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Next up is my exclusive new interview with budding pop star Spencer Sutherland! We got the very unique opportunity to interview Spencer on his first US tour where he was supporting Before You Exit! His new single "Heartstrings" just dropped and while it's our only taste of his act so far as well as the excellent covers he performed at the show, I know that he's a star in the making. His charisma, great voice and great words will bring him far! We'll have a visual view of "Heartstrings" soon with him filming his new music video and are sure to have much more from him soon!

What are the three things you must have with you while on the road to survive?
The three things that I must have on the road at all times are my phone, my headphones and protein bars. I know I sound like a weirdo to everyone but that's it.
No, that's good! Then how has this tour been going with Before You Exit? Obviously kind of the same fan group for all of you so I'm sure the crowds have been really receptive. How has this tour been going, opening for them?
I mean the whole tour has been great so far. We've only done four shows and the outcome has been incredible. I've got to perform in front of people that have never seen me before. Won over some new fans. It's been a lot of fun to do that but most of all, I just love to perform every night. Travel every night. So to get to do both of them is my dream.
It's amazing and then I know you're playing covers obviously. Starting out with my little favorite girl crush in Lorde.
You kind of have the same hair. You know if you had it down and ran it through a saw.
So you're playing covers and originals. With original material, how do you normally go about the songwriting process?
Well I love to cowrite my songs with a producer because I like to bounce my ideas off of a person. Maybe they're good at structuring their songs and I'm good at lyrics. We put them together and it's awesome. It comes out to be great but I also like to draw from real life experiences. Like my single "Heartstrings" is about something that everybody goes through. It's being with some one who's super hot and cold and I like to be able to relate to the fans.
Then is an album planned or like an EP planned for the near future or is that something still a while away as you get used to this tour lifestyle?
No, an EP is coming up very soon. I can't say much but I've been in the studio the last few months and as soon as I get back, I'm going right in to do another song. Right away, I have a day off and then I'm down again. We're just getting all the songs together. We have almost all of them and now it's just the process of picking the best ones and really making the fans happy. What do they want to hear?
Then maybe what can fans look forward to with that? Is this something where they've heard some of these songs before? All new unheard material?
It's definitely going to be super pop music but it lives in the same world as "Heartstrings". It's the same kind of music. I like to say that my sound is like if Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars had a love child. That's me! Pop with a little of a hip hop aspect but also some soul aspects. A lot of different kinds of vibes.
That's a good thing! Then maybe the first CD or first cassette you ever bought as a kid? Then the first concert you went to?
Oh man. The first CD I ever bought was "Millenium" by the Backstreet Boys. With "I Want It That Way". It's a classic. Here's a cool story about that. Last year, I got to write and record a song with the guy, Andreas Carlsson, who wrote a lot of songs on Millenium. So it was cool to be able to do that. Work with someone who worked with my childhood heroes.
No that's awesome then do you remember the first concert you ever went to?
Actually, the first concert I ever went to was when I was 19. So like, two years ago. It was Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was nuts. I got box seats by luck and it was just a fantastic show. I've gone to so many since then.
Do you think those experiences influenced you at all? You talked about being a little love child so maybe more of the pop from Backstreet Boys. Being the musician you are today.
Yeah, I think watching people live is the best way to make your live performance awesome. I've picked up so many tips from all kinds of people. Even Green Day. The way that they interact with the crowd is fantastic and that's something I've picked up from them. Bruno is a fantastic performer. His moves on stage are awesome. You just watch people and I guess kind of copy them in your own way. Just see all types of different genres.
Then I know you have a little bit more to go on this run but you talked about the EP coming out. Are you just going to be trying to like tour more around that, be selectively touring? What's going to be going on for you?
Right after this, I get back and have two days of break. Then I go to LA. Then I come back to shoot my music video for "Heartstrings", my debut single. Then after that, I'm actually making an announcement on Thursday. There will be definitely, definitely more touring. We're in the planning stages right now. Some really exciting things coming up for sure.

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