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Feeling like a Teen Beat editor lately, I sat down with the current killing it brother trio that is Before You Exit! The first time I interviewed these guys they were out opening at the Middle East for a local New England band with Toby not reaching the age requirement to be in the band even. Now the three of them, Connor (20), Riley (18) and Toby (16) just finished their first official headlining run! Since our interview the band found themselves about to head out on a supporting run for girl group Fifth Harmony and more is sure to come out!

With their new single "Dangerous" just dropping, be ready for some more new music from these young talented trio and read on for our new interview with the band!

This is your first headlining run ever, right?
Connor: It really is. Like officially.
So maybe how has it been going so far?
Riley: It's been amazing actually.
Connor: So far, we've just been blown away with the turnouts we've had. Turnouts have all been great. It's been a fun run. For us, it's cool to finally get to play longer sets then thirty minutes or whatever. We get to finally play. From what we've seen, the fans have loved that. Getting to hear more then a couple songs and they get to hear a full set now so it's been fun.

Then the latest album "I Like That" has been out for a little while. How do you think it's been going over so far? Obviously you've played this venue or Boston in general multiple times over the years.
Riley: I think this is really cool for us because you actually get to see that reaction. From obviously recording it and then seeing that transition. Now more then ever on your headlining tour you see it because all these girls coming, they know all the words to those songs. From the EP. Where as opening sometimes, not every girl will know who you are. So this is like the coolest thing for us. To see how far your music really has reached. So it's really cool.

Then I know the three of you are brothers. I'm sure that helps the writing process but how maybe does it go now? I know you (Toby) most recently joined the band.
Toby: Yeah, it's a lot easier to write because we have similiar minds. Basically we throw around ideas. Just get it jumping.

Then is the next album coming soon or is it still a while away?
Connor: In the works. We put out our new single. It's called "Dangerous" and that's the start of new music for us. We've been amazed with the response to that. All the girls at shows already know every word of the song which is really cool. Response has been amazing.

Then obviously there have been bands that have found success in the past that have been all brothers but how is that dynamic within the band? Maybe as a rock on the road. I'm not sure if it's the same now but I know you used to have your parents on the road with you.
Riley: Yeah, they're here!
Maybe how has that helped you, having your parents out here and having your brothers all in the band with you?
Riley: I mean, our parents have always been there. Been super supportive from the beginning. Our dad was the first one to ever build us a stage and we used to put on performances for the neighbourhood. We would paint backdrops and get all of our family friends and everybody out that we could. Obviously our parents have been there every show we've ever done. For the most part. I mean it's always cool to have them out on the road with us.

Then maybe to end it off, what is coming up within the next few months for the band after this tour?
Connor: Lots of stuff! Music, more tour dates. It's just going to be a good year.

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