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I'm a sucker for what I consistently call the British Invasion. I think any girl is? What I'm even more of a sucker for is breakdowns, tattoos and well written lyrics. So the perfect band to cover would be Glamour of the Kill and luckily I've been able to speak to lead vocalist Davey Richmond three times over his band's journey of touring in America.
Over the past year and a half, we've seen the band release two albums in the US (okay the new one comes out Tuesday) and talked everything from their roots to their time with Escape The Fate to why "Savages" is their top album so far. Read on for our new one and catch them the next two weeks in the US!

You've toured the US multiple times and with Escape The Fate as well. How has this tour been going so far? I know it's a short run but you still have two weeks to go. How has it been going so far?
Awesome. Really good. We're always excited to go out with Escape The Fate. They're amazing friends of ours so it's always quite the party time with those guys.
Then "Savages" is coming out here in the US next week on Tuesday. Maybe based on the reaction you've gotten in the UK with it, what are you most looking forward to? Like having this album out in the US?
For us, I think it's just a breathe of fresh air to finally get to play these songs live. It actually came out in the UK in September.
Always a bit of a delay, yeah.
Yeah just excited to play these songs live and super proud of "Savages". 'The Summoning' we wrote years ago so "Savages" is so new and fresh. It's nice to come to these places and people are knowing the words to those songs already.
It's crazy! Then how did you go about the writing process for this album? Maybe how did you see it change being the singer?
It just completely steps up. "The Summoning" was written when we were kids. We actually recorded that in 2009 and then we released it in 2011. So, I think "Savages" is just an example of the band that's kind of grown up. Matured through touring and experiences we've had as a band. The thing between Savages and The Summoning is that Savages is good.
You don't think Summoning was good?
No, The Summoning is good. I mean, we've been playing those songs for what seems like an eternity.
Then considering these albums are always delayed because you don't live here and it's always delayed when from different countries, are you even working on the next album? Considering it has been out in the UK for a few months.
Yeah, we're going to the studio in August. At least for an EP. We've got loads of songs written for that already. So August-time, we'll go into the studio.
Then I wanted to ask you. I believe it was this album that you did with Joey Sturgis.
That's correct, yeah.
Obviously he's helped a lot of bands get to a huge level like Asking Alexandria and We Came As Romans. Maybe how was that experience?
It was amazing working with such a big name, you know? The fact that he wanted to work with us was a big deal. We wrote a bunch of songs and we took them to him and he helped us kind of make them a lot better. Cooked them up with us, changed parts for the good. Changed parts for the better and you can definitely hear that. We're super proud. Really get involved with that.
Then the first time we talked, it was your first time I think ever in the US. How is it now that you've been touring for well over a year in the states? Maybe advice you would give to bands just starting too, like Avatar for example?
I mean America is awesome. I think it's pretty much my favorite place except for Britain. Everyone's so kind so I think any advice I'd give is just to embrace it. I mean it is a lot harder. Some of the drives are big. It is a lot harder because there's so much to cover but I think the best advice to give is just to embrace it and have the best time you can, I think. You'll see the fun of America.
What is coming within the next few months for the band? Are you just going to keep on touring now that the album is about to come out?
Yeah, we've got quite a bit of writing to do when we go back to the Uk after this tour to record the EP like I told you. Then we've got a few UK festivals to do and then we're going to be announcing another UK tour in October.

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