as being used in the promo for "Supernatural". The track was produced by Alex Da Kid and a little birdie told me the band is even making a video for the track! Stoked to see this band just continue to get bigger over their journey! The boys are making a swift return to Boston May 21st! Hope to see you there! Read on for our exclusive with lead vocalist Sam Miller!

So this isn't our first rodeo, we've done this before. Since we've last interviewed though, obviously things have really picked up. You did the Panic at the Disco tour to start off your year and the new EP came out. Maybe how has this been going considering how long you've worked for this?
It's really awesome. It still feels like we're still at the bottom and working our way to the top. It always does but it's in the little things. Little things like not having guitar or drum techs to set your stuff up. For this tour, we're headlining and we're still lugging our stuff out on stage. Plugging in cables and doing all that so it doesn't quite feel like Alright! We're smooth sailing but it's exciting and it's really cool. I think that people are responding well to the new EP. The truth of the matter is a lot of people still are just hearing the last one for the first time.
Oh, really?
So you know that's just the way things generally go but the response to the new stuff has been really cool. The label's really excited about it. We're really excited about it. We're putting out some video content soon for "Free & Lonely" and "Unsteady" which are the two tracks that we're kind of putting most of our attention on but yeah it's really cool. It's mainly cool to see kids coming out to these shows that we're doing on our own. We've spent so much time again on the road with all these other bands. Opening for them and we win people over. To be able to get onstage, it takes a minute. I still haven't quite registered that you don't have to work so hard to try and win these people over because they've already been won over.
Yeah, they're coming for you.
So, there's that.
Then this is the first like real headlining tour.
Yeah, this is the first real X Ambassadors headlining tour. We have our own opening band, Parade of Lights. They kick ass.
Then you were talking about the EP's. Maybe how did you go about the writing for the newest one?
The writing for the new one was all done on the road. It was very kind of in the moment. We didn't even go into a studio. We recorded everything on our own labtops. On our own personal portable recording devices and sent it off to get mixed and mastered. It was really cool. It was really, really cool. It was recorded in hotel rooms, our apartments, backstage and in our van. Did some vocals in our van. It's actually kind of a concept EP about this guy looking back on his life and kind of assessing where he is now and how he got where he is now. It was inspired by a lot of my friends who I went to college with. We're all in our mid twenties now and everyone's been out of school for a while. A lot of people I know who went to school for something like music or theater or writing or the classical arts are realizing that their dreams of becoming these artists, their dreams in general, might not work out. Things may not happen the way that they thought they would and that's a really scary prospect but it's something that a lot of people battle. I know so many of my parents' friends always talk to me about the fact that when I was younger I had these big dreams of doing blah blah blah or blah blah blah. I ended up here and I'm actually happy now. So that was kind of why I wanted to write about that because what comes next, it is scary but it also can be really exciting. Refreshing and you can discover things about yourself that you didn't know before. Again, I talk to so many people about starting fresh. Actually, I had dreams about being a dancer but I am teaching yoga now. It's amazing and I love it and I'm obsessed with it. Or whatever. You think you're going to be the next great novelist and you become a journalist for like Teen Vogue or People magazine and it's actually kind of fun. You're still doing what you love to do. You never know what life has in store. A big reason for me writing this is because at the time, we had just got signed to a major and now the stakes are high as fuck, dude! They're high as fuck! It's scary dude. Shit is real!
I mean it's KidInAKorner/Interscope, it's like one of the biggest ones.
Yeah! We were on the road. You never know! We were expecting things to move like so fast and I guess they are, you know? From an outside perspective, they are. You just don't know. It's such a fickle industry that we're in so I kind of wrote it for that. To help myself out too.
Do you think you're going to stick to the EP route for now or are you even thinking full length?
We are going to start doing full length stuff in upcoming months. We are going to pre- production soon. This is the festival time. We only have a couple festivals this summer and we're going to take the rest of the time to keep writing. We have a couple other exciting things going on. Some co-writes and collaborations that are in the works. One of them is already out actually. This song we did with Jamie N Commons called 'Jungle'. Which has been doing pretty well actually. It's been charting on iTunes. We've gotten a couple big placements with it. Couple other ones that are coming up. Fingers crossed talking about them because they haven't happened yet. So a lot of that kind of stuff. Alex keeps us really busy. He keeps me really busy too with writing for other people. Working our stuff and he's having me work on stuff for other people too!

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