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Saturday night, I ventured out to interview a great new band called Bad Suns! On their second tour ever of the US, they were already touring as main support for British darlings The 1975. Their debut album "Language & Perspective" drops June 24th so with a little over a month to go, we talked in depth about the album. From where they got their title of the record to their songwriting process for the album.
With their first single "Cardiac Arrest" already at over 1.5 million plays on Spotify, the band isn't going anywhere but up. I was lucky enough to catch up with the whole band about an hour before they took the stage where they killed it to a crowd singing along to the words. Read on for our new interview and catch them out on the road in the US now!

A soft one to start because obviously you guys are still kind of new to the touring thing, at least at this level. Maybe the three things you've realized you must have with you while on tour?
Christo: Must have with us on tour? I feel like it's really boring. Stuff like tooth brush, deodorant, things like that but we do have some bizarre artifacts with us as well. We have a six foot reggae banana that I've been trying to vote out of the van for the past couple months.
Gavin: He's the only one who's not down. It's like a Six Flags banana. Like one you win, one of those huge ones. Yeah, it's great.
Christo: It's in there right now. We also have a little naked Tarzan doll which is the preferable mascot in my opinion. It only takes up like a foot of space compared to six.
Gavin: I mean those are essentials.
Christo: So I think those are our two essentials for sure.

Then how has this tour been going? Obviously you guys have hit radio with your new single and obviously 1975 is on the radio. Sold out shows. How has it been going, like touring and opening for them?
Christo: How's touring been? It's been incredible. We've done one tour in the past and those were all much smaller rooms obviously. That was right before this genre even began to pick up a little bit but it's been cool to see the gradual jump. Well, not so gradual actually because we got on this tour with The 1975. We're experiencing so much good stuff. It's just been kind of cool to jump in front of their audiences now that they've been kind of hearing the song on the radio and there is some familiarity there. It's been really nice and it's been kind of shocking and we're just sort of getting used to the whole thing.

Then I know the debut album, you announced it, "Language & Perspective" is coming out June 24th. Maybe for a soft one, how did you choose that title? Why that for your first album?
Christo: The title is pulled from the first song called "Matthew James". Grammatically, that song kind of set the stage for the rest of the album lyrically. That theme of language and perspective, maybe language being a little more black and white. These are the words that help you with the perspective. Like being your own take on that and being your own take on the world. That teaches you the decisions you make and things you rebel against or whatever. Yeah that's very complicated and I think that's how a lot of the songs flow.

Then maybe how did you guys go about the writing? Obviously, there's not just one of you in this band. Maybe is it one person, more collaborative? Do you bring your own parts to the songs?
Ray: It depends.
Christo: The cool thing about being a band is that it's really about the unique sound. Not trying to sound like another band. I think that's kind of where the four components really come into play. That's where it really shines, I suppose. The unique pairing of these four individuals musically and the dynamic that the group has is kind of where the uniqueness of the sound comes from. Then, songwriting wise it can come from anywhere. I'm like the main songwriter of the band per say but it just feels like a band. It's a good equal process.

Then "Cardiac Arrest" has already broken into alternative radio in the top 20. Maybe how does that feel considering you are only on your second tour and you already have a song on the radio?
Christo: I feel like we kind of just stumble around all that stuff in a very aloof manner.
Ray: I don't know (laughs).
Yeah you're not the ones like working it all out.
Ray: Yeah we usually aren't listening to the radio in our van at home or anything like that so we're not very aware of things like that.
Christo: We just hear from people like you that say that to us. We're not really sure how to react. It's amazing but we feel like it's important, especially for the creative process when we were making the album, not to heavily concern ourselves with number like that. We like to base it off from like when we show up to a place and we start playing a song and people react. That's how we measure the success I would say.

Then the first CD or first cassette each of you remember buying as a kid and the first concert you ever went to?
Gavin: First concert I ever went to. I saw Rush. They shred. It was impressive.
Do you remember your first CD?
Gavin: My first CD? Yeah the first CD I bought was "Demon Days" by the Gorillaz.
Miles: That's good!
Gavin: Yeah, it's a good CD. Stoked on it.
Ray: You have to keep in mind. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. So my first CD was NSYNC's "No Strings Attached".
Ray: And my first concert was Weird Al Yankovic.
Christo: That's all you need to know about Ray.
Yeah, I love it.
Christo: Miles, what was your first concert and first CD?
Miles: I don't know my first concert. I remember my first CD I ever bought. I went to Sam Goody and bought Blink 182's "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket" record. That was the first CD I ever purchased. I had several that my parents had around growing up. I think about that often but I don't know the first concert I went to.
Christo: Yeah, my answer's a bit complicated because it involves a couple of these answers where I loved NSYNC so my parents got me "No Strings Attached" but the first album that I ever went out and I loved it. The first album I ever went out to get, I actually have two copies in my house of NSYNC's album, was the self titled Blink 182 album. That was at the time where I didn't realize, I didn't really understand how albums worked. I just figured, oh it says Blink 182 on it, that will have all my favorite songs . That's kind of how I figured it worked. So I remember putting it in and being like I don't even really know any of these because I knew 'All the Small Things' and stuff like that. The songs that I had heard on the radio a bunch. I was kind of surprised when I put the CD in and that became probably my favorite work of theirs. It still remains a pretty great album. It's timeless and that was also my first concert shortly after that, Blink 182 and No Doubt. It was awesome. No Doubt for sure. Gwen Stefani is one of my favorite front persons of all time.
Gavin: That's how you roll.
Christo: That's just how I roll.

Then maybe to end it off, like we said the album is a little over a month away. Really close to it coming out. What is coming up like with the album coming out after this tour with 1975? Just a lot of touring?
Christo: Yeah, doing a lot of touring and just promotion surrounding that. We're making our first trip overseas right after this tour ends. We fly out to London. We'll spend a week there. We play a show and we're going to be doing various other activities out there. Come back and we play a hometown show at the Troubadour. Just a bunch of stuff to hype up the album and to make more people aware of it. Hopefully. So we're really excited. It's a really exciting time for the band. To actually have an agenda of some sort and have a record that we can hold in our hands. Especially being fans of albums since we were little kids. There's going to be one of ours in a store that people can actually listen to. We're still trying to process that. I think we'll be spending the most of our next year still trying to process that.
Having that album out and being able to go get it in the store?
Ray: It will feel like we're a real band now. It's awesome. It's really awesome.

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