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The other night I headed out to the Foundation Room at House of Blues to meet up with a familiar face to Music Remedy, Morning Parade! More specifically, I sat down with Steven Sparrow the lead vocalist of this British act who we've always interviewed on the past. On the eve of their insane performance as part of Earthfest here in Boston, we grabbed a few minutes in a booth before they played an acoustic performance for a private party.
We talked the new album as well as their tips for touring British bands when they come over on their first run of America! Read on for our interview and find the boys on their current US run with Brick & Mortar!

It's been several months since you've played in Boston and this part of the US but you're playing EarthFest tomorrow. Obviously huge. Maybe what are you most looking forward to tomorrow?
Looking forward to it not raining hopefully. It's just nice to get out. Have the sun out and be in a new environment. I hear it's going to be a lot of people there so it's a different challenge. It will be fun.
Just a little bit of people.
I mean well how many is it going to be?
I mean last year when it was like of Monsters & Men and Backstreet Boys, they stopped letting people in at one pm or so because it was so full of people.
We talking twenty thousand?
At least, yeah.
Okay, wow.

Then the new album came out last week?
Last Tuesday.
How do you think it's been going over so far? You've been on this US tour with Brick & Mortar.
Yeah, it's been good! The new album, I think it's a record that's going to take a little bit to really sink into people but that was kind of one of the aims of the game really. There's so many kinds of music that are so instantaneous. So dull, the shine kind of wears off quickly. We really wanted to make a record that had a bit more to discover about it. The more you listen, the more you look in between the lines of what it was talking about. There's far more meaning but it's been going quite swell. The fans have been really responsive. We've been playing a lot of new stuff on the new tour. Not doing as much old stuff. Sometimes a bit like digging your own grave really. Fans have been great. Really responsive and very forthcoming in their praise about the new songs and Brick & Mortar are a great, great band. They are hilariously funny to hang out with and their show is just crazy. So yeah it's good.
They're doing the rest of the tour with you as well, right? These are just one offs?
Yeah, I think they're doing promo.

Perfect then how did the songwriting change for this album if it did? Compared to the last one?
I think we're just doing different things. Some of the songs are a bit more conceptual then the first one. I wanted to try and test ourselves a bit more. Do things a bit more interesting. Like more cultural. Build more content. Taking all the mundanity of life and trying to make something interesting out of that but at the same time, I'm trying to figure out what that actually means. Yeah that was one of the things we did and I think we were just a bit more free in terms of structure. We weren't rigid to the pop radio format which our previous label was really keen on us doing.

Maybe how is it kind of having that bigger control? Having a label that isn't telling you what you have to be?
It's weird. I always say what they didn't do but there's a lot of good things they did for us. There was just a lot of whispering in our ears about what we should be doing and how we should be approaching it. This is what Coldplay did and that's what Coldplay did. I kind of got old of hearing about fucking Coldplay. I just don't want to hear it anymore. So yeah it's very different doing it this way around. It has it's pit falls, it has it's positives. Ultimately, there was lots of money behind the first one but the outcomes of what you get in exchange for being able to have your freedom and being allowed to be myself really. In a purest sense of the word.

Recently in these past few years, a lot of British bands have really broken here and been able to tour here when they haven't been able to do so in the past. Maybe advice to bands just doing their first tour in America?
Advice for the first time in America?
Considering it's become so much more feasible now. Bands are getting bigger faster and being able to tour successfully.
If you got loads of money, you'll get big fast. Just get a bus. It will make your life much easier. It's really, really hard to tour in the US because you just spend so much time driving. So yeah, take your vitamins, get plenty of B-12. Don't eat the service station food because it sucks. Don't party too much and be nice. Be genuine. Like I find that American people respond to people being genuine so much better. They see through the bullshit of the British bravado being a band. They see through it very quickly.

Perfect then what is coming up after this US run considering your album is so new here? Do you think you're going to come back pretty quickly or do you think you're going to focus on back home?
We're going to go back to the UK, well the boys are. I live here now but the boys are going back to the UK and the album is out in Europe pretty soon. So I'm going to go back over in June and do some promo for that in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, UK. Going to come back to America in August and July to do more touring. Then the album comes out in September in Europe so we'll tour there and we'll come back to America as well. Fall and the Winter as well.

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